Chapter 1308: Dragon True Body

The moment Rakshasa Feng Tian died, Heaven and Earth Valley fell into a dead silence!

This scene was much more shocking than the death of a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure of the human race!

Conjoint Body experts of the Primordial Six Races could suppress Mighty Figures of the human race with ease. Even a monster incarnate of the human race like Extreme Fire was severely injured by a single move from a Mighty Figure of the Heavenly Eye race.

But now, a Mighty Figure of the primordial races was killed by an unknown living being in a flash right in front of everyone!

“Who is that?”

“Who else would dare to help Desolate Martial and even kill an expert of the Rakshasa race? His methods are way too ruthless! Could it be a Half-Martial Ancestor or a Mahayana Patriarch?”

All the cultivators looked over and were stunned.

To be precise, the scarlet figure could not be considered as a human at all. More than 30 feet tall, its scarlet hair was like flames and it was covered in scarlet scales that wrapped around its cheeks, revealing only a pair of bright eyes that resembled two fireb.a.l.l.s!

It was definitely from an alien race!

The knuckles on its gigantic claw protruded like molten steel and were filled with a metallic l.u.s.ter. Its claws were extremely sharp and were even dripping with the grisly blood of Rakshasa Feng Tian!

The strange thing was that only the left hand of the alien being had this menacing claw. Its right hand was extremely fair and looked no different from a human hand.

The scarlet figure emitted an extremely violent aura and its blood qi surged—it was not disadvantaged even against the Primordial Six Races!

Many cultivators looked at the scarlet-haired alien being and felt as though they were looking at one of the primordial races!

“Could that outsider be one of the Primordial Nine Races as well?”

“That can’t be, right? There doesn’t seem to be any race from the Primordial Nine Races that looks like this?”

“This outsider looks a little like a dragon!”

“Eh? Now that you mention it, I seem to have recalled something.”

A cultivator reminisced. “I heard that back in Myriad Phenomenon City, Desolate Martial transformed into a dragon and killed the alien races. He seemed to be in this half dragon form!”

“You mean to say that this outsider is Desolate Martial? That’s impossible!”

The thought was truly ridiculous. Dao Lord Desolate Martial stood at the side with his green robes and black hair, extremely different from the scarlet-haired alien before them.

If that scarlet-haired alien was Desolate Martial, who was the green-robed, black-haired one?

Could it be a clone of Dao Lord Desolate Martial?

In reality, some of the cultivators had already guessed the truth.

That scarlet figure was the Dragon True Body!

The moment the Dragon True Body appeared, he did not hold back at all and appeared in his half dragon form right away when he faced the experts of the Primordial Six Races!

Su Zimo’s expression did not change when he heard the discussions around him.

He did not care about the exposure of his Dragon True Body at all.

Even if everyone in the world knew that he had a Dragon True Body, it would not matter and the Dragon race would not be implicated because of it.

That was because no one knew that this Dragon True Body was the young master of the Dragon race!

No one would have expected that a half dragon alien would become the young master of the Dragon race!

Of course, that was not an absolute as well.

Someone from the Primordial Six Races had doubts.

Wu Xie narrowed his eyes and shone with a faint green glow in deep thought.

Back then, the battle between the Dragon True Body and Long Cang happened after Wu Xie left.

Therefore, he had not seen the appearance of the Dragon True Body when it transformed into a half dragon and naturally did not recognize it right away.

However, Wu Xie had lived for so long and was experienced and sharp. He could vaguely sense that the scarlet-haired alien with dragon scales before him had something to do with the young master of the Dragon race that he had seen in the Dragon Bone Valley!

“Where did this beast come from?!”

The Mighty Figure of the Heavenly Eye race said coldly.

The Golden Crow Third Prince sniffed gently. “Indeed, this beast has the bloodline aura of the Dragon race. He’s probably a remnant b.a.s.t.a.r.d left behind by the Dragon race!”

“Fufu, I thought that it was some powerful character,”

G.o.d Han Ling smiled gently. “So, he’s only at the Dharma Characteristic realm. Rakshasa Feng Tian was careless and has no one but himself to blame for his death.”

Those words were not wrong.

If the Dragon True Body had not appeared all of a sudden such that Rakshasa Feng Tian was caught off-guard, he would not have been killed in a flas.h.!.+

Right then, a breeze blew and two pitch-black beams of light appeared at an extremely fast speed, hiding behind the Dragon True Body silently.

The two beams of light that suddenly appeared were two Dharma Characteristic Rakshasas!

The two Rakshasas could not hold it back any longer and wanted nothing more than to take revenge for Rakshasa Feng Tian. As such, they sneaked over and raised their curved sabers, chopping towards the head of the Dragon True Body!

Right in front of them, the scarlet-haired being did not even turn back, as though he did not notice anything.

A ferocious glint flashed through the eyes of the two Rakshasas!

It was as though they were witnessing the grisly scene of the scarlet-haired being’s head tumbling and a fountain of blood spewing!

However, they did not know that their movements could not be hidden in the face of the Dragon True Body’s spirit perception!

“You must have a death wis.h.!.+”

All of a sudden!

The Dragon True Body spat out two words and swung his arm in reverse without turning back. Like a divine elephant’s trunk, it whipped a Rakshasa with the might of stars!


Before the Rakshasa could say anything, he was ripped apart and his blood stained the void!

What sort of strength was it to be able to shatter the body of a Rakshasa with a casual punch?!

The other Rakshasa was shocked. Before he could think further, a dragon claw had already grabbed his curved saber with a loud crack!

The curved saber was shattered into pieces by the menacing dragon claw!


He reached out with his dragon claw and grabbed the Rakshasa’s head, crus.h.i.+ng the latter’s Essence Spirit and killing him on the spot!

In the blink of an eye, two more Rakshasas died!

“Where did this monster come from? He is killing the Rakshasa race as easy as killing ants?”

“We’ve never seen the combat strength of that taboo called Night Spirit before. However, in my opinion, this scarlet-haired being is the true taboo!”

The crowd was speechless.

The current situation of the Dharma Characteristic Ranking this time round had probably exceeded everyone’s expectations.

All the cultivators were staring at the battlefield and none of them noticed that Heavenly Secrets, who was not far away, had a faint smile on his face and a strange blood glint in his eyes. The wounds on his body had already recovered to normal.

“This beast is interesting,”

The Golden Crow Third Prince frowned. “He can kill the Rakshasa race with ease despite being of the same cultivation realm?”

The Mighty Figure of the Heavenly Eye race raised his brow. “The Rakshasa race of this generation seems a little weak.”

“Is that so?”

The Dragon True Body’s aura was berserk as he shouted, “I’ll test out the methods of your Heavenly Eye race then!”

The reason why the Dragon True Body came was to kill the experts of the primordial races and would not waste his breath on them.

Furthermore, this Heavenly Eye race being had just injured Extreme Fire severely—the reason why the Dragon True Body targeted him was also to take revenge for Extreme Fire!


The Mighty Figure of the Heavenly Eye race frowned and said coldly, “You must have a death wish. How dare you challenge me?”

“You’re the one I’m going to kill!”

Before his sentence was finished, the Dragon True Body had already arrived before the Heavenly Eye race.

The Mighty Figure of the Heavenly Eye race had a grim expression.

It was only at that moment that he sensed the violent and scorching aura released by the Dragon True Body. It was as though he wanted to tear everything apart and incinerate all living beings!

“This is bad! This beast’s blood qi is way too strong!”

The Mighty Figure of the Heavenly Eye race was alarmed.

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