Chapter 1292: Killing Intent

Middle Continent, Heaven and Earth Valley.

The name of Heaven and Earth meant that the valley was special.

The Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic Ranking that was held once every thousand years would be held in this valley.

The valley was extremely vast and spanned thousands of kilometers.

When it was time, Dharma Characteristic paragons from all over Tianhuang Mainland would gather here to fight for the 72 spots on the Dharma Characteristic Ranking.

Being listed on the Dharma Characteristic Ranking was not only for honor—there were also huge rewards.

Similar to the Phenomenon Ranking, the Dharma Characteristic Ranking was hosted by Enigma Palace.

As the fight for the Dharma Characteristic Ranking approached, the number of cultivators in the vicinity of Heaven and Earth Valley increased and it became livelier.

“I heard that Fairy Luo Xue of Snowdrift Valley obtained an ancient inheritance and formed the Ice Spirit Dharmic Body. She has a chance of making it to the top ten of the Dharma Characteristic Ranking.”

“Pang Yue of Overlord Palace is not weak either after condensing the Ten Yama Body that has been lost for many years!”

“I heard that the demoness of Pure Maiden Sect obtained an ancient inheritance in the Dao Inheritance Ground and condensed a Mystic Maiden Dharmic Body. Although she’s not at the perfected Dharma Characteristic realm right now, her combat strength is shocking!”

“In my opinion, there’s no doubt about who will be the top of the Dharma Characteristic Ranking this time round. I heard that Dao Lord Desolate Martial has condensed three Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics that are 87 feet tall. He’s definitely the top of the Dharma Characteristic Ranking!”

“Indeed, I don’t think anyone can compare to Dao Lord Desolate Martial.”

Before the fight for the Dharma Characteristic Ranking began, many cultivators were already discussing.

“By the way, do you guys know what that primordial taboo is?”

“I’m not sure. It seems to be an extremely terrifying living being from the primordial era that’s comparable to the Primordial Nine Races!”

“That’s amazing!”

“I heard that it took quite a bit of effort to capture that taboo alive.”

“Look! The cultivators of Sword Sect are here!”

Some cultivators pointed into the distance and exclaimed.

“Sword Sect is really early this time round.”

As time pa.s.sed, various major sects, factions and super sects appeared one after another and descended in Heaven and Earth Valley.

This time round, more than ten Ethereal Peak cultivators arrived in the Middle Continent under the lead of the old immortal crane.

In Ethereal Peak, Nian Qi had the highest chance of fighting for a spot on the Dharma Characteristic Ranking.

“Young master left long ago. Why hasn’t he appeared yet?”

The moment Nian Qi arrived at Heaven and Earth Valley, she searched everywhere but could not find Su Zimo.

“He must be delayed by something, don’t worry,”

The old immortal crane smiled.

Before long, cultivators of the four unorthodox groups arrived.

For the Dharma Characteristic Ranking this time round, some super sects would be led by Conjoint Body Mighty Figures to lead their disciples.

It was the same for the four unorthodox groups.

Right at the front were four Conjoint Body Mighty Figures.

The most prominent person was a middle-aged man in scarlet robes from Hundred Refinement Sect. He had a dignified appearance and his eyes were bright, as though they were burning with flames!

Although this Mighty Figure was only at the early-stage Conjoint Body realm, his aura overwhelmed most of the Conjoint Body Mighty Figures present!

This was the reborn Extreme Fire!

Shangguan Zi of Thousand Crane Sect stood beside Extreme Fire, looking extremely close to him.

Behind her was the t.i.tular disciple of Thousand Crane Sect, Fairy Thousand Crane.

That was Leng Rou who left Ethereal Peak!

Xiaoning and Ji Chengtian of Elixir Yang Sect arrived as well.

Little Fatty of Tomb Sect was among the crowd too.

All of them ran over to Ethereal Peak to catch up with the old immortal crane.

“Nian Qi, my brother isn’t here?”

Xiaoning asked softly.

Nian Qi replied, “I’m not sure. He set off a long time ago but he shouldn’t have arrived yet.”

Xiaoning nodded with a worried expression. “Do you know what is this primordial taboo thing? Has anyone seen it before?”

“I’m not sure. Enigma Palace has hidden it extremely well and no one has seen what a primordial taboo looks like.”

Nian Qi shook her head.

Xiaoning sighed and the scene of Night Spirit leaving flashed through her mind.

As time pa.s.sed by, the nine immortal sects, seven fiend sects and six Buddhist monasteries were all present!

Successors of the five heretical doctrines arrived as well.

Members of the three aristocratic families and two islands did not appear still.

“Why? What are you thinking about?”

When Shangguan Zi saw Extreme Fire frowning in deep thought, as though something was bothering him, she could not help but ask gently.

“Something is not right.”

Extreme Fire frowned and looked towards Sword Sect, Zephyr Thunder Palace and the other super sects. “The lineup of these sects for the Dharma Characteristic Ranking this time round is a little too grand.”

Normally speaking, the Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords were the main characters in the fight for the Dharma Characteristic Ranking.

At most, the major sects and factions would send one or two Conjoint Body Mighty Figures to lead the teams—that was enough.

However, there were already more than 30 Conjoint Body Mighty Figures in Sword Sect this time round!

It was the same for Zephyr Thunder Palace, Gla.s.s Palace, Heavenly Dipper Sect and Chaos Essence Sect as well!

“Indeed, it’s a little strange.”

Shangguan Zi nodded with a confused expression.

Extreme Fire swept his gaze across Sword Sect’s camp with a burning gaze and said slowly, “Furthermore, have you noticed that there are some Conjoint Body Mighty Figures in these sects that don’t seem like they’re from those sects?”

“What do you mean by that?”

Shangguan Zi was confused.

Extreme Fire said bluntly, “Some of them don’t seem like they’re human!”

“Not human?”

Shangguan Zi’s heart skipped a beat and she instinctively thought that fiend demons had infiltrated the place.

However, on second thought, she realized that fiend demons couldn’t be powerful enough to hide from the Conjoint Body Mighty Figures present.

If it weren’t fiend demons, could it be…

“You’re referring to the Primordial Nine Races?”

Shangguan Zi asked softly.

“It’s possible.”

Extreme Fire nodded with a grim expression.

“The Primordial Nine Races haven’t stepped foot into Tianhuang Mainland for so many years. What are they trying to do by appearing in the Dharma Characteristic Ranking?” Shangguan Zi asked.

“I’m not sure yet. Let’s wait and see.”

Extreme Fire said.

The Dharma Characteristic Ranking had yet to begin. Although it seemed calm on the surface, Extreme Fire could sense the undercurrent surging beneath the calm water with killing intent everywhere, as though a tsunami was brewing!

Suddenly, he asked, “The Dharma Characteristic Ranking is about to begin and Zimo isn’t here yet?”

“I didn’t see him,”

Shangguan Zi shook her head as well.

On the other side.

Heavenly Secrets, Immortal Sword and the others gathered and sent voice transmissions with their spirit consciousnesses.

“Dao Lord Desolate Martial hasn’t appeared yet. What should we do?”

Immortal Sword said, “He might have realized the danger and won’t come.”

“Absolutely impossible,”

Heavenly Secrets said with a faint smile and a confident tone.

Pausing for a moment, he continued, “The reason why Desolate Martial hasn’t appeared is because he hasn’t seen that beast. Fufu, Desolate Martial is way too cautious.”

“If he doesn’t come out, I’ll force him to!”

Heavenly Secrets said and arrived in midair in a flash.

“Everyone, please be silent.”

Heavenly Secrets pressed his hands against the air. Although his voice was neither loud nor soft, it spread to every corner of the Heaven and Earth Valley and attracted countless gazes.

“The fight for the Dharma Characteristic Ranking is about to begin. Everyone, please calm down before that.”

He said indifferently, “In the primordial era, there was a taboo life form that was cruel and bloodthirsty, incurring the wrath of the heavens and the! We heard that a bloodline of that taboo had awakened in this generation so we joined forces and captured it alive!”

“Today, with all the cultivators of the world as witnesses, we’ll kill this beast and drink its blood!”

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