Chapter 1289: Scheme

Some of the corpses were in the shape of birds with wings that were more than a thousand feet long. There were three legs beneath them that were golden!

The Golden Crow Third Prince’s face turned paler when he caught sight of those corpses.

In the endless mountain range, there were all sorts of corpses. Apart from the Primordial Nine Races, there were countless unknown living beings!

A torrential malevolent aura emanated from that side and one would jitter with a single glance!

The experts of the six races were prideful. However, their auras weakened when they looked in that direction as they averted their gazes with fearful expressions.

There were nine forbidden grounds in Tianhuang Mainland that humans did not dare to step foot into.

However, the endless mountain range in the distance was the forbidden ground of the Primordial Nine Races!

Extreme West, Kunlun Ruins!

A G.o.d race being named Han Ling remarked with lingering fear, “It’s lucky that we stopped that beast in advance. If he had escaped there, we might not have been able to capture him.”

Wu Xie’s expression was terrible as well as he urged, “Let’s go. It’s better for us to leave this place as soon as possible.”

Although there was still a long way to go before they arrived at the Kunlun Ruins, the six races were already feeling uncomfortable.

“How should we deal with this beast? Should we kill it directly?”

The Rakshasa, Feng Tian, revealed his bloodthirsty fangs and said murderously.

A Heavenly Eye race being nodded. “I think that’s fine. Killing him will eliminate all future troubles lest anything unexpected happens.”

“No, we can’t,”

A Blood Vine on the ground transformed into a human and shook its head resolutely. “The blood of this beast contains immense power. If we were to kill it, the blood would go stale and the power within would weaken too much!”

“That’s right!”

G.o.d Han Ling nodded. “This beast is filled with treasures from head to toe. It’s a little hasty to kill him just like that. There’s no way he can break free after I trap him with the G.o.d race’s Heavenly G.o.d Lock!”

“At that time, we’ll capture him back alive and discuss how we should deal with him.”


Wu Xie’s eyes flickered as he nodded in agreement.

Every single item on Night Spirit’s body, be it scales, fangs, claws or blood, were utmost treasures of the universe. The six races had their own agendas and would naturally not let a single race possess them all.

G.o.d Han Ling slapped his storage bag and withdrew a s.h.i.+mmering golden chain.

There were five diamond iron hoops on the chains and sharp spikes were embedded in the inner circle of the hoops. There were reverse hooks that intertwined extremely sharply!

The pupils of Wu Xie and the others constricted slightly when they saw the Heavenly G.o.d Lock.

The Heavenly G.o.d Lock was the most famous weapon of the G.o.d race and even the Primordial Nine Races would not be able to break free from it!

The spikes on the Heavenly G.o.d Lock’s iron hoops could penetrate flesh with ease and were embedded deeply!

Furthermore, the spikes were hollow and could suck blood continuously, causing living beings trapped by the Heavenly G.o.d Lock to never recover their blood qi!

The moment one’s blood qi recovered, it would be sucked in by the spikes on the iron hoops!

G.o.d Han Ling threw the Heavenly G.o.d Lock in his hands towards Night Spirit.


The Heavenly G.o.d Lock descended and coiled around Night Spirit instantly. The immense G.o.dly power augmented and restricted Night Spirit’s body as his true form dissipated and took on human form.

Snap! Snap!

The five iron hoops locked Night Spirit’s arms, legs and neck instantly, piercing deeply into his fles.h.!.+

Night Spirit grunted and frowned with a pained expression.


Rakshasa Feng Tian was excited and burst into laughter. “Little beast, let’s see how you can maintain your c.o.c.kiness! Let’s see how you can escape now!”


Right then, Heavenly Secrets’s expression changed when he saw Night Spirit in human form and he murmured softly, “It’s him?”

“Why? You’ve seen him before?”

Noticing the change in Heavenly Secrets’s expression, Wu Xie turned and asked.

Heavenly Secrets nodded. “His name is Night Spirit and he has appeared many times in the cultivation world with terrifying combat strength. However, he has never revealed his true form. He even has a bosom friend and the cultivation world once thought that he was the latter’s spirit beast.”

“That’s impossible!”

A Heavenly Eye race being shook his head. “Who could have subdued the Taboo race?”

Heavenly Secrets looked at everyone from the Rakshasa and G.o.d race and smiled mysteriously. “Back in the intermediate ancient battlefield, he even joined forces with that man and buried both your races in Myriad Phenomenon City!”


Rakshasa Feng Tian’s expression changed as he barked coldly, “It’s that man! What’s his name again?!”

“Dao Lord Desolate Martial!”

Heavenly Secrets said slowly, “Right now, he created the Martial Dao and allowed mortals without spirit roots to cultivate as well. His combat strength is terrifying and he killed many t.i.tular disciples of super sects and condensed three Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics. He’s extremely famous!”

“Three Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics?”

Everyone from the six races frowned.

The fact that Su Zimo had conjured three Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics caused a huge stir in the cultivation world. However, the six races were merely surprised.

For example, Wu Xie, G.o.d Han Ling and Rakshasa Feng Tian were all Conjoint Body Mighty Figures.

They did not even care if Su Zimo could conjure ten Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics, let alone three.

How strong were Conjoint Body Mighty Figures of the six races?

Even Half-Martial Ancestors of the human race would not dare to provoke them!

“Where is he now?”

Rakshasa Feng Tian asked murderously, “I’ll make a move to kill that lad right now!”

Heavenly Secrets shook his head. “Desolate Martial has a Mahayana Patriarch backing him. You might not be able to hurt him if you head over now. Furthermore, this person’s movement technique is extremely fast. It’ll be difficult to kill him if he escapes with all his might.”

“Hmph! No matter how fast he is, he can’t be faster than us Rakshasas!”

Rakshasa Feng Tian harrumphed coldly.

Although that was what he claimed, he did not persist.

While he was fearless against Half-Martial Ancestors, he was still wary of Mahayana Patriarchs.

At the Mahayana realm, one would have comprehended divine powers—that sort of power was not something Conjoint Bodies can fight against!

Heavenly Secrets continued, “Furthermore, if Desolate Martial is alarmed and goes into hiding, I won’t be able to divine his location.”

“You can’t divine it?”

Wu Xie frowned.

Even for the Taboo race, Heavenly Secrets could divine a rough area.

Yet, he was unable to divine a single puny human?!

Heavenly Secrets had a calm expression. “An expert once altered Desolate Martial’s fate. He’s shrouded by a layer of fog and I can’t divine him.”

“What should we do then?”

Rakshasa Feng Tian said coldly, “Desolate Martial is someone I definitely have to kill!”

“That’s right. That lad once killed my clansmen. I won’t let him off either!” The G.o.d Han Ling said slowly as well.

The Golden Crow Third Prince smiled sinisterly. “You guys have managed to intrigue me. I’m keen on meeting this Desolate Martial.”

“Fellow Daoist Heavenly Secrets, do you have any grand plan?”

Wu Xie asked.

“It can’t be considered a grand plan, merely an open scheme.”

Heavenly Secrets pointed at Night Spirit not far away and smiled. “The once in a thousand year fight for the Dharma Characteristic Ranking is about to begin. At that time, Desolate Martial will definitely appear despite knowing that there’s danger if we use this beast as bait!”

“Given Desolate Martial’s character, he’ll definitely try and save that beast. At that time, countless sects and factions will naturally attack to kill him. Everyone, all we have to do is wait by the sidelines and enjoy the show!”

The Golden Crow Third Prince clapped and laughed. “Interesting, interesting.”

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