Chapter 1302: Fusion of Dharma Characteristics


Suddenly, more than ten tall black figures charged into the battlefield. They were filled with a foul stench and had menacing expressions with long fur!

Although the figures were in human form, they could no longer be called humans.

To be precise, these were more than ten battle corpses!

One of the five heretical doctrines, Corpse Refinement Cult, had attacked!

Three Conjoint Body Mighty Figures of Corpse Refinement Cult stood outside the battlefield and controlled more than ten terrifying battle corpses to charge towards Su Zimo’s three Supreme Dharma Characteristics!

Those battle corpses were not ordinary corpses. They were refined from the bodies of fallen Mighty Figures and their flesh and bones were incomparably strong!

Coupled with Corpse Refinement Cult’s secret skill, the battle corpses were already invulnerable to weapons, water and fire.

Although they could not release Dharmic arts, every single battle corpse carried immense poison and was filled with filthy qi!

A single hair on a corpse could easily poison a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord to death!

The most frightening thing was that the battle corpses would not feel pain or fear!

Against Su Zimo’s Supreme Dharma Characteristics, the other Conjoint Body Mighty Figures were still wary and clashed with Dharmic arts and weapons.

As for the dozens of battle corpses, they charged forward fearlessly.

Although they were repelled by the Supreme Dharma Characteristics such that their sternums were shattered, they felt nothing and charged forward time and again to fight against the Supreme Dharma Characteristics!

Those battle corpses would not die unless they were burned into ashes!

They were practically immortal!

The bodies of the Supreme Dharma Characteristics were inevitably tainted by a lot of filthy pus and their glow dimmed significantly.

Under the impact of many Conjoint Body Mighty Figures, the power of the Supreme Dharma Characteristics were draining rapidly!


When a Mighty Figure of Chaos Essence Sect saw that the outcome was determined, he could not help but laugh. “Desolate Martial, let’s see how long more your three Supreme Dharma Characteristics can last!”

“Fellow Daoists, this lad no longer has any means left. Today is the day to kill Desolate Martial!”

A Mighty Figure of Heavenly Dipper Sect shouted as well.

Many Mighty Figures responded in unison and their spirits were invigorated as their attacks turned even fiercer!

“Sigh, Desolate Martial lost in the end.”

“Three Supreme Dharma Characteristics. Even such an unparalleled monster incarnate in history failed to escape the fate of being suppressed.”

The cultivators lamented emotionally.

The outcome of the battle between Extreme Fire and Purple Flame had not been decided.

Although Extreme Fire had already taken control of the situation with his unparalleled fire taming techniques, Purple Flame’s Dharmic powers were immense and it would be difficult for Extreme Fire to suppress him completely within a short period of time!

He turned increasingly anxious when he saw the predicament and danger Su Zimo was in.

“Soaring Serpent Flame Deity!”

Extreme Fire hollered and condensed his spirit consciousness. A Soaring Serpent burning with flames burrowed out of his glabella and charged towards Purple Flame.

The fact that he activated an Essence Spirit secret skill was proof of how anxious he was!


Purple Flame’s expression changed.

The Soaring Serpent Flame Deity was an Essence Spirit secret skill from the Scarlet Flame Heart Sutra and ordinary Essence Spirit secret skills could not defend against it!


Suddenly, a blood beam shone from Purple Flame’s glabella.

A blood-colored saber tore through the air with an extremely evil aura, slas.h.i.+ng towards the incoming Soaring Serpent!

The two Essence Spirit secret skills collided silently.

However, an extremely terrifying spirit consciousness fluctuation was emanated!

A look of shock flashed through Extreme Fire’s face as he exclaimed, as though he recalled something, “That’s the Blood Refinement Fiend Sutra! To think that you would actually learn it!”

The blood saber was an Essence Spirit secret skill from the Blood Refinement Fiend Sutra and was recognized by Extreme Fire.

Instantly, Extreme Fire understood why Purple Flames’s injuries had not only recovered, the latter’s cultivation had increased greatly in the past dozens of years as well!

The origin of everything was the Blood Refinement Fiend Sutra!

This fiend technique was way too terrifying.

Back when Dao Lord Blood Fiend appeared out of nowhere, although he was only at the Dharma Characteristic realm, the impact and fear he had on the entire cultivation world was something that Conjoint Body Mighty Figures and Mahayana Patriarchs could not compare to!


Purple Flame did not refute and grinned. “You’re the only one allowed to have opportunities while I’m not allowed to have encounters myself?”


Purple Flame circulated the Blood Refinement Fiend Sutra and his eyes shone with a scarlet glint as he prepared to absorb the endless bloodlines that were spilling from the battlefield!

Extreme Fire’s heart sank.

He was once by Su Zimo’s side and knew very well about the power of the Blood Refinement Fiend Sutra.

If Purple Flame was allowed to absorb the bloodline of the battlefield, his power would recover within a short period of time and there was a high chance he could even break through!

Right now, most of the blood spilled on the battlefield came from Mighty Figures!

A single drop of blood from a Mighty Figure contained an unimaginable amount of energy!

Right then, Heavenly Secrets, who was initially fighting against the Asura, noticed this and retracted his smile. He glared at Purple Flame with a killing intent in his eyes!

All of a sudden!

Purple Flame’s expression changed!

He had just circulated the Blood Refinement Fiend Sutra and had only absorbed a few strands of bloodline when it felt as though he was being severed forcefully by some sort of power!

He could no longer sense the bloodlines on the battlefield, as though there was an energy barrier of sorts!

Although Extreme Fire did not know what happened to Purple Flame, he realized that this was an opportunity and struck without hesitation!

“Samadhi Dao Fire!”

Extreme Fire released the strongest Dharmic art of the Scarlet Flame Heart Sutra right away!

Using Essence, Qi and Spirit as Samadhi, Extreme Fire condensed a scarlet Dao fire that descended on Purple Flame’s head instantly!


Purple Flame roared and channeled the Dharmic powers in his body hurriedly, forming a sinister and cold h.e.l.lfire to fight against it.

However, there was no way the power of an ordinary h.e.l.lfire could compare against the Samadhi Dao Fire.

The moment the two flames clashed, victory was already decided!

Purple Flame’s clothes began to burn.

Before long, flames appeared on his hair as well!

When he saw that, the killing intent in Heavenly Secrets’s eyes faded gradually.

Heavenly Secrets frowned slightly with a hint of confusion.

On the other side.

A Mighty Figure of Poison Sect who was not directly involved saw the situation clearer and declared, “Everyone, victory is about to be decided on Extreme Fire’s side! If you guys can’t kill the lad right now, it’ll be even more difficult once Extreme Fire comes.”

“How about I poison this beast to death first?”

The Mighty Figure of Poison Sect said sinisterly.

“How dare you!”

Su Zimo hollered when he heard that.

The current situation was turning increasingly dangerous.

The experts of the Primordial Six Races had yet to appear and the longer things dragged on, the worse it would be for him!

He had to save Night Spirit as soon as possible!

However, he could not break through the defenses of many Mighty Figures with just three Supreme Dharma Characteristics, let alone approach Night Spirit and rescue the latter.

“Why wouldn’t I dare? You’re just a mere Dao Lord and you can’t even protect yourself. How dare you threaten me?”

The Mighty Figure of Poison Sect walked towards Night Spirit and sneered.

“How dare you heretical doctrines come and provoke me as well. I’ll bury all of you here today! None of you shall dream of returning alive!”

The killing intent in Su Zimo’s eyes intensified as he said slowly, “Dharma Characteristics, fuse!”


The three Supreme Dharmic Bodies suddenly blazed with flames.

The Thunder Dharmic Body burned with scarlet flames.

The Rulai Dharmic Body burned with golden flames.

The Heavenly Fiend Dharma Body burned with black flames!

The filth on the three Supreme Dharmic Bodies burned rapidly and dissipated, turning their Dharmic powers incomparably pure once more!

All three of them moved at the same time and fused together rapidly with the power of fire. They disappeared and formed a gigantic fireball that burned furiously with flames surging into the air!

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