Chapter 1286: Martial Dao Furnace

Ping Yang Town.

Not long ago, Su Zimo’s prime body, his Martial Dao True Body, had already returned from Ethereal Peak.

He had already memorized all the cultivation techniques and secret skills of Ethereal Peak.

In the familiar courtyard, the prime body sat beneath the peach blossom tree and could not help but recall that night many years ago—a woman in a blood robe stood here with a hazy moonlight, bringing him into the cultivation world.

Everything felt like a lifetime had pa.s.sed.

The prime body gradually closed his eyes.

He was prepared to break through from the Core Formation realm and advance to the next realm!

After forming a core, be it the immortal, Buddhist or demon Daos, they would achieve the same goal through different means. They would make use of the changes in their Golden Cores to connect to Heaven and Earth and form Essence Spirits.

It was the same for the Martial Dao.

His prime body named the next realm the Martial Spirit realm.

The Essence Spirit of the Martial Dao was the Martial Spirit!

It corresponded to the Yin Spirit realm of the Mystic Cla.s.sic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness and the Nascent Soul realm of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend cultivation techniques.

Of course, his prime body was constantly improving on the Martial Dao. According to the Martial Sutra, there was still a difference between his Martial Spirit and an ordinary Essence Spirit.

The prime body sat motionlessly beneath the peach blossom tree, as though he was petrified.

Gradually, the prime body did not even have to breathe!

Tao Yao swayed his branches gently. If he had not sensed the lifeforce within the prime body, he would have thought that the prime body had pa.s.sed away.

The prime body was formed from the Dao Fruit of the Martial Dao.

He was the one who created the Martial Sutra and had long cultivated to the Ninth Transformation of the Nine Transformations—Dragon Elephant Force!

The prime body had never fought with anyone and n.o.body knew his combat strength.

To put it simply, Su Zimo’s body back when he was at the Golden Core realm and cultivated the Mystic Cla.s.sic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness could not compare to his prime body in terms of physique and power of blood qi!

n.o.body—not even the prime body—knew what this Martial Spirit that was formed by the Inner Core breaking through the voids would become in the future!

This process was not unfamiliar to the prime body.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The prime body’s expression was unchanged and he did not move on the surface. However, an earthshaking sound echoed from within his body!

His Inner Core charged into the voids continuously!

There was a chance of failure in this process.

If one’s Inner Core was not strong enough, they would fail the breakthrough.

However, for this prime body, nothing could stop his Inner Core that had cultivated the power of a dragon elephant!

Before long, the void barrier in his body was broken!

His consciousness appeared!

His Inner Core barged in and fused with the soul in his consciousness, forming a Martial Spirit!

The strange thing was that the Martial Spirit was not in human form. Instead, it was a ball of purple flames that emitted a shuddering aura!

Tao Yao was initially protecting the prime body. However, the moment the prime body conjured his Martial Spirit, Tao Yao felt his heart skip a beat and transformed into his human form. In a flash, he hid in a corner of the courtyard with a bewildered expression.

Even Tao Yao, who was at the Dharma Characteristic realm, felt a sense of fear from the purple flames cultivated by the prime body!

A long time later.

The purple flames in his consciousness changed continuously and gradually took shape.

Although it had the same appearance as Su Zimo, its body burned with a layer of purple flames!

True enough!

The prime body opened its eyes slowly and nodded.

His Martial Dao was extremely different from the cultivation path of immortals, Buddhas and fiends before core formation.

Immortals, Buddhas and fiends cultivated by absorbing Heaven and Earth spirit qi with their bodies.

As for the Martial Dao, it viewed its own body as a part of the world and constantly opened up the power within.

The prime body deduced that if one could cultivate to the Ninth Transformation of the Martial Dao and advance to the Martial Spirit realm, there was a high chance that one could possess a power at the beginning of their Martial Spirit formation!

The power was extremely vast and was closely related to the cultivator. It could be flames, weapons, ferocious beasts or even a part of their bodies.

The Martial Spirit conjured by the prime body was born with the Martial Spirit Fire!


It represented the aura of a saint and emperor—it was supreme!

The reason why the prime body condensed the purple Martial Spirit Fire was because he was prepared to view his body as a gigantic furnace in the second half of the Martial Sutra’s cultivation technique!

In the ancient saying, Heaven and Earth were the furnaces, all living beings were bronze, Yin and Yang were charcoal and creation was manual work.

His prime body viewed the Martial Dao True Body as a furnace. It cultivated all the sutras and fused them all into one body, gathering the strongest flames in the world to create a true supreme Martial Dao!

The Martial Spirit Fire was the foundation of the Martial Dao Furnace!

The prime body would not have to refine any Dharmic weapons in the future. As the furnace of the Martial Dao, his physical body was his Dharmic weapon!


When the Martial Spirit Fire was formed, it had already begun to burn the Martial Dao True Body.

At the same time, the Martial Spirit Fire began smelting all the cultivation techniques and secret skills that Su Zimo had browsed through over the years. Be it the immortal, Buddhist, fiend or even demon cultivation techniques, they were all smelted by the Martial Spirit Fire!

The cultivation techniques of Daming Monastery and Fahua Monastery.

The Void Thunder Manual.

The Sea Calming Manual and Tidal Manual.

The Mystic Cla.s.sic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness.

The 30-odd inheritances in the stone statue cemetery.

The endless cultivation techniques were all contained by the Martial Dao Furnace as it tempered, deduced and comprehended continuously, infusing all the obscurities and essence of those cultivation techniques into the Martial Dao True Body!

The terrifying thing about the Martial Dao Furnace was that there was no limit to it!

As long as the prime body obtained enough cultivation techniques, he could fuse them into the Martial Dao Furnace and refine them to become a power he could control!

In other words, the power of the prime body would increase with every secret skill smelted!

Furthermore, under the continuous refinement of the Martial Spirit Fire, his Martial Dao True Body would become stronger, more terrifying and limitless!

What was even more frightening was that the prime body was only in control of a single Martial Spirit Fire right now.

As his mastery of flames increased, the might of the Martial Dao Furnace would naturally increase as well!

Of course, not all flames were qualified to be used to burn the Martial Dao Furnace.

To smelt a hundred sutras and burn the Martial Dao Furnace to forge the Martial Dao True Body, one had to be the strongest flame in the world!

The Martial Spirit Fire was merely the first.

Now that the path of cultivation was determined, the prime body heaved a sigh of relief and continued cultivating.

The Martial Dao Furnace had just been formed and was fragile and weak. It required a long time to smelt the sutras and Dharmic arts.

At the same time, the Green Lotus True Body had already rushed back to the North Region from the Middle Continent.

Su Zimo was finally relieved when he sensed the condition of his prime body.

At that moment, Su Zimo had already consumed the Great Essence Creation Elixir and his cultivation realm had climbed to the late-stage Dharma Characteristic realm!

With his return to the North Region this time round, he was prepared to enter seclusion in Ethereal Peak.

Although this trip to the Middle Continent was short, he had gained quite a bit from the consecutive battles. He was prepared to break through to the perfected Dharma Characteristic realm as soon as possible with this seclusion!

Right now, his three Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics had already grown to a height of 89 feet!

He was only a step away from a Supreme Dharma Characteristic as well!

Of course, a breakthrough to the perfected Dharma Characteristic realm was only one of his motives for his seclusion this time round.

Su Zimo had another question.

Was a 90 feet Supreme Dharma Characteristic truly the limit?

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