Chapter 1307: You’re the One With a Death Wis.h.!.+

The reason why the Primordial Nine Races were called the Primordial Nine Races and ruled over the world was because every single one of them possessed extremely powerful inheritances and capabilities!

Humans were innately weak. Even in their prime, they might not be able to kill ferocious beasts.

However, it was different for the Primordial Nine Races.

When these races were born, they possessed innately powerful abilities!

For example, the Golden Crow race was born with three legs and could spread their wings and fly, wielding the Sun G.o.d Fire!

The Golden Crow race could even kill spirit beasts and demons with ease, let alone ferocious beasts!

The Dragon race was born with sharp fangs and claws and controlled the five elements.

Every race specialized in different abilities.

For example, although the Heavenly Eye race’s bloodline and physique were far superior to humans, they were only ranked in the middle of the Primordial Nine Races.

The strongest technique of the Heavenly Eye race was the eye on their glabella!

That eye was also known as the Heavenly Eye—the gathering spot of the strongest powers of the Heavenly Eye race!

That was also the origin of the name of their race, Heavenly Eye.

The visual technique of the Heavenly Eye race was the strongest among the ten thousand races!

Although it was only a dark light, it came from the Heavenly Eye. If it was any other Conjoint Body Mighty Figure, they would have died with a single glance from this Mighty Figure of the Heavenly Eye race!

Extreme Fire’s innate combat strength was top-tier among the human race.

However, he had just entered the Conjoint Body realm after all and was still far inferior to the Mighty Figure of the Heavenly Eye race who attacked.

Extreme Fire’s Destiny Dharmic Weapon was destroyed and that implicated and severely injured him. In fact, he fell from midair uncontrollably with a dispirited expression.


Dao Lord Scarlet Star exclaimed and rushed forward to protect Extreme Fire.

“Hurry and take master away from this place!”

Su Zimo immediately sent a voice transmission to Dao Lord Scarlet Star.

“Uncle-Master, but you…”

Dao Lord Scarlet Star had a hesitant expression.

“If you guys are dragged into this battle, even the entire Hundred Refinement Sect won’t be able to handle it! Leave quickly and don’t linger here!”

Su Zimo’s tone turned even more hurried!

Extreme Fire’s combat strength was greatly reduced after he was severely injured by a Mighty Figure of the Heavenly Eye race. Even if he stayed here, he could not help and might even distract Su Zimo.

At that thought, Dao Lord Scarlet Star finally made up his mind and hollered, “Hundred Refinement Sect, follow me!”

Hundred Refinement Sect was the first to retreat from the battlefield.

“Senior crane, leave with the cultivators of Ethereal Peak as well.”

Su Zimo sent another voice transmission.

For some reason, he felt uncomfortable, as though he had neglected something extremely important!

This Heaven and Earth Valley made him feel uneasy as well.

That uneasiness did not come from the Primordial Six Races!

“Dao Lord Desolate Martial, the fact that you’re able to condense a Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic that’s beyond the Extreme realm and is 99 feet tall is indeed unprecedented.”

G.o.d Han Ling said slowly, “However, you still have to die today!”

“In front of us Primordial Six Races, your bullsh*t Dharma Characteristic is nothing!” Rakshasa Feng Tian sneered with a menacing expression.

“The G.o.d and Rakshasa race truly have a bad memory.”

Su Zimo’s gaze was cold as he said murderously, “Seems like I haven’t killed enough of you guys in Myriad Phenomenon City. I wasn’t ruthless enough!”

Even against a group of beings from the primordial races, Su Zimo’s aura did not weaken at all!

Even Immortal Sword did not dare to say anything after being slapped on the cheeks by an expert of the primordial races.

However, Su Zimo could not conceal his killing intent against the Primordial Six Races!


“You’re asking for death!”

Experts from the Rakshasa and G.o.d race hollered.

G.o.d Han Ling’s expression darkened instantly.

“Ant Desolate Martial, you must have a death wis.h.!.+”

Rakshasa Feng Tian was enraged as well and shrieked.

The voice of the Rakshasa race was sharp and unpleasant.

The battle in Myriad Phenomenon City was an immense humiliation for the Rakshasa and G.o.d race.

In the cultivation world, the human race kept that battle a secret. However, it was widespread among the Primordial Nine Races and the Rakshasa and G.o.d race suffered immense gossip.

After all, it was not glorious to lose to the humans and be completely annihilated.

“You’re the one with a death wis.h.!.+”

Suddenly, a cold voice sounded from the crowd.

Immediately after, a figure that was more than 30 feet tall appeared. It shone with a scarlet glow and emitted a scorching aura as it descended behind Rakshasa Feng Tian.

The figure was extremely fast and came out of nowhere. Even the experts of the Primordial Six Races on the battlefield could not react to it, let alone the surrounding cultivators.

“Who’s there?!”

Many experts of the primordial races only managed to shout in time but they could not make out the figure’s appearance clearly—they could only make out a rough outline.

The scarlet figure arrived behind Rakshasa Feng Tian and extended its palm without hesitation, revealing sharp claws that s.h.i.+mmered coldly as it grabbed the latter’s head!

Rakshasa Feng Tian was alarmed and felt his scalp tingle. Without thinking twice, he flapped his wings and fled into the distance!

The speed of the Rakshasa race was way too fast.

They were one of the fastest among the Primordial Nine Races!

In that split second, Rakshasa Feng Tian transformed into a black streak of light and tried to break free from the envelopment of that menacing claw!

All of a sudden!

The arm of the figure crackled and expanded by three feet. Instantly, it caught up to Rakshasa Feng Tian and grabbed down once more!


A blood mist spewed out!


Rakshasa Feng Tian shrieked tragically.

His reaction was fast enough and he had already pushed his movement technique to its limits.

Even so, the figure caught up to him and tore apart one of his meat wings with its sharp claws! A large piece was ripped off and fresh blood spurted!

That scene was extremely tragic!

Even the experts of the Primordial Six Races gasped.

Even with the speed of Rakshasa Feng Tian, he could not escape unscathed. If that figure had attacked any of them earlier on, who would have survived?

The moment that thought crossed their minds, another change happened on the battlefield.

The scarlet figure did not stop even after it ripped Rakshasa Feng Tian’s meat wing! It continued upwards with its momentum and suddenly coiled its three foot tall body that resembled an anaconda around the latter!

Its blood qi surged and it exerted strength!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The sound of bones cracking could be heard from within Rakshasa Feng Tian’s body!

Under countless gazes, Rakshasa Feng Tian’s body was squeezed into a completely contorted shape!

Rakshasa Feng Tian’s eyeb.a.l.l.s bulged out and his face was bloodshot. With a purple and green expression, his blood qi dissipated rapidly!

At the Conjoint Body realm, one could regrow their limbs.

Even if his body was severely injured, there was still a chance for him to recover after some time to recuperate.

However, at that moment, Rakshasa Feng Tian was bound by the scarlet figure. No matter how fast he was, he could not break free and was even enduring immense pain!


An Essence Spirit burrowed out of the top of the Rakshasa’s head and tried to flee into the distance with a panicked expression.


Suddenly, the scarlet figure opened its mouth and spat out a tongue of flames, pulling the Essence Spirit into its mouth and burning it to ashes in the blink of an eye!

Rakshasa Feng Tian was dead!

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