Chapter 1295: Suppressing the Dharma Characteristic Ranking!

Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics were the strongest methods of Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords.

An 88 feet tall Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic was legendary and if this was the previous Dharma Characteristic Ranking, it would definitely be ranked at the top!

But now, the Rainbow Gla.s.s Body was shattered by a Dharmic art from Su Zimo!

Ignoring the level of that Dharmic art, the Dharmic powers released by that attack were way too terrifying—even a 88 feet tall Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic could not withstand it!

Blood drained from the face of Dao Lord Feng Chen as he retreated and nearly fell from midair.

All his pride had vanished completely against Su Zimo’s punch!

“No, Desolate Martial isn’t at the mid-stage Dharma Characteristic realm!”

The moment Su Zimo attacked, there was no way he could hide his cultivation realm.

“Perfected Dharma Characteristic realm!”

“T-This… Desolate Martial has only advanced to the Dharma Characteristic realm slightly more than a hundred years ago and he’s already at the perfected Dharma Characteristic realm!”

“As expected of the number one monster incarnate of history. His cultivation speed is way too terrifying!”

A wave of shock and astonishment could be heard from the crowd.

The Dharmic powers of Su Zimo’s perfected Dharma Characteristic realm after tempering his Essence Spirit from the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects were unimaginably vast and were far beyond the Dharma Characteristic realm—they were comparable to any Conjoint Body Mighty Figure present!

“All of you, get lost!”

Su Zimo’s gaze was like lightning as he looked at Dao Lord Five Thunder and the other Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords and said coldly.

In reality, those Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords were already stunned by Su Zimo’s punch and did not dare to act rashly.

However, all of them were paragons and monster incarnates of the cultivation world after all. No one would be able to take it lying down if they were scolded in front of everyone.

“Desolate Martial, aren’t you way too arrogant?!”

Dao Lord Five Thunder harrumphed coldly. “Right now, all the super sects are gathered with paragons. You’re only at the Dharma Characteristic realm. So what if you’re strong?!”

“That means I can suppress you with my strength!”

Su Zimo was focused on Night Spirit and was unwilling to get entangled with those Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords. Without a second word, he conjured the Immortal Trap Seal and sent it towards Dao Lord Five Thunder!


Dao Lord Five Thunder was fearless as well and hollered, “Let’s see how long you can continue to be arrogant, Desolate Martial!”


Suddenly, a gigantic phantom appeared from Dao Lord Five Thunder’s body and rose to 80 feet instantly. Furthermore, it showed no signs of stopping!

In the blink of an eye, a Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic that was surrounded by wind and thunder descended in midair, even taller than the Rainbow Gla.s.s Body earlier on!

89 feet!

A thousand years ago, this Zephyr Thunder Dharmic Body was merely 84 feet tall. Now, Dao Lord Five Thunder had already condensed his Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic to a height of 89 feet!

“Desolate Martial, pay with your life for killing two monster incarnates of Chaos Essence Sect!”

On the other side, a Dao Lord of Chaos Essence Sect stood out and released his Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic right away!


A phantom soared into the skies!

In the blink of an eye, it had grown to a height of 84 feet!

Chaos Essence Qi Body!

“Desolate Martial, I heard that you’ve got more than one Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic. I want to see it for myself today as well!”

A Dao Lord of Heavenly Dipper Sect stood out and released his Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic as well.

A 85 feet Heavenly Dipper Body!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Illusion Fiend Dharma Body!

18 Meters Metal Body!

Startling Sword Body!

In the blink of an eye, more than ten Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords appeared and formed an encirclement around Su Zimo. One after another, Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics stood in midair with terrifying auras!

“They’re joining forces to deal with Desolate Martial!”

“These Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords are definitely ranked at the top of the Dharma Characteristic Ranking in terms of combat strength. To think that the fight for the Dharma Characteristic Ranking would turn out like this.”

Suddenly, Immortal Sword stifled a chuckle when he saw that.

“Elder Immortal Sword, what’s wrong?”

The disciple behind Immortal Sword who was also a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord asked softly.

Immortal Sword shook his head gently and curled his lips with a mocking expression. “These Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords are no match for Desolate Martial.”

If anyone present knew Su Zimo’s combat strength the best, Immortal Sword would definitely be one of them!

That was because he was nearly killed by Su Zimo in the bamboo forest!

“Then why didn’t you stop those Dao Lords, master?”

The disciple asked again.

Immortal Sword smiled without saying anything.

Right then, Heavenly Secrets looked over and the two of them exchanged glances with a tacit understanding.

There was naturally no way they would step in to stop it.

The more ruthless Desolate Martial fought against the Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords, the more there was no room for negotiation between him and the super sects!

At that time, Desolate Martial would become the enemy of the entire world. It wouldn’t matter if he was the strongest monster incarnate in history or if he had imparted martial arts to all living beings—everything would just be a joke!

On the battlefield.

The moment the Immortal Trap Seal descended, it was destroyed by the 89 feet tall Zephyr Thunder Dharmic Body!

This Zephyr Thunder Dharmic Body was extremely close to a Supreme Dharma Characteristic and its Dharmic powers were pure to the extreme.

Among the Daming Dharmic Seals, the Immortal Trap Seal’s power was average. That was why it could not take on Dao Lord Five Thunder’s Zephyr Thunder Dharmic Body.


Dao Lord Five Thunder reared his head in laughter. “That’s all there is to Desolate Martial!”

“That’s all?”

Su Zimo sneered as well. The Dharmic seal in his hands changed and he bent his fingers, as though he was conjuring a wheel, condensing a strange Dharmic seal that smashed towards the Zephyr Thunder Dharmic Body!

Among the Daming Dharmic Seals, one of the two most ferocious and powerful Dharmic seals—the Great Vajra Wheel Seal!


There was a deafening sound.

An incomparably gigantic golden wheel appeared in midair, crus.h.i.+ng forward continuously with a shuddering aura!

The void beneath the golden wheel trembled and distorted!

It was as though nothing could stop the gigantic golden wheel!

Not even the 89 feet tall Zephyr Thunder Dharmic Body!


In the blink of an eye, the Great Vajra Wheel Seal collided against the Zephyr Thunder Dharmic Body!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

A jarring sound echoed from the Zephyr Thunder Dharmic Body as cracks appeared on its surface and spread continuously, covering its entire body instantly!

Its Dharmic powers drained rapidly!


The crowd was shocked!

The 89 feet tall Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic was shattered by a single Dharmic seal from Su Zimo as well!

Dao Lord Five Thunder was shocked and spat out an arrow of blood.

At the same time, the dozens of Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics that were more than 80 feet tall around Su Zimo moved at the same time and charged towards him.

Su Zimo’s gaze intensified as he channeled his Essence Spirit and conjured hand seals with both hands, conjuring terrifying Dharmic arts instantly!

Endless Dharmic powers surged towards Su Zimo.

Even the Dharmic powers of the Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics were forcibly drawn over by Su Zimo!

The Dharmic powers in Su Zimo’s hands were almost boiling!

“Great Mount Meru Seal!”



“Mighty Heavenly Dragon Transcendence!”

“Sea Burial Secret Skill!”

“Apocalyptic Fiend Fist!”

“… ”

Instantly, Su Zimo released more than ten terrifying top-grade Dharmic arts and collided against the Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics!


The void seemed to explode instantly!

A blinding semicircular light spread out suddenly with a heatwave. An incomparably domineering aftershock swept in all directions like a tornado!

The cultivators retreated.

Even some Conjoint Body Mighty Figures were shocked and retreated to avoid him!

Was that the power of a Dharma Characteristic?

Before long, the dust cleared.

In midair, there was only a figure in green robes. His black hair danced and his gaze was burning, emitting a powerful aura that swept through the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths like an emperor that was peerless!

More than ten Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics shattered!

Instantly, the entire Heaven and Earth Valley fell silent.

Everyone realized that Dao Lord Desolate Martial had suppressed all the paragons on the Dharma Characteristic Ranking singlehandedly!

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