Chapter 1298: Ma.s.sive Battle


The place fell into an uproar!

n.o.body expected Yan Beichen to attack.

Less than that, n.o.body expected the t.i.tular disciple of Asura Sect, the Asura of this generation, to fail to defend against a single slash from Yan Beichen!

“How ruthless! This is what it means to become an Asura through killing!”

“When the Asura goes crazy, he even kills cultivators of his own sect. He’s truly fearless and cold-blooded!”

Many cultivators discussed softly with wary expressions.

“Yan Beichen, what are you doing?!”

The Mighty Figure of Asura Sect was enraged and pointed at the sect cultivator who had just fallen, shouting, “I can ignore the fact that you killed him. The fight for the Asura has always been about killing. However, you’re not allowed to interfere in today’s matter!”

“Do you want to go against the entire cultivation world?!”


Yan Beichen replied indifferently.

“You… ”

The Mighty Figure of Asura Sect was speechless.

Su Zimo was probably the only one who could understand Yan Beichen’s emotions.

Qin Pianran died and the Hatred Fiend Saber acknowledged Yan Beichen as its master. He obtained the Hatred Sutra and inherited the entire legacy of the Fiend Emperor Hatred.

He hated the heavens for being blind and the earth for being heartless—he hated the entire cultivation world for refusing to let them off.

It did not matter even if he was enemies with the entire cultivation world!

If there was a single person in this world without fear and reservations, it would be the Asura, Yan Beichen!

Yan Beichen looked at Immortal Sword and said slowly, “Immortal Sword, I’ve waited for so long. You’re finally willing to come out.”

All these years, Yan Beichen had been waiting for an opportunity.

Although he inherited the Hatred Sutra, he did not lose his rationality.

If he killed his way into Sword Sect recklessly, not only would he not be able to take revenge for Qin Pianran, he would also die.

Yan Beichen had waited for almost a hundred years for this day!

He would definitely not miss this opportunity!

It was as Su Zimo thought—he would kill anyone who dared to stand in his way!

“Asura, even if you advance to the Conjoint Body realm, it’s impossible for you to kill me!”

The moment Yan Beichen attacked earlier on, Immortal Sword could already sense that Yan Beichen was already a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure!

However, on second thought, he knew that many major sects were gathered. Notwithstanding immortal sects like Chaos Essence Sect and Heavenly Dipper Sect, Sword Sect alone had more than 30 Conjoint Body Mighty Figures gathered this time round!

Yan Beichen was only at the early-stage Conjoint Body realm. Even if he was strong, how many Conjoint Body Mighty Figures could he defeat?

Furthermore, he was surrounded by experts of the Primordial Six Races!

Yan Beichen’s gaze s.h.i.+fted to Heavenly Secrets. “You were the one who divined our location and told it to Immortal Sword, right?”

He was no fool.

He had been wondering since a long time ago how his location with Qin Pianran was leaked.

There must be an expert behind it!

Right now, he had a guess when he saw Heavenly Secrets join forces with Immortal Sword.

“So what if I am?”

Heavenly Secrets still had a smile on his face.

“I once swore that I won’t let anyone related to Pianran’s death off!”

Yan Beichen said, “Heavenly Secrets, you’re next after Immortal Sword!”

The moment he said that, Yan Beichen’s figure flashed and vanished from the spot, turning into rumbling fiend qi that was pitch-black as ink that surged towards the Sword Sect faction!

“Senior brothers, help me stop him!”

Immortal Sword said with a calm expression.

Although he was a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure, his Essence Spirit was injured and he did not dare to fight Yan Beichen head-on. He could only ask for the help of other Mighty Figures in Sword Sect.

“Don’t worry, junior brother. He’s just a fiend at the early-stage Conjoint Body realm. There’s nothing to fear.”

A Mighty Figure of Sword Sect sneered and leaped into midair with his sword, slas.h.i.+ng down viciously at the fiend qi beneath!


The sword beam was resplendent and carried an extremely sharp edge, as though it wanted to slice the entire world into two!

The Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords present did not even manage to see how the Mighty Figure of Sword Sect attacked. They felt their eyes sting with just a mere glance from afar!

The might of a single slash was so terrifying!


The fiend qi beneath surged without dodging or retreating and devoured the sword beam directly!


The Mighty Figure of Sword Sect’s expression changed.

His sword was swallowed by a ball of fiend qi like a rock that fell into the ocean!

Instead, the ball of fiend qi became even more terrifying and floated rapidly, charging towards the Mighty Figure of Sword Sect!

“Startling Sword Dao!”

The Mighty Figure of Sword Sect hollered and waved the sword in his hands. Instantly, streams of sword qi burst forth in a breathtaking and sharp manner, piercing into the incoming fiend qi!

The fiend qi merely paused for a moment before extending upwards. Under countless gazes, it opened up a gigantic black hole and dragged the Mighty Figure of Sword Sect inside!


A tragic cry sounded from the fiend qi.

Immediately after, a corpse fell from the fiend qi.

The Mighty Figure of Sword Sect’s eyes were widened and his cheeks were filled with black blood threads. His gaze was filled with endless fear, as though he was immensely shocked before his death!

He died with grievances!

“Hatred Fiend Sutra?”

Heavenly Secrets focused his gaze and exclaimed slightly when he recognized the origin of the ball of fiend qi.

The expressions of the cultivators changed when they heard that.

The Fiend Emperor Hatred was way too famous in the cultivation world.

Among the emperors, the t.i.tle of the Fiend Emperor Hatred was not inferior to the Human Emperor!

“All of you, join forces! There’s no need to fight him alone!”

Immortal Sword reminded hurriedly.

Many Mighty Figures of Sword Sect reacted and struck as well.

Pshew! Pshew! Pshew!

Instantly, the entire world was enveloped by streams of extremely sharp sword qi and the void seemed to be sliced into pieces!

Sword Dao was the most lethal.

At the same time, Sword Sect was the place of pilgrimage for all sword cultivators.

The killing power released by more than 30 Mighty Figures of Sword Sect was imaginable, causing the cultivators present to shudder in fear!

Many Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords retreated, afraid that they would be implicated by the sword qi.

“Boundless Hatred!”

Suddenly, a hoa.r.s.e and deep voice sounded from the fiend qi.

Immediately after, a pitch-black saber appeared in the world. It was coiled with fiend qi and emitted endless hatred!

It was boundless and hated the entire world!

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

The Hatred Fiend Saber collided with many swords and let out a series of metallic sounds with sparks!

Right in front of everyone, more than 30 swords were repelled by the Hatred Fiend Saber!

Every single sword was tainted by a layer of faint black fog and their lights dimmed significantly. Their strength was greatly reduced and even their sharpness was retracted!


“The combat strength of the Asura is actually at this level? More than 30 Mighty Figures of Sword Sect can’t injure him!”

“Yan Beichen possesses the Asura Sutra and now, he inherited the Hatred Sutra. He’s probably even stronger than the Fiend Emperor Hatred back then!”

Sword Sect was in chaos.

Right then, Su Zimo had already made his move as well and charged towards Night Spirit!

“Stop him!”

“Desolate Martial, I’ve been watching you the entire time. Die!”

The Conjoint Body Mighty Figures of Chaos Essence Sect, Heavenly Dipper Sect, Zephyr Thunder Palace and the other immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects attacked one after another to suppress Su Zimo!

“Zimo, let me help you!”

At the final moment, Extreme Fire stood out still.

Although he had reservations, no matter what, Su Zimo saved his life!

If not for Su Zimo, Extreme Fire would have died a long time ago!

That reason alone was why Extreme Fire could not watch Su Zimo fight alone!

“Extreme Fire, I’m your opponent!”

Suddenly, a sinister and cold voice sounded not far away.

Immediately after, a figure blocked in front of Extreme Fire.

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