Chapter 1290: Taboo Race

“Nothing will go wrong, right?”

A Heavenly Eye race being frowned with a cold expression.

“Absolutely impossible,”

G.o.d Han Ling waved it off and declared proudly, “This Heavenly G.o.d Lock was given to me by an elder of the G.o.d race. Even a Dharma treasure can’t damage it!”

The weapons used by Mahayana Patriarchs were infused with the power of divine powers and could be called Dharma treasures.

Heavenly Secrets nodded as well. “Everyone, don’t worry. The Primordial Nine Races are not the only ones concerned about the birth of this taboo. Our human race won’t let it off either.”

“Taboos are the enemies of the ten thousand races. At that time, whoever dares to protect them will have to die with them.”

Although Heavenly Secrets said that with a smile, there was a cold killing intent!

Ethereal Peak.

Ever since Monk Yuan Bei pa.s.sed away in meditation, Su Zimo had returned to this place. However, he felt uneasy recently, as though something big was about to happen.

It was an instinct and definitely not a coincidence!

However, he had no clue as to what it was.

This day, Su Zimo was meditating in his cave abode when his heart skipped a beat. Waving his sleeves, the door to his cave abode opened slowly and a messenger spirit crane flew in.

Su Zimo received it.


The spirit crane gave off a familiar aura—it was Xiaoning.

“Brother, I’ve missed you. How have you been recently? The fight for the Dharma Characteristic Ranking is about to begin. Are you going to join? We’ll be able to meet then.”

At that point, Su Zimo smiled and continued reading.

“Have you seen Night Spirit all these years? 90 years ago, he suddenly left my side and disappeared. He hasn’t returned since.”

“The day he left, he had a strange expression as though something was amiss. If he’s with you, please reply and let me know.”

At that point, Su Zimo fell into deep thought.

Night Spirit was gone!

Under normal circ.u.mstances, given Night Spirit’s combat strength, it was nothing much for him to be missing for a hundred years—there was probably n.o.body in Tianhuang Mainland who could injure him.

Even if he could not defeat them, he could escape.

What could have happened to Night Spirit?

Could Night Spirit’s background have been exposed?

Immediately, Su Zimo shook his head.

Night Spirit was so cautious and even in front of Su Zimo, he merely revealed his true form once—how could he have been exposed?

Right then, another spirit crane flew in from outside the cave abode.

Su Zimo received it and took a look.

This spirit crane was from Lin Xuanji.

“Don’t go for the fight for the Dharma Characteristic Ranking! Don’t go!”

There was not much information on the spirit crane and there were only a few words—it was a clear warning.

Furthermore, it seemed like it was written in a hurry.

“Could the super sects have deduced that my master has pa.s.sed away and are prepared to join forces to kill me in the Dharma Characteristic Ranking?”

Su Zimo quickly thought of that possibility.

All these years, the reason why Gla.s.s Palace, Zephyr Thunder Palace and Sword Sect endured him was because they were wary of Monk Yuan Bei.

Now that Monk Yuan Bei had pa.s.sed away, it was only logical that those super sects were tempted.

Su Zimo sneered internally.

Since that was the case, he would not take part in the fight for the Dharma Characteristic Ranking.

The danger of the Dharma Characteristic Ranking this time round was definitely unimaginable if it could prompt Lin Xuanji into sending such a reminder.

Just as he was pondering, a figure descended from outside the door—it was Nian Qi.

“Young Master, there’s news of the Dharma Characteristic Ranking,”

She came to Su Zimo’s side. “It’s said that the fight for the Dharma Characteristic Ranking this time round is still in the Middle Continent. However, I heard that it’s different from the past.”

“Apart from some specified rewards, the 72 cultivators on the Dharma Characteristic Ranking also have the chance to drink taboo blood.”

“Taboo blood?”

Su Zimo asked casually without thinking too much.

Nian Qi shook her head. “I don’t know either. I think Enigma Palace joined forces with some super sects and captured an extremely terrifying taboo living being of the primordial era!”

“It’s said that every single drop of blood from this taboo contains an unimaginable power!”

Su Zimo’s expression changed!

At the same time, in the Dragon Bone Valley.

The Dragon True Body that was in seclusion was awakened by a series of hurried knocks.

Su Zimo was already the young master of the Dragon race and reigned over the five lineages. Unless there was something extremely pressing, the Dragon race would definitely not disturb him.

Without hesitation, he got up and left the dragon lair.

“Young master, the elders invited you for a meeting in the grand hall.”

An Illumination Dragon bowed respectfully.

Su Zimo nodded and leaped towards the grand hall in the central region.

In the past few years of seclusion cultivation, his Dragon True Body cultivated at an extremely fast speed with the help of the three innate divine powers and was already at the perfected Dharma Characteristic realm!

Of course, breaking through from the perfected Dharma Characteristic realm to the Conjoint Body realm required not only an opportunity, but also a long period of consolidation.

Su Zimo arrived at the meeting hall and looked up.

There were more than ten elders sitting in the hall. Not only were the Grand Elders of the Illumination Dragon lineage present, the Grand Elders of the other four lineages were present as well!

“What’s with the crowd?”

Su Zimo lamented internally, “What happened to alarm so many elders?”

“Long Mo, have a seat.”

The Illumination Dragon Grand Elder waved his hand, indicating for Su Zimo to sit for the meeting.

As the young master of the Dragon race, his status was on par with the elders present and was even above some ordinary dragon elders!

“The reason we called for you here today is to inform you of something,”

The Illumination Dragon Grand Elder said, “A taboo of the primordial era has a remnant bloodline alive. Furthermore, it was captured alive by six of the Primordial Nine Races!”

When he heard that, Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat.

The first thing that came to mind was Night Spirit!

However, he maintained his composure and took a deep breath. “Grand Elder, please explain what a taboo it is.”

The Illumination Dragon Grand Elder reminisced and said slowly, “In the primordial era, the ten thousand races reigned and the hierarchy was strict. It was even crueler than now!”

“Our Primordial Nine Races reigned over Tianhuang Mainland back in the primordial era.”

“However, there’s another type of living being above us… the Taboo race!”

True enough!

Night Spirit’s bloodline was indeed stronger and more terrifying than the Primordial Nine Races!

It was no wonder why Night Spirit dared to eat the dragon egg the moment he entered the Dragon Bone Valley and did not hesitate at all!

The Illumination Dragon Grand Elder continued, “The Taboo race is extremely special and the chances of them being born are extremely low. Their bloodlines are rare and only one or two exist in each generation.”

“Among the taboos we currently know is the Dragon Phoenix!”

“The Dragon Phoenix does not only possess the bloodline of the Dragon race, it also possesses the bloodline of the Divine Phoenix. Extremely strong with torrential combat strength, it’s a true taboo of the primordial era!”

At that point, the Illumination Dragon Grand Elder looked at Su Zimo deeply.

He continued after a brief pause, “The Kun Peng is also a taboo!”

“Of the Primordial Nine Races, one of them is the Kun race. The Kun Peng race is much stronger than the Kun race. It can turn into fish and devour the oceans for thousands of kilometers as well as turn into a bird that possesses the power of extreme Yin and Yang as it soars through the world!”

This was the first time Su Zimo had heard of some of these things.

He did not interrupt and continued listening.

Although Night Spirit was from a Taboo race, he was definitely not a Dragon Phoenix or Kun Peng.

The Illumination Dragon Grand Elder said slowly, “There’s another lineage of the Taboo race known as the Hou!”

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