Chapter 1288: Primordial Six Races

West Region of Tianhuang Mainland.

Everywhere that can be seen, the desert was vast and uninhabited. Occasionally, there would be sand dunes without any signs of life.

In the cultivation world, there were many sects. Most of them were located in the Middle Continent, East Region, North Region and South Region. However, very few cultivators set up their sects in the West Region.

In the depths of the West Region, in a desert in the extreme west, hundreds of figures stood with powerful auras.

Among them, there were even dozens of figures whose auras fused with the entire world. Although their auras varied individually, they exuded a terrifying might!

The dozens of figures were all Conjoint Body Mighty Figures!

The others were also Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords!

The most terrifying thing was that most of the hundreds of figures were foreign living beings.

Some of them were ugly and had green faces and bared fangs. Their noses were facing the skies and their fingers and toes had sharp nails that were curved and shone coldly.

The living beings were tall and had black skin. They had gigantic pitch-black meat wings on their backs that were dozens of feet wide when spread open!

None of those living beings were human—they were more like malevolent ghosts from h.e.l.l!

It was one of the Primordial Nine Races, the Rakshasa race!

This was a race that was even more terrifying than the malevolent ghosts of h.e.l.l!

Although some of them were in human form, they wore green robes and had ghastly green eyes. They exuded a sinister aura that looked extremely eerie.

One of the Primordial Nine Races, the Witch race!

Some of them were neither human nor demon and looked like plants that took root in the depths of the desert, waving dozens of scarlet vines.

Every single vine had a blood-colored gourd.

The most terrifying thing was that at the top of the vines was a human face. It had no eyes and nose, only a gigantic mouth with sharp fangs that intertwined with one another and shone with a cold glint!

Any living being that was devoured would be minced instantly!

It was one of the Primordial Nine Races, the Blood Vine race!

There were others that resembled crows. However, they were extremely ma.s.sive with golden feathers that burned with similarly colored flames and three legs beneath them!

The void around them were distorted from the heat!

One of the Primordial Nine Races, the Golden Crow race!

There were also some cultivators with golden hair and blue eyes. The men were handsome and tall while the women were graceful and charming—it was clear that they were from the G.o.d race!

Some other figures were similar to humans.

However, there was a blood scar on their foreheads that resembled an eye!

One of the Primordial Nine Races, the Heavenly Eye race!

Among the hundreds of figures, six of the Primordial Nine Races arrived!

The Witch, Rakshasa, G.o.d, Golden Crow, Blood Vine and Heavenly Eye races!

Ever since the ancient war, the Primordial Nine Races resided in a corner and rarely set foot in Tianhuang Mainland—they had never made such a huge move!

Now, six of them had all appeared and the weakest were Dharma Characteristics with dozens of Conjoint Body Mighty Figures among them!

The six races had activated such a ma.s.sive formation just for a terrifying living being sprawled on the ground not far away!

The living being was a hundred feet tall and was pitch-black with scales all over its body. However, its tail was purple and its tailbone was sharp, as though it could penetrate everything!

If Su Zimo was here, he would definitely recognize that this was Night Spirit in his true form!

At that moment, Night Spirit’s aura was weak and he was filled with injuries all over. He was already unconscious and the purple flames beneath his feet had already extinguished!

Right now, Night Spirit was only at the Dharma Characteristic realm and could kill Conjoint Body Mighty Figures without even transforming into his true form!

In a one-on-one fight, he could even kill people of the Primordial Nine Races in his true form!

However, no matter how strong Night Spirit was, he could not defend against the encirclement of so many ferocious races.

All these years, he fought and escaped while hiding everywhere. In the end, he was suppressed here by the experts of the six races!

“It’s all thanks to your collaboration that we’re able to capture that beast this time round,”

Wu Xie looked around and nodded to express his grat.i.tude.

“This beast can really escape!”

A Conjoint Body Rakshasa named Feng Tian cursed with a hateful expression, “It’s been more than 90 years since we started attacking him!”

“As expected of a Taboo race. Over the years, more than ten Conjoint Body Mighty Figures of our six races have died to this beast!”

A G.o.d race being harrumphed coldly with killing intent in his eyes.

This time round, the six races sent experts to kill Night Spirit and they only succeeded today—they had also paid an extremely high price all these years!

More than ten Conjoint Body Mighty Figures of the six races had died in the hands of Night Spirit.

There were even more than a hundred Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords!

“Third prince, you came all the way from the East Sea Penglai to a.s.sist us in killing this fiend. You’re truly much stronger than the Dragon, Barbarian and Kun[1] races.”

Wu Xie looked at a three-legged Golden Crow not far away and nodded.

“Well said, well said!”

The third prince of the Golden Crow transformed into his human form and was a handsome young man. “The fact that this beast is still alive is a huge threat to the Primordial Nine Races. No one can stay out of it.”

“What a pity,”

Wu Xie sneered, “The Dragon, Barbarian and Kun races don’t think that way. They chose to stand by idly!”

“The Dragon race looks strong on the surface but they’re weak on the inside. The Barbarian race is merely a bunch of fools with strong limbs and simple minds. As for the Kun race, fufu, they must be scared silly after many of them were killed by this beast in the primordial war.”

A Heavenly Eye race being said coldly.

Among the group of living beings, there was a human with a wide Daoist robe, a Confucian crown on his head and a folding fan in his hands.

There was a faint, mysterious smile on that person’s face the entire time.

Even when he stood together with the experts of the Primordial Nine Races, his aura was not inferior.

He was Heavenly Secrets of Enigma Palace!

After exchanging pleasantries with the Golden Crow Third Prince and the others, Wu Xie turned around and nodded at Heavenly Secrets. “Of course, it’s all thanks to Heavenly Secrets’s divination that we’re able to hold this beast here!”

The Primordial Nine Races had an innate sense of superiority towards humans.

After all, humans were born weak and were once the lowest leveled race that they had enslaved through history!

Furthermore, an ancient war broke out between both parties.

Although the six races relied on Heavenly Secrets’s divination to hunt down Night Spirit all these years, most of them did not take Heavenly Secrets seriously.

Even as Wu Xie expressed grat.i.tude to Heavenly Secrets, the other races had cold expressions and did not react.

“It’s nothing much,”

Heavenly Secrets said indifferently, “This beast is sharp and alert. I took a gamble in the end as well, guessing that there was a high chance it would escape to that direction!”

Heavenly Secrets pointed to the west.

That was the Extreme West.

From afar, one could see rows of mountain ranges that towered into the clouds!

If one focused their gaze, they would vaguely see that the mountain range was filled with endless corpses!

Some of the corpses were not rotten and retained their original forms. Their bodies were long and more than 10,000 feet long. Lying on the mountain range, they looked like crouching dragons!

To be precise, those were dragon skeletons!

A dragon skeleton that was more than 10,000 feet long!

A Dharma Characteristic dragon was only dozens of feet tall.

What about a dragon skeleton that was 10,000 feet long?

[1] A race of gigantic fishes that resemble whales

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