Chapter 1306: Immortal Sword’s Death


A golden light flashed and emitted a scorching aura. The temperature released by the golden light seemed to be even higher than the Samadhi Dao Fire!

It was extremely fast and circled around Su Zimo’s Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic.

Su Zimo’s Dharma Characteristic waved his six arms but could not grab the golden light!

Buzz! Buzz!

The Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic shuddered and a gigantic wound appeared on its chest—its Dharmic powers were drained!

However, this Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic had already surpa.s.sed the Extreme realm and its Dharmic powers were condensed. The Samadhi Dao Fire burned furiously and stopped the loss of Dharmic powers instantly.

The golden light paused and revealed its true appearance—it was the Golden Crow Third Prince.


The Golden Crow Third Prince laughed. “The flames on your Dharma Characteristic are truly interesting. It’s only slightly weaker than my Golden Crow flames.”

The Golden Crow race possessed the bloodline of the sun and their bodies burned with flames. They resided above the East Sea and beneath the Fusang Tree—they were divine birds of the primordial era!

Not only was the Golden Crow race extremely fast and not inferior to the Rakshasa race, they even possessed extremely terrifying golden flames that could incinerate all living beings!

None of the Conjoint Body Mighty Figures present dared to approach Su Zimo’s Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic, afraid that they would be tainted by the Samadhi Dao Fire.

However, the Golden Crow Third Prince was fearless!

Not only did he approach Su Zimo’s Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic, he even took the opportunity to reveal his Golden Crow feet and scratch a gigantic wound on the Dharma Characteristic’s chest!

Su Zimo’s Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic was blocked by just four experts of the primordial races.

The bloodline of the primordial races was strong and they were the oldest living beings. Conjoint Body Mighty Figures of the primordial races had combat strength comparable to Half-Martial Ancestors of the human race!

The strongest Conjoint Body monster incarnates among the primordial races with the purest bloodlines could even suppress Half-Martial Ancestors of the human race!

Although Su Zimo’s Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic had surpa.s.sed the Extreme realm, it could not defend against the power of a Half-Martial Ancestor!

Night Spirit was a hundred feet away.

Normally, a hundred feet was an extremely short distance.

But now, there were hundreds of beings from the primordial races in between and dozens of them were all Conjoint Body experts!

That hundred feet was like an insurmountable chasm!

“Immortal Sword, pay with your life!”

Right then, a roar sounded not far away!

Instantly, rumbling fiend qi surged into the skies, blotting out the skies and pitch-black as ink—the entire world dimmed!

Even the experts of the Primordial Six Races glanced sideways.

Under Yan Beichen’s killing intent, Immortal Sword was already covered in injuries and his face was ghastly pale.

Yan Beichen strode forward and slashed with the Hatred Fiend Saber in his hands. Instantly, it descended on Immortal Sword’s head with a torrential fiend qi as though it wanted to devour him into sludge!


Immortal Sword shrieked with a menacing expression as his features contorted. Gripping his sword with both hands, his sword buzzed and released six bedazzling Dharmic patterns that blocked the Hatred Fiend Saber.


The sound of metal clas.h.i.+ng echoed in an ear-piercing manner!

Sword and saber clashed while Yan Beichen and Immortal Sword stood motionlessly. Instantly, the world seemed to have stopped.


The sword was broken!

Immediately after, the wounds on Immortal Sword ruptured and spewed out blood mists. His eyes dimmed and his lifeforce drained rapidly!

Yan Beichen’s hateful slash destroyed all the lifeforce in Immortal Sword’s body!

That slash unleashed all the hatred in Yan Beichen’s heart all these years—Immortal Sword could not defend against it at all!

Even his Destiny Dharmic Weapon was severed by the Hatred Fiend Saber!

“Fufu, fufu…”

Immortal Sword’s mouth twitched as though he wanted to laugh. However, boiling blood flowed out of his mouth and let out a strange sound.

“E-Even if you kill me, y-you can’t r-revive that sl*t either!”

Immortal Sword had a deranged expression and stuttered, “Y-You’ve… lost! Haha! Hahaha!”

Immortal Sword’s laughter came to an abrupt stop as his entire body exploded into a blood mist. His body and spirit were destroyed without a corpse remaining!

Even though Immortal Sword knew that he was going to die, he did not want Yan Beichen to feel good before his death.

He was best at playing with people’s hearts. Otherwise, people like Qin Pianran and Dao Lord Cloud Rain would not have died in his hands.

His final words had indeed struck Yan Beichen’s sore spot.

“I’ve lost… I’ve lost…”

Although Immortal Sword was executed, Yan Beichen did not feel as happy as he had imagined.

He trembled with a pained expression and fell into endless guilt and self-blame. His mind seemed to have gone blank as he murmured to himself, “He’s right, Pianran. You can’t revive. It’s all my fault!”


When he saw that, the Golden Crow Third Prince sneered, “By the looks of it, that person is of no threat and isn’t worthy of us attacking.”

“That’s right. It’s just a second Hatred. He’s of no threat and will commit suicide sooner or later,” The Mighty Figure of the Heavenly Eye race said indifferently.

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat as he suddenly realized something.

The Hatred Sutra was indeed powerful. Yan Beichen inherited the legacy of the Fiend Emperor Hatred and his combat strength increased exponentially—he could be considered as the second Fiend Emperor Hatred!

However, what happened to the Fiend Emperor Hatred?

The deeper Yan Beichen cultivated the Hatred Sutra, the harder it would be for him to extricate himself.

Right now, he would only fall into this giddying pain when he thought about Qin Pianran.

As time pa.s.sed by, if he remained immersed in that pain, he would probably never regain his senses and make the same choice as Dao Lord Hatred.

He would commit suicide!

Su Zimo did not dare to think about it nor did he have the energy for now.

That was the danger that Yan Beichen might encounter in the future. Right now, the most important thing for Su Zimo was to rescue Night Spirit and escape from this place!

“Zimo, let me help you!”

Right then, Extreme Fire had just killed Purple Flame and sensed Su Zimo’s condition, rus.h.i.+ng over without hesitation.

“Watch out, master!”

Su Zimo’s expression changed as he reminded hurriedly.

Although Extreme Fire had just entered the Conjoint Body realm for more than a hundred years, his body had fused with a Supreme Dharma Characteristic and his Dharmic powers were strong. His combat strength was also at the top of the Conjoint Body realm!

Even against Conjoint Body Mighty Figures of super sects, Extreme Fire would not be disadvantaged.

But now, the people in front of Su Zimo were all experts from the primordial races and their combat strength had far surpa.s.sed the Conjoint Body realm!

A Mighty Figure of the Heavenly Eye race stood in midair with his hands behind his back motionlessly.

All of a sudden!

A crack appeared on the glabella of the Heavenly Eye Mighty Figure. It was as though an eye had opened and countless mysterious and powerful runes surged within, as though they contained the strongest power in the world!

The entire Heaven and Earth Valley trembled when that eye opened!

The mountain cracked and gravel rolled down!

The crowd was shocked!

What sort of power was that?

A single eye was enough to cause such a commotion!

A dark light shot out from the eye and arrived instantly!

The moment Extreme Fire moved, his heart skipped a beat and he felt a strong sense of danger. Without hesitation, he s.h.i.+elded his Destiny Dharmic Weapon, the Weapon Tripod, in front of him!

At the same time, a dark light descended with a destructive aura!


The dark light struck Extreme Fire’s Weapon Tripod with a loud bang!

Extreme Fire shuddered and his figure could not help but fly back as he spat out a huge mouthful of blood with a pale expression.

The first layer of his Weapon Tripod was penetrated by the dark light!

To be able to penetrate Extreme Fire’s Destiny Mighty Figure Dharmic Weapon with a single gaze, how terrifying was the power in that eye?!

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