Chapter 1287: Death of a Patriarch

The cultivation world was not exactly peaceful during this period of time.

The Grand Primordium Ancient Temple in the Middle Continent as well as the death of Dao Lord Cloud Rain and a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure of Sword Sect caused quite a stir.

After Immortal Sword returned to Sword Sect, he released the news that Dao Lord Cloud Rain died in the hands of Desolate Martial.

There were naturally only benefits for Immortal Sword if he could sow grudges between Sword Sect and Desolate Martial.

This news caused quite a stir in the cultivation world!

Another t.i.tular disciple had died in the hands of Desolate Martial!

Before long, more news regarding Dao Lord Desolate Martial spread.

It was no longer a secret that Desolate Martial had formed three Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics.

Su Zimo did not take those news to heart. After returning to Ethereal Peak, he entered a long period of seclusion cultivation.

Cultivation was endless and in the blink of an eye, 97 years had pa.s.sed.

This day.

A deafening bang sounded from one of Ethereal Peak’s cave abodes!


A terrifying aura burst forth and Ethereal Peak trembled continuously as countless rocks rolled down. Even the cultivators in seclusion were alarmed and came out one after another.

“It’s young master!”

Standing in midair, Nian Qi looked at the cave abode.

Before long, the skies of Ethereal Peak were filled with people densely. There were people from the Foundation Establishment to Dharma Characteristic realm.

“Could Elder Desolate Martial have broken through again?”

“How many years has it been? Elder Desolate Martial’s talent is way too terrifying. I’ve been stuck at the late-stage Dharma Characteristic realm for a thousand years but I haven’t improved at all.”

“How can you compare to Elder Desolate Martial?!”

In Ethereal Peak, Su Zimo had long been designated as an elder by the old immortal crane.

Most of the cultivators who joined Ethereal Peak came because they had heard of the many legends of Dao Lord Desolate Martial.

Furthermore, Su Zimo had once spread half of the Martial Sutra throughout the entire world.

Desolate Martial was the most respected character among everyone who cultivated the Martial Dao!

It was Desolate Martial who gave them, mortals without spirit roots, a chance to break free from the shackles of fate. They could no longer be threatened by fiend demons or trampled by cultivators!

The vibration lasted for a long time before subsiding.

A moment later, a figure appeared at the entrance of the cave abode.

Green robes and black hair.

It was Dao Lord Desolate Martial, Su Zimo!

“Congratulations! Congratulations!”

In midair, many Ethereal Peak cultivators cupped their fists in congratulation.

Su Zimo nodded with a smile.

“Young Master, the fight for the Dharma Characteristic Ranking is about to begin soon. You’ve already broken through to the perfected Dharma Characteristic realm and you’ll definitely be the top of the Dharma Characteristic Ranking!”

Nian Qi smiled.

She possessed the bloodline of the G.o.d race and cultivated at an extremely fast speed. Right now, she was already at the late-stage Dharma Characteristic realm and was only half a step away from perfected Dharma Characteristic.

“The fight for the Dharma Characteristic Ranking?”

Su Zimo muttered softly.

Suddenly, he sensed something and his expression changed as he looked to the west.

His expression changed as he opened his mouth slightly with a hint of pain and reluctance in his eyes.

“What’s wrong, young master?”

Sensing the change in Su Zimo’s expression, Nian Qi asked softly.


Su Zimo sighed. “I’ll be making a trip to the Dragon Burial Valley.”

Before his sentence was finished, he transformed into a golden streak of light and vanished above Ethereal Peak.

Bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley.

Descending, Su Zimo arrived before the old temple and pushed open the battered temple door.

Monk Yuan Bei sat in a lotus position facing the front of the hall and looked at Su Zimo with a benevolent smile. “You’re here.”


With a sorrowful expression, Su Zimo strode forward and knelt before Monk Yuan Bei.

“Child, there’s no need for that,”

Reaching out with his skinny palm, Monk Yuan Bei caressed Su Zimo’s forehead and said gently, “Everyone dies. I’ve lived for close to 100,000 years and have seen and experienced too much. It’s enough.”

Monk Yuan Bei was at the end of his lifespan!

“Master, look! The Mingw.a.n.g Prayer Beads are complete!”

Su Zimo removed the complete Mingw.a.n.g Prayer Beads hurriedly and placed it in front of Monk Yuan Bei.

“That’s great,”

Monk Yuan Bei nodded with a relieved expression.

There were no regrets, reluctance or longing in Monk Yuan Bei’s eyes—they were calm as water.

“I heard that you’ve already formed three Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics. How strong are they? Have you cultivated a Supreme Dharma Characteristic yet?”

“Remember to visit Ming Zhen at Dapamkara Monastery in the South Region if you have the chance. I wonder how he’s doing.”

Monk Yuan Bei chatted with Su Zimo about trivial matters without any hint of melancholy.

Gradually, he went silent.

The earth did not quake nor were there any phenomena.

Monk Yuan Bei pa.s.sed away in peace.

He still had a benevolent and warm smile on his face.

However, his wise eyes would never open again.

Although this renowned Patriarch had a lifespan of 100,000 years, he still could not escape the sands of time and pa.s.sed away here.


The sound of chains sounded from the backyard.

A tall and mighty figure walked over with scarlet hair that burned like flames.

The red-headed ghost did not appear before Monk Yuan Bei’s pa.s.sing.

It was not because the red-headed ghost had any resentment towards Monk Yuan Bei.

On the contrary, the red-headed ghost and Monk Yuan Bei had a deep relations.h.i.+p.

Su Zimo understood that the red-headed ghost merely did not wish to see Monk Yuan Bei pa.s.s away personally and experience that sadness of parting.

“Now that the old monk is gone, it’s time for me to leave as well.”

The red-headed ghost did not make a fuss and sighed in disappointment.

In truth, the chains on his body had long shattered and he was not the culprit behind the catastrophe of Great Qian—he could have left a long time ago.

However, he chose to remain here until Monk Yuan Bei pa.s.sed away.

“Let’s bury him here.”

The red-headed ghost said.

Su Zimo nodded and carried Monk Yuan Bei’s corpse to the cemetery at the back of the hall to bury the latter.

He placed all the ancient books in the old temple into his storage bag, prepared to bring them back to Ethereal Peak.

The skies above the Dragon Burial Valley.

“You’re going to return to the Dragon race?”

Su Zimo asked.

The red-headed ghost nodded. “Without my protection, you have to be careful in the future and not be reckless.”

“Time to go!”

The red-headed ghost waved it off and turned to leave.

All of a sudden!

He frowned slightly and turned around slowly, gazing at the void not far away with a slightly focused and pensive expression.

“What’s wrong?”

Su Zimo asked instinctively.

“Nothing much. I seemed to have sensed something earlier on.”

The red-headed ghost shook his head and murmured, “I might be neurotic after staying at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley for too long.”

With that, he turned and left, disappearing above the Dragon Burial Valley before long.

Su Zimo stood at the edge of the Dragon Burial Valley for a long time before sighing deeply and turning to leave.

Not long after he left…

The void not far away from the Dragon Burial Valley distorted and a figure appeared.

The red-headed ghost was right—there was indeed someone there!

However, that person even managed to avoid his detection!

The person wore a wide white robe and his black hair covered most of his face, revealing only one eye. He looked at the Dragon Burial Valley with a conflicted expression.

After standing for a long time, the figure bowed deeply in the direction of the Dragon Burial Valley and turned to leave as well.

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