Chapter 1285: Great Essence Creation Elixir

Even Immortal Sword could not help but gasp when he heard the words primordial taboo and his expression changed!

“I-It’s still alive?”

There was a quiver in Immortal Sword’s voice.

A primordial taboo was unspeakable for any sect or faction.

Apart from some super sects and ancient aristocratic families with deep lineages, most of the sects and cultivators had never even heard of it.

In the records of those super sects, it was an extremely terrifying existences and could be called the G.o.d of Ma.s.sacre of the primordial era. It killed and devoured everything; it could even slay dragons!

Its status was even above the nine races!

Legend has it that an earthshaking battle broke out in the primordial era because the ten thousand races led by the Primordial Nine Races fought against the primordial taboo.

In that battle, countless living beings died.

Countless races were wiped out forever!

Because of that, the Primordial Nine Races suffered immense losses as well. That was the reason why the human race was able to take advantage of the situation to fight against and suppress the Primordial Nine Races later on.

If not for that battle of the primordial era, it would have been difficult for the human race to win the ancient war as well.

Humans had a deep fear towards the Primordial Nine Races.

After all, they had been enslaved for countless years and that was a deep-rooted fear.

The primordial taboo was an existence even more terrifying than the Primordial Nine Races!

It was easy to imagine the shock Immortal Sword felt when it heard the words ‘primordial taboo’!

Sensing the fear of Immortal Sword, Wu Xie’s eyes flashed with mockery. “Fellow Daoist, there’s no need to panic overly either. I divined that this thing’s cultivation is only at the Dharma Characteristic realm.”

At that point, Heavenly Secrets’s expression softened.

It was nothing much if it was only at the Dharma Characteristic realm.

As long as enough Conjoint Body Mighty Figures were sent out, it could be suppressed!

If not, they could even send forth Half-Martial Ancestors!


Wu Xie changed the topic. “If it’s given enough time and grows up, hehe! At that time, blood will probably flow like rivers in Tianhuang Mainland!”

“None of your human super sects will be spared!”

Heavenly Secrets said in a low voice, “Since it’s a primordial taboo, it might be able to sense me using a secret skill to divine its location.”

“It’s fine as long as there are leads,”

Wu Xie said coldly, “Don’t worry, the Witch race is not the only one from the Primordial Nine Races that will send people for this primordial taboo. The other races will send experts as well!”

“With our races combining our strength, we’ll definitely be able to suppress it as long as we can determine its location!”

“Let me try,”

Heavenly Secrets conjured hand seals and channeled his Essence Spirit, spreading a divine light that descended on the pitch-black scale in his palm and began to divine.

A moment later, he shuddered and could not help but grunt!


Finally, Heavenly Secrets retracted his smile.

Not only did he fail in his divination this time round, that single scale nearly caused a backlash on his Essence Spirit!

Taking a deep breath of air, Heavenly Secrets channeled his secret skill once more. A gray fog shrouded his eyes as he gripped the black scale and continued to divine!

Gradually, a hint of blood appeared in the gray fog in Heavenly Secrets’s eyes!

As time pa.s.sed by, his body trembled slightly and gradually intensified!


The gray fog in Heavenly Secrets’s eyes dispersed as he panted heavily with a pale expression.

He released his palm and the black scale fell to the ground.

“It’s in the Middle Continent!”

He withdrew a map of the Middle Continent from his storage bag and panted. “I can’t divine its exact location. I can only give you a rough area!”

“It’s within 500 kilometers of this area!”

Heavenly Secrets pointed to a sect emblem on the map and said in a deep voice.

“Elixir Yang Sect?”

Immortal Sword looked at the map and murmured.


The green light in Wu Xie’s eyes shone brightly as he said coldly, “There’s no time to lose. I’ll inform the other races right now and move immediately to head here!”

“Heavenly Secrets, you have to follow us and divine its location at all times.”

Wu Xie said.

“I can’t,”

Heavenly Secrets shook his head. “The divination has already exhausted my mental state. I have to rest for at least a year before I can recover.”

“Alright, we’ll go first,”

Wu Xie did not linger and left immediately.

Middle Continent, Elixir Yang Sect.

“Night Spirit, hurry and come take a look! I’ve refined a Great Essence Creation Elixir!”

In an Elixir Workshop, Xiaoning pinched an elixir and said joyfully to the cold Night Spirit beside her.

“A Dharma Characteristic cultivator can advance a minor realm with a single Great Essence Creation Elixir,”

Xiaoning continued, “It’s a pity that I only managed to create one after refining for such a long time.”

“However, it doesn’t matter. I’ll continue to refine them slowly. At that time, I’ll take one and leave one for big brother. Night Spirit, have one too and see if it’s effective.”

Night Spirit lips curled and nodded.

All of a sudden!

His expression changed slightly as he frowned, seemingly sensing something.

Xiaoning was immersed in the joy of her success in refining the Great Essence Creation Elixir and did not notice anything unusual about Night Spirit.

“Xiaoning, I’ve got something on and have to leave first,”

Right then, Night Spirit suddenly said.

“Ah, go on with your work. Just come back earlier,”

Xiaoning waved it off and smiled.

After a long silence, Night Spirit said, “This matter is a little troublesome. I might be gone for a longer time.”


Xiaoning could hear something odd in Night Spirit’s tone and asked, “How long do you need?”

“I don’t know either. Perhaps ten or a hundred years. In any case, you don’t have to worry if I don’t return,” Night Spirit said.

“Do you need my help?”

Xiaoning asked gently.

“It’s fine,”

Night Spirit shook his head and did not continue chatting with Xiaoning. Turning to leave, he disappeared from her sights before long.

“Is it finally about to begin?”

Outside Elixir Yang Sect, Night Spirit’s expression was cold as he murmured. In a flash, he disappeared into the void like a ghost.

At the same time, in the Middle Continent and bamboo forest.

Su Zimo sighed deeply as he watched Yan Beichen leave.

The birth of a true Asura would definitely cause a bloodbath on Tianhuang Mainland!

None of the people or factions involved in this would be spared!

Su Zimo s.h.i.+fted his gaze towards Dao Lord Cloud Rain’s corpse and removed his storage bag.

As the t.i.tular disciple of Cloud Rain Sect, Dao Lord Cloud Rain’s storage bag might be filled with treasures.

Su Zimo opened his storage bag and swept his gaze across.

There were many cultivation techniques and secret skills within.

However, since they were not orthodox, Su Zimo could not be bothered to cultivate them.

There were also some supreme-grade and perfect-grade Dharmic weapons within.

Su Zimo put everything away.

What truly lit up his eyes was an elixir!

There was a Great Essence Creation Elixir in Dao Lord Cloud Rain’s storage bag!

Back in the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple, everyone fell into a hallucination and caught sight of a Great Essence Creation Elixir!

This was not a hallucination—this was a true ancient elixir!

Right now, he was at the mid-stage Dharma Characteristic realm.

If he consumed this Great Essence Creation Elixir here, he could break through to the late-stage Dharma Characteristic realm swiftly!

At that time, his Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics would grow once more!

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