Chapter 1291: Decision

The Illumination Dragon Grand Elder said, “Hou, the G.o.d of Ma.s.sacre of the primordial era, stood at the top of all living beings and the Primordial Nine Races were its food!”

It was no wonder why he was referred to as a taboo by the Primordial Nine Races!

Su Zimo lamented internally, “There’s no mistake. Night Spirit should be a Hou!”

It stood to reason why Night Spirit did not like to eat any spirit beasts that monkey and the others captured back when he had just hatched.

Instead, he displayed an unprecedented interest when he came to the Dragon Bone Valley and saw a dragon egg.

The Illumination Dragon Grand Elder continued, “Of course, because the three taboos are rare, there isn’t a colony of them and they naturally don’t have the strength and energy to rule over Tianhuang Mainland.”

Su Zimo nodded.

In the primordial era, the Primordial Nine Races were still the ones who ruled over Tianhuang Mainland.

However, there were three great taboo living beings above the Primordial Nine Races that possessed the power to kill them!

“What was with that battle in the primordial era?”

Su Zimo asked.

The Illumination Dragon Grand Elder had a conflicted expression. “The primordial era was the most glorious era of Tianhuang Mainland and the three major taboos existed.”

“However, the Dragon Phoenix has a blood relation with the Dragon race and is naturally closer to the Dragon race. The Kun Peng is closer to the Kun race as well. The Hou is the only one that is always alone and aloof, distant from any single race.”

“The Hou was savage and killed the Primordial Nine Races without any reservations. Finally, the Hou incurred the wrath of the Dragon Phoenix and Kun Peng who then brought the Primordial Nine Races to fight against it!”

“The battle was extremely tragic and corpses were strewn everywhere like mountains. Countless living beings of the Primordial Nine Races were killed and almost all the ten thousand races were implicated—not many of them survived!”

Su Zimo was silent.

There was indeed a reason why Hous were called taboos.

An existence like that possessed the power to destroy the ten thousand races—who wouldn’t be afraid?!

Even with the Dragon Phoenix and Kun Peng, the Primordial Nine Races suffered immense losses—it was obvious how tragic that battle was!

“There was nothing right or wrong about that battle,”

The Illumination Dragon Grand Elder lamented as well, “Later on, because of that battle, the two taboos, the Dragon Phoenix and Kun Peng, were severely injured as well. They did not manage to transcend the tribulations to become immortals and died after expending their lifespans.”

“The Dragon Phoenix was filled with regrets before it died,”

The Blue Dragon Grand Elder nodded. “That’s precisely the reason why we hesitated for a long time before deciding not to join the hunt when we heard that the bloodline of a Hou had appeared.”

“However, even without our partic.i.p.ation in the encirclement, the Hou did not manage to escape and was captured by the six races that went.”

Pondering for a moment, Su Zimo said in a seemingly casual manner, “If we’re able to save that Hou this time round, he won’t have any feud with the Dragon race after he grows up.”


The Blue Dragon Grand Elder said resolutely.

The other dragon elders shook their heads as well.

The Illumination Dragon Grand Elder said, “The Primordial Nine Races and the ten thousand races possess an innate fear towards taboo living beings. If their ident.i.ties and bloodlines are exposed before they grow, there’s only a single outcome for them—death!”

“The Primordial Nine Races, the ten thousand races of Tianhuang Mainland and human cultivators will never let a single taboo grow again!”

“The fact that the Dragon race did not attack has already incurred the wrath of the other races. If we dare to try and save this taboo now, the other races will definitely be enraged and turn on us! It’ll be a calamity that might lead to extermination!”

“Anyone who harbors any motives about this taboo at a moment like this will have to die!”

Su Zimo was silent.

Actually, what he said earlier was to test the reaction of the Dragon race.

Initially, he was wondering if he could save Night Spirit with the help of the Dragon race.

Looking at the reactions of the elders of the Dragon race right now, that was impossible.

Not only that, if he revealed any intention of saving Night Spirit, all the elders of the Dragon race would definitely dissuade him and even detain him in the Dragon Bone Valley!

At that thought, Su Zimo went silent.

No matter what others thought or what taboo Night Spirit was, he had to head to the Middle Continent and do everything he could to save Night Spirit!

At the same time, his Dragon True Body sensed the news from his Green Lotus True Body.

The two true bodies were telepathic and made a decision almost instantly!

The Martial Dao True Body had just entered the Martial Spirit realm and was equivalent to a Nascent Soul. There was no need to alarm it because its strength was insufficient.

This time round, his Dragon True Body and Green Lotus True Body had to move together!

This trip to the Middle Continent would definitely be filled with unprecedented dangers for Su Zimo—it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that he would most likely die!

Some super sects bore grudges with him to begin with. If he dared to save Night Spirit despite the universal condemnation, it would be equivalent to pus.h.i.+ng himself to a dead end and making the entire world his enemy!

Even so, Su Zimo did not hesitate at all.

To him, Night Spirit was not a primordial taboo—that was his sworn brother and family who had followed him for many years.

He would definitely not sit idly by the sidelines!

He would not hesitate even if the entire world was his enemy!

The Illumination Dragon Grand Elder said, “We called you here today not because of this taboo, but because we want to remind you of something.”


Su Zimo asked.

The Grand Elders of the five lineages exchanged glances before the Illumination Dragon Grand Elder turned to Su Zimo and said slowly, “We have a hunch that there’s a high chance you might grow into another taboo… the Dragon Phoenix!”

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat. However, he quickly came to a realization.

He had the bloodline of a dragon and the Divine Phoenix Bone within his body. If the two bloodlines were to fuse, there was a chance that he could become a new taboo, the Dragon Phoenix!

“Back when you underwent the Ancestral Dragon’s baptism and awakened your innate divine powers, many phenomenons appeared. The only person who could intimidate the Ancestral Dragon and defeat the bloodline of a five-clawed divine dragon is probably a Dragon Phoenix.”

The Illumination Dragon Grand Elder sighed immediately. “Of course, this might require an opportunity. I don’t know either. After all, you can’t even conjure a complete dragon body right now.”

The Blue Dragon Grand Elder said, “If you’re able to become a Dragon Phoenix in the future, you must be careful not to expose your bloodline and ident.i.ty before you advance to the Ancestor realm.”

“Otherwise, you will end up with the same outcome as this Hou. At that time, even the Dragon race won’t be able to protect you!”

Su Zimo nodded.

Turning into a Dragon Phoenix was way too far for him right now.

He might not be able to wait till then either.

In this Dharma Characteristic Ranking compet.i.tion, the Dragon True Body and Green Lotus True Body were not facing Dharma Characteristic paragons, but all the sects, factions and six primordial races!

It was also possible for the two true bodies to die on the spot!

This time round, it was clear that the other party had set a trap. Not only did they want to kill Night Spirit, they wanted to kill him as well—who knew what sort of a trap they were setting up.

The only unknown variable that was advantageous for Su Zimo was probably his Dragon True Body.

Suddenly, Su Zimo said, “I intend to experience the Dharma Characteristic Ranking this time round personally.”

“Hmm? What for?”

The Illumination Dragon Grand Elder frowned and was instantly alarmed.

Su Zimo said, “I haven’t seen what the three great taboos look like. This is a rare opportunity. How can I miss it?”

“Elders, don’t worry. I’ll hide my ident.i.ty and watch the show from the side. There won’t be any danger.”

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