Chapter 1301: Supreme Dharma Characteristic!

“Since you guys want to know my combat strength, I’ll let you have your fill!”

Against the incoming Conjoint Body Mighty Figures, Su Zimo’s eyes lit up and a boom sounded from his body as three phantoms soared into the skies!

“Desolate Martial has indeed condensed three Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics. The rumors were not fake!”

“As expected of the number one monster incarnate in history. Even when they were at the Dharma Characteristic realm, the ancient emperors can’t compare to him!”

“Even if his combat strength is heaven-defying, it’s useless. Desolate Martial will definitely die if he wants to save the taboo living being! His cultivation path will come to an end here.”

The crowd discussed fervently.

However, those discussions faded before long.

Finally, the dense crowd fell into a dead silence!

The eyes of the cultivators were filled with endless shock as the three Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics rose continuously!

80 feet…

87 feet…

89 feet…

It did not stop!

90 feet!

Supreme Dharma Characteristic!

Furthermore, there were three of them!

Normally speaking, Conjoint Body Mighty Figures had already fused their Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics into their bodies and their auras were powerful.

Even if a Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic was dozens of feet tall and was indomitable, it could not compare to a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure in terms of aura.

However, it was different for a Supreme Dharma Characteristic!

A Supreme Dharma Characteristic stood in the void and was one with Heaven and Earth to begin with. It was like a divine being that had descended and emitted a terrifying aura that threatened everything!

A single Supreme Dharma Characteristic was enough to cause a stir in the cultivation world.

The mental and visual impact of three Supreme Dharma Characteristics was unimaginable for the cultivators!

It was not only the Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords present; even the Conjoint Body Mighty Figures that charged forward were shocked and their expressions changed!

How strong was it for someone to condense three Supreme Dharma Characteristics singlehandedly?

If that person were to fuse the three Supreme Dharma Characteristics into his body and advance to the Conjoint Body realm, how strong would he be?!

Many Conjoint Body Mighty Figures could not imagine it.

Or rather, they did not dare to think about it!

Initially, the experts of the Primordial Six Races were merely watching the entertaining show merrily.


The moment they saw the three Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics descend, the expressions of the experts of the Primordial Six Races changed as well!

The Golden Crow Third Prince narrowed his eyes and murmured with a s.h.i.+mmering gaze, “Interesting. There are three Supreme Dharma Characteristics!”

“This monster incarnate of the human race is very scary. If he grows up, he might not be inferior to the Human Emperor!”

The Mighty Figure of the Heavenly Eye race said slowly.

Rakshasa Feng Tian licked his lips, seemingly unconcerned. “There are many humans and they are as vast as ants. It’s only normal for one or two monster incarnates to be born.”

Even though he said that, the experts of the Primordial Six Races no longer had smiles on their faces. Their relaxed expressions from earlier on had vanished as well.

Although they were unwilling to admit it, they knew in their hearts that they might not be a match for Dao Lord Desolate Martial if he was at the same cultivation realm as them!

This was definitely not a good sign for the Primordial Six Races!

They were born strong and had n.o.ble bloodlines. At the same cultivation realm, they could sweep through the ten thousand races and suppress everything!

Apart from the ancient era where they lost to the Eternal Human Emperor, Fiend Emperor Hatred and other emperors, they had never felt threatened most of the time against enemies of the same cultivation realm.

However, they felt threatened by Desolate Martial!

Of course, the experts of the Primordial Six Races could still hold their ground.

After all, they had dozens of Conjoint Body Mighty Figures here and they were an entire major cultivation realm higher than Dao Lord Desolate Martial!

Once the human race was almost done with fighting, any single Mighty Figure would be able to settle everything!

On the battlefield.

Dark clouds gathered above the head of the Thunder Dharmic Body as it stood on a sea of lightning. Its body was coiled with blinding electric currents and it was domineering. Wielding a whip made from millions of lightning, it looked like a lord that looked down on the world with a torrential aura!

The Rulai Dharmic Body a.s.sumed a lotus position on a golden lotus platform with a dignified expression. It shone with a divine Buddhist light and lowered its head as a series of deafening Sanskrit sounds emanated from it!

The Heavenly Fiend Dharma Body was shrouded in fiend qi and its eyes were pitch-black. It was shuddering and wielded the Heavenly Fiend Scythe that was surrounded by an aura of death. It was like a G.o.d of death that had walked out of h.e.l.l and could reap the lives of any living being!


Su Zimo shouted.

The three Supreme Dharma Characteristics protected him in the middle and moved at the same time, charging towards Night Spirit who was locked in the distance!


The thunder whip danced and tore through the air, whipping a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure during his moment of paralysis!

The body of the Conjoint Body Mighty Figure was split into pieces and a blood mist spewed!


An Essence Spirit escaped from the battlefield in a panic and only managed to barely survive because it did not turn back.

The power of a Supreme Dharma Characteristic was enough to kill Conjoint Body Mighty Figures!

The Conjoint Body Mighty Figure was enraged and had an anguished expression, but there was nothing he could do.

Conjoint Body Mighty Figures had immense vitality and could regrow severed limbs. However, his physical body was shattered and could not be recovered!

Rebirth through blood was a power that only Mahayana realm cultivators possessed and it was a form of divine powers!


Blood gushed out from the battlefield!

A large head was severed by the Heavenly Fiend Scythe and the Essence Spirit within was corroded by the fiend qi before it could escape, dying on the spot!

When the Conjoint Body Mighty Figure who escaped initially saw that, he felt a sense of relief.

At the very least, he was still alive compared to that Mighty Figure!


The Rulai Dharmic Body conjured Dharmic seals with its palm and a huge shadow engulfed a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure, suppressing him beneath!

The Great Mount Meru Seal!

Before the Conjoint Body Mighty Figure could say anything, he was crushed into sludge by the Great Mount Meru Seal released by the Rulai Dharmic Body!

Two Conjoint Body Mighty Figures were killed in succession after the three Supreme Dharma Characteristics descended and unleashed their divine might!

“Everyone, don’t panic. A Supreme Dharma Characteristic is only a Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic at the end of the day. No matter how strong it is, there’s a limit!”

The Mighty Figure of Heavenly Dipper Sect said in a deep voice.

Even without his reminder, the other Mighty Figures calmed down.

Those who could cultivate to the Conjoint Body realm had experienced way too many battles in their lives—what had they not witnessed before?

Even if the appearance of Su Zimo’s three Supreme Dharma Characteristics managed to stun them momentarily and allowed him to kill two Mighty Figures, the remaining Conjoint Body Mighty Figures recovered in the blink of an eye.

If they were ordinary Conjoint Body Mighty Figures, they would indeed not be able to defend against the killing power of a Supreme Dharma Characteristic.

However, the Conjoint Body Mighty Figures present were all from super sects of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects. All of them were paragons and monster incarnates that ruled over a region!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Many Conjoint Body Mighty Figures attacked and many Mighty Figure Dharmic weapons tore through the air and descended. Countless Dharmic arts poured down and charged towards the three Supreme Dharma Characteristics!

The three Supreme Dharma Characteristics did not manage to protect Su Zimo for long before they stopped. They were restrained on the spot by the endless attacks of the Conjoint Body Mighty Figures and could not advance.

However, with the protection of three Supreme Dharma Characteristics, it was extremely difficult for many Mighty Figures to injure Su Zimo as well!

The three Supreme Dharma Characteristics waved a thunder whip, condensed Dharmic seals of the Buddhist monasteries and swung the Heavenly Fiend Scythe. They were like a divine being with three heads and six arms with incredible combat strength as they defended against the attacks of many Mighty Figures from the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects and looked down at the world in an unparalleled manner!

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