Chapter 1299: Terrifying Sword Art!

“Purple Flame!”

Extreme Fire’s gaze s.h.i.+fted onto the intruder and his eyes blazed with rage. “How dare you show yourself!”

Purple Flame was originally a cultivator of Hundred Refinement Sect and was Extreme Fire’s senior brother. Later on, he betrayed the sect and founded h.e.l.lfire Hall.

50 years ago, Extreme Fire led cultivators into h.e.l.lfire Hall and suppressed the group of cultivators with a thunderous might. Purple Flame was severely injured and escaped with his life!

In that battle, h.e.l.lfire Hall lost more than ten Conjoint Body Mighty Figures and hundreds of Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords—h.e.l.lfire Hall was destroyed overnight!

This battle could be considered as one of the rare few battles in the cultivation world in the past hundred years where Extreme Fire revealed his powerful methods to the cultivation world once again!

To think that the Purple Flame would appear in Heaven and Earth Valley after recovering from his injuries after dozens of years!

“Junior Brother, let’s end the feud between us today!”

Purple Flame had a sinister voice and a venomous gaze.


Extreme Fire’s gaze focused and his expression changed slightly.

Through his spirit consciousness detection, he discovered that Purple Flame was already at the perfected Conjoint Body realm!

50 years ago, Purple Flame was only at the late-stage Conjoint Body realm.

After the Conjoint Body realm, it was extremely difficult to break through every single minor realm.

Even with Extreme Fire’s talent, his cultivation had hovered around the early-stage Conjoint Body realm for more than a hundred years.

Furthermore, Extreme Fire had severely injured Purple Flame. In just a few decades, Purple Flame’s cultivation had broken through once more and he was at the perfected Conjoint Body realm?

It was not hard to imagine that Purple Flame must have obtained a tremendous fortuitous encounter to be able to cultivate to this stage and make a comeback.

“Surprised, right?”

Purple Flame noticed the shock in Extreme Fire’s eyes and grinned. “I’ve always been the loser in our fights. However, I’ll be the victor this time round! Furthermore, winning you once is more than enough. I won’t give you a second chance!”


Purple Flame’s glabella shone and a gigantic Weapon Tripod flew out. Under the tripod burned an extremely sinister h.e.l.lfire that charged towards Extreme Fire.


Extreme Fire summoned his Destiny Dharmic Weapon as well and a gigantic Weapon Tripod descended.

Raging flames burned on the tripod as well.

However, the flames of Extreme Fire were even more scorching and masculine, as though they could incinerate everything in the world!

Yin and Yang.

The two different flames collided violently!


With a loud bang, flames surged into the skies!

It was as though two blazing suns had collided and shot out fireb.a.l.l.s in all directions; there was even a fire rain in the skies!

This was the combat strength of Conjoint Body Mighty Figures!

Every single move could shake Heaven and Earth, crush mountains and crack rocks!

Extreme Fire had a grim expression.

In that collision, his Weapon Tripod actually retreated a little and was disadvantaged in terms of strength!

After all, there was a difference of three minor realms. Even if Extreme Fire cultivated the Scarlet Flame Heart Sutra, there was still a difference in Dharmic powers between them.

He frowned slightly with worry.

Strength was only one of the factors in a fight.

He specialized in the art of fire taming!

Although Purple Flame surpa.s.sed him in Dharmic powers, he was fearless and still confident that he could suppress Purple Flame!

He was worried about Su Zimo on the other side.

Right now, Yan Beichen had barged into the Sword Sect faction and was surrounded by more than 30 Mighty Figures.

He was entangled by Purple Flame and victory won’t be determined within a short period of time.

As for Su Zimo, he was going to have to face the Conjoint Body Mighty Figures of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects alone—he would be destroyed instantly!

“Young Master!”

Nian Qi exclaimed and charged forward without hesitation.

However, she was only at the Dharma Characteristic realm. Although she possessed the bloodline of the G.o.d race, she could only defend against two or three Conjoint Body Mighty Figures at most with her combat strength.

Right now, there were already more than 50 Conjoint Body Mighty Figures from the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects who stood out right away!

“Desolate Martial, you killed the t.i.tular disciple of Gla.s.s Palace and many paragons. I’ll make you pay with blood today!”

The Mighty Figure of Gla.s.s Palace hollered and struck all of a sudden!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Many Conjoint Body Mighty Figures attacked one after another and released earthshaking Dharmic arts. Mighty Figure Dharmic weapons tore through the air with terrifying might!

The entire void trembled!

The Dharmic arts of the 50 Conjoint Body Mighty Figures formed a surging Dharmic power ocean that seemed like it could devour everything!

Even Conjoint Body Mighty Figures would be shredded into pieces without a corpse, let alone Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords like Su Zimo and Nian Qi!

“Ah! Ah! Ahhhh!”

Roaring into the skies, Su Zimo conjured sword arts with both hands like a maniac and waved them wildly in all directions!

Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

A thousand Heaven Slaying Sword Qi burst forth instantly!

They were densely packed and surged with killing intent, as though they wanted to tear the world apart!

Many stars appeared in the firmaments.

The trajectories of those stars were extremely chaotic and collided!

When the heaven’s killing intent is released, the stars are s.h.i.+fted out of alignment!

Under normal circ.u.mstances, a single Heaven Slaying Sword Qi should be enough to threaten ordinary Conjoint Body Mighty Figures given Su Zimo’s current cultivation and combat strength.

Although the Conjoint Body Mighty Figures that attacked now came from super sects such as the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects and were all top-tier Conjoint Body experts, they felt their scalps tingle when they saw that!

What sort of a scene would it be if a thousand Heaven Slaying Sword Qi burst forth instantly?!


The 50 Conjoint Body Mighty Figures gasped.

Perhaps due to the illumination of the thousand Heaven Slaying Sword Qi or shock, the Conjoint Body Mighty Figures turned pale!

“I-Is that the power of a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord?”

The surrounding cultivators were already speechless.

Even the experts of the Primordial Six Races hidden in the crowd narrowed their gazes and took Su Zimo seriously for the first time, gradually putting away their contempt.

If they were in the same position, it would be difficult for them to receive the thousand Heaven Slaying Sword Qi singlehandedly!

The thousand Heaven Slaying Sword Qi collided with the Dharmic powers ocean formed by more than 50 Conjoint Body Mighty Figures!

The ocean was riddled with holes by the thousand sword qi and its Dharmic powers drained rapidly!

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Many Mighty Figure Dharmic weapons collided with the Heaven Slaying Sword Qi and sparks flew as they were repelled.

There were way too many Heaven Slaying Sword Qi!

Dozens of Heaven Slaying Sword Qi broke through the ocean of Dharmic powers and pierced towards the surrounding Conjoint Body Mighty Figures with endless sharpness!

Poof! Poof! Poof!

Some Conjoint Body Mighty Figures shrieked repeatedly after their bodies were pierced by the Heaven Slaying Sword Qi.

Some Conjoint Body Mighty Figures had half their bodies sliced off by a sword qi!

Instantly, limbs flew everywhere in midair as blood spewed into a mist.

These Conjoint Body Mighty Figures were considered lucky.

After all, Conjoint Body Mighty Figures had exuberant vitality and powerful blood qi—they could survive even if half their bodies were severed by the Heaven Slaying Sword Qi.

However, a few Conjoint Body Mighty Figures could not dodge in time and their heads were pierced by a few Heaven Slaying Sword Qi. Their Essence Spirits were destroyed and they died on the spot!

The crowd was shocked!

More than 50 Conjoint Body Mighty Figures joined forces and collided with a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord. However, some Mighty Figures ended up dying and many others were injured!

The Mighty Figures were in chaos!

“What sort of sword Dao is that? How is it so terrifying?!”

“I heard that it’s one of the three ancient sword arts, the Heaven Slaying Sword Art. Desolate Martial s.n.a.t.c.hed it from Immortal Sword!”

“No wonder.”

When he heard the discussions around him, Immortal Sword’s expression turned even darker.

However, he could no longer care about Su Zimo.

That was because he had yet to break free from Yan Beichen’s killing intent!

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