Chapter 1304: Undefeated!

More than ten battle corpses were burned to ashes and some Conjoint Body Mighty Figures who could not dodge in time and were engulfed by the Caturadhi Dao Fire were even more unlucky!

In a few breaths, they were burned into nothingness by the Caturadhi Dao Fire and their bodies and Essence Spirits were destroyed!

Many Mighty Figures retreated instinctively in shock.

With a single thought from Su Zimo, the Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic strode towards Night Spirit with him right behind.

A Mighty Figure of Zephyr Thunder Palace that stood in his way had just summoned his Dharmic weapon when the Heavenly Fiend Scythe slashed down!


Sparks flew as the Heavenly Fiend Scythe collided with the Dharmic weapon!

The Mighty Figure of Zephyr Thunder Palace shuddered and the sound of bones and tendons cracking could be heard from his body. Before long, his arms collapsed limply.

A 99 feet tall Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic was more than a single level above a Supreme Dharma Characteristic in terms of strength!

Initially, many Conjoint Body Mighty Figures could restrict Su Zimo on the spot and suppress the three Supreme Dharma Characteristics steadily.

However, this fused Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic that surpa.s.sed the Extreme realm had a power that was completely above the Conjoint Body realm!


The Heavenly Fiend Scythe slashed down with the momentum and the Mighty Figure of Zephyr Thunder Palace was cleaved into two. His Essence Spirit was destroyed and he died!

Relying on his strong physique and shocking bloodline, a Mighty Figure of Diamond Monastery wielded an indestructible Diamond Staff and wanted to stop Su Zimo in his tracks.

Su Zimo’s Dharma Characteristic wielded the Creation Lotus Platform and smashed down on the head of the Mighty Figure of Diamond Monastery!


The Creation Lotus Platform collided with the Diamond Staff with a loud bang!

The Mighty Figure of Diamond Monastery cried out in pain and his palm was torn. Blood gushed out and his Diamond Staff flew from his hands.


He wanted to retreat, but Su Zimo’s Dharma Characteristic was faster and chanted Sanskrit. The Creation Lotus Platform crushed him into dust and blood splattered on the spot!

At the same time.

The other arm of the Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic waved and whipped another Conjoint Body Mighty Figure with the thunder whip that was blazing with raging flames!


The Conjoint Body Mighty Figure was whipped to death and his Essence Spirit was destroyed!

The 99 feet tall Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic released an unimaginable terrifying combat strength that even Mighty Figures from super sects could not defend against!

This was practically a supreme fiendcelestial that could sweep through everything!

Everywhere he pa.s.sed, many Mighty Figures were overwhelmed.

Blood dyed half the skies red—it was extremely tragic as Mighty Figures everywhere spilled blood!

Figures fell from midair one after another.

In the blink of an eye, more than ten Conjoint Body Mighty Figures died in the hands of Su Zimo’s Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic!

Even Heaven and Earth Valley was painted scarlet from the blood!

When he noticed that, the smile on Heavenly Secrets’s face seemed to deepen.

“What are you laughing at?”

When he saw the smile on Heavenly Secrets’s face, the hatred in Yan Beichen’s heart turned even more berserk and rich. It was as though he had returned to the bamboo forest of the Middle Continent, to the moment of Pianran’s death!

If not for the person before him, their location would not have been exposed.

If not for the person before him, Pianran would not have died!

“Since you jumped out yourself, I’ll kill you first!”

The fiend qi on Yan Beichen intensified and the Hatred Fiend Saber buzzed and trembled. His aura climbed once more and released endless pitch-black saber shadows towards Heavenly Secrets!

In that endless hatred, there was even a chilling killing intent!

Heavenly Secrets was alarmed.

It was no wonder why the Hatred Sutra was the number one fiend technique of the ancient era. The stronger the hatred in one’s heart, the more terrifying the hatred fiend qi and the stronger their combat strength!

Furthermore, Yan Beichen’s burst contained not only the power of the Hatred Fiend Sutra, but also the power of the Asura!

The fusion of the two fiend cultivation techniques formed a powerful saber intent of hatred and killing, engulfing Heavenly Secrets within!

Initially, Heavenly Secrets could still deal with Yan Beichen.

However, after Yan Beichen released this attack, Heavenly Secrets felt his scalp tingle as though a calamity was approaching!

“Not good!”

The smile on Heavenly Secrets’s face was gone and his expression darkened. “This saber intent is too strong, I can’t defeat it!”

He could already sense that the power of that saber intent had surpa.s.sed the limits of the Conjoint Body realm!

“Annihilation Mist!”

Heavenly Secrets hollered and rich Dharmic powers surged out of his body, forming gray mists around him.

His figure disappeared into the mist before long, vanis.h.i.+ng into the void!

Poof! Poof! Poof!

One after another, the hatred fiend qi and Asura fiend qi stabbed into the fog and it floated out rapidly, as though it was struck by an immense impact.

How terrifying was the saber intent created by the Hatred and Asura fiend techniques? It had already sealed all of Heavenly Secrets’s escape paths!

Heavenly Secrets had not expected that a single smile of his would incur Yan Beichen’s immense hatred and rage!

“What a lunatic!”

He lost his composure momentarily within the fog and cursed internally as a blood glint flashed through his eyes.

The saber intent was way too ferocious that he could not break free even with the escape techniques of Enigma Palace.

All of a sudden!

A blood beam flashed through the fog.

In a flash, the blood beam darted out from the gap between the combined Hatred and Asura fiend qi saber intent by a hair’s breadth!

The fog dissipated and Heavenly Secrets’s figure vanished.

The blood beam paused in the distance and revealed its true appearance—it was Heavenly Secrets who had escaped.

At that moment, Heavenly Secrets’s expression was terrible and a few bloodied wounds appeared on his body as he looked at Yan Beichen with lingering fear.

Yan Beichen’s expression was cold and he did not take the initiative to chase.

He knew very well that given Heavenly Secrets’s methods, if the latter chose to make use of this escape technique, it would be difficult for him to catch up in a short period of time.

He could not let Immortal Sword escape just to hunt down Heavenly Secrets!

Immortal Sword had to die today!

Yan Beichen turned around once more and charged towards Sword Sect.

If Su Zimo had seen what happened earlier on, he would have been shocked to discover that the escape technique Heavenly Secrets used was one he was extremely familiar with—Blood Escape!

“Purple Flame, you betrayed the sect and harmed your fellow sect mates. Today is the day you will be executed!”

On the other side, Extreme Fire hollered and channeled his Essence Spirit to its limits. The Samadhi Dao Fire intensified!

An endless stream of power of flames burned into Purple Flame’s body and bloodline!


Purple Flame reared his head and howled with a pained expression.

Flames spewed from his opened mouth and his flesh was split open as he was burned beyond recognition.

The reason for this was also because he had cultivated the Blood Refinement Fiend Sutra before. Otherwise, he would have been burned into ashes a long time ago.

However, he did not manage to absorb the power of bloodline from this place. As such, his Dharmic powers were exhausted and he could not hold on any longer. The Samadhi Dao Fire burned from inside out and engulfed him completely!

In midair, Purple Flame’s figure vanished, leaving a gigantic human-shaped fireball.

Gradually, the fireball lost all signs of life and turned into sparks that scattered down.

Extreme Fire had a conflicted expression when he saw that—he did not feel as happy as he thought he would.

Purple Flame was his senior brother after all!

In fact, he could even recall the scenes of Senior Brother Purple Flame leading him on the path of cultivation when he first joined Hundred Refinement Sect.

Who would have thought that as time pa.s.sed by, the two of them would grow further apart and reach a point where they were irreconcilable. In the end, Purple Flame died in his hands.

The path of cultivation was long and the affairs of the world were unpredictable—how many people could stick to their roots?

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