Chapter 1279: Death of a Beauty

The commotion caused by that attack shocked the two people on the other side of the battlefield!

Elder Qin stopped her attacks and glanced over before retracting her gaze to look at Qin Pianran with a conflicted expression.

Qin Pianran had not retaliated the entire time.

In reality, Elder Qin had not attacked with her full strength.

She was a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure.

Given her cultivation, if she wanted to kill Qin Pianran who was at the Dharma Characteristic realm with all her might, the latter would definitely not be able to last more than ten breaths!

Qin Pianran regarded her as a kin and it was the same for her.

No matter what, she had watched Qin Pianran grow up bit by bit—no one could compare to her feelings for the latter!

Even if Qin Pianran committed a grave mistake, she was nothing but a child in her eyes.


Qin Pianran understood Elder Qin’s feelings for her and could not help but exclaim softly as tears flowed down again.

The situation on the battlefield had changed starkly.

It merely took a single thought for Immortal Sword to retreat.

Suddenly, he shouted, “Cloud Rain, I’ll hold Desolate Martial back. Kill the Asura quickly and don’t let anything else happen!”

Dao Lord Cloud Rain had just retreated and was beside Yan Beichen.

Immortal Sword’s words were extremely sudden and Dao Lord Cloud Rain felt that something was amiss.

However, he could not figure it out within a short period of time either. He merely felt that it was nothing much since Yan Beichen was right beside him and could be killed with ease.

Given Yan Beichen’s current condition, he was already a cripple and there wouldn’t be any accidents.

At that thought, Dao Lord Cloud Rain extended his folding fan and tapped Yan Beichen’s head fiercely!

That attack was enough to pierce Yan Beichen’s head!

“How dare you!”

Right then, Dao Lord Cloud Rain heard a ferocious beast roar in his ears. It was like a thunderclap that caused his ears to sting and his mind to buzz!

Immediately after, he felt an incomparably tragic aura surge over with endless killing intent and rage!

Instinctively, Dao Lord Cloud Rain looked over and saw that Su Zimo had already changed directions. Abandoning his pursuit of Immortal Sword, Su Zimo transformed into a golden streak of light and arrived before him!

On the other side, Immortal Sword had already turned and fled into the distance!

Suddenly, Dao Lord Cloud Rain understood!

All these years, he had been guarding against Immortal Sword at all times. To think that he would still fall into Immortal Sword’s trap in the end!

The reason why Immortal Sword wanted Dao Lord Cloud Rain to kill the Asura was so that Su Zimo would be lured away for him to escape!

Immortal Sword knew very well.

In Su Zimo’s heart, Yan Beichen was more important.

Therefore, when he asked Dao Lord Cloud Rain to kill Yan Beichen, Su Zimo would definitely save Yan Beichen right away!

That way, he would have enough time and s.p.a.ce to escape from this place!

Of course, it would mean that Dao Lord Cloud Rain would most likely be doomed.

However, that meant nothing to him!

As long as he could leave this place alive, everyone in the world could die!

By the time Dao Lord Cloud Rain understood, it was already too late.

That was because Su Zimo had already arrived before him!

In reality, given Su Zimo’s intelligence, he understood Immortal Sword’s scheme instantly.

However, he had no other choice.

Although killing Immortal Sword was important, it could not compare to Yan Beichen’s life!

Furthermore, in Su Zimo’s opinion, he could catch up with Immortal Sword even if the latter escaped first!


Dao Lord Cloud Rain controlled his Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic and charged towards Su Zimo.

Behind Su Zimo, three Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics charged over as well.

Although the three Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics were already riddled with holes, they were not something that a single 88 feet tall Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic could defend against!

The four Dharma Characteristics collided with a loud bang!

Dao Lord Cloud Rain shuddered and staggered in retreat. His face was pale as he said hurriedly, “Please calm down, Dao Lord Desolate Martial. I had no intention of harming the Asura at all. It’s all Immortal Sword! He wants to make use of me to kill!”

“You’re the one I’m going to kill!”

Su Zimo did not waste his breath on him and 54 rays of green light flew out from his glabella. Instantly, they formed a s.h.i.+mmering green sword that slashed down at Dao Lord Cloud Rain!


Dao Lord Cloud Rain’s expression changed starkly!

Given his cultivation, he could naturally sense the terrifying power contained within the green sword!

This was a killing technique targeted at the Essence Spirit!

“Desolate Martial is way too ruthless and doesn’t give me a chance to survive!”

Dao Lord Cloud Rain roared internally and did not retreat when he saw that he could not escape. He conjured his Essence Spirit secret skill right away and prepared to retaliate!


All of a sudden!

Su Zimo chanted Sanskrit!

The sixth Daming Mantra was released!

Dao Lord Cloud Rain shuddered and the formation of his Essence Spirit secret skill slowed down!


The Green Lotus Sword entered his glabella instantly and pierced through his consciousness, slas.h.i.+ng towards his Essence Spirit!


Dao Lord Cloud Rain bit his tongue gently and released his Essence Spirit secret skill at that moment of life and death, colliding against the Green Lotus Sword!

However, this collision happened within his consciousness.

The aftershock of the collision caused cracks to appear on his Essence Spirit!


Dao Lord Cloud Rain’s gaze dimmed and he spat out a mouthful of blood as his lifeforce drained rapidly.

His Essence Spirit was shattered and he could no longer survive!

The t.i.tular disciple of Cloud Rain Sect, the former number two of the Dharma Characteristic Ranking who dominated the cultivation world for 5,000 years, ended up dying in this unknown bamboo forest.

“Immortal Sword! You! Sure! Are! Ruthless!”

Those were the final words uttered by Dao Lord Cloud Rain.

Right before his death, his grievances were towards Immortal Sword, not Su Zimo!

With a thud, Dao Lord Cloud Rain fell with widened eyes, unable to die in peace.

In reality, Dao Lord Cloud Rain did not know that Immortal Sword’s ruthlessness was even more frightening than what he witnessed or could imagine!

“Pianran, I know that you’ve suffered a lot over the years.”

Elder Qin sighed softly.

How could she have not known that Qin Pianran’s attention over the years were all spent on Immortal Sword?

However, Immortal Sword’s att.i.tude towards Qin Pianran was neutral and aloof the entire time.

Elder Qin said with slight heartache, “However, no matter what, you can’t mix with a fiend of the fiend sects and become his Dao companion!”

“Master, I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

Qin Pianran lowered her head and merely cried.

Right then, a change happened on the other side of the battlefield.

Immortal Sword escaped.

Dao Lord Cloud Rain was dead!

When Elder Qin saw that, she sighed internally and sent a voice transmission, “Pianran, since Immortal Sword has left, you should leave too. I hope that you will behave yourself in the future.”


Disbelief flashed through Qin Pianran’s eyes as she looked up instinctively.

That single look caused her face to turn pale with fright!

The menacing face of Immortal Sword appeared behind Elder Qin. His features were contorted and his eyes were filled with killing intent!

“Old thing, I knew that you would be too soft to do it!”

The cold voice of Immortal Sword sounded slowly, “Since that’s the case, I’ll send you and your disciple down to h.e.l.l together!”


Elder Qin was caught off guard.

A sword pierced her head instantly and her Essence Spirit was destroyed on the spot!

She had not expected that Immortal Sword would attack her!


Qin Pianran roared and lunged forward like a lunatic!


A sword beam pierced into Qin Pianran’s glabella!

Qin Pianran froze on the spot stiffly and her gaze gradually dimmed.

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