Chapter 1311: Unexpected Calamity

Although the Primordial Nine Races possessed heaven-defying combat strength and reigned through history, the strength, bloodline and physique that each race specialized in were different.

The difference in lifespan between the races was immense as well!

For example, among the Primordial Nine Races, the Dragon and Kun races had the longest lifespans while the Blood Vine race had the shortest lifespan!

The Blood Vine race were plants cultivated into spirits. Coupled with the treacherous environment of the primordial era, they evolved many cruel methods to absorb the essence of the flesh and blood of living beings, allowing them to develop into a ma.s.sive race.

However, at their base, the Blood Vine race did not possess long lifespans and were similar to the human race.

In other words, the Dao Lords of the Blood Vine race present only had a lifespan of around 10,000 years!

Even a Mighty Figure of the Blood Vine race only had a lifespan of more than 20,000 years.

Although the other races were also losing their lifespans within the range of Barren, they could still hold out.

For example, some Mighty Figures of the G.o.d race had already escaped from the envelopment of Barren with their powerful bodies and blood qi.

However, for the Blood Vine race, the damage caused by Barren was way too much and could be considered as fatal!

The Blood Vine race was rooted underground and relied on their vines to fight against others. Unable to move, they were enveloped by Barren and could only watch as their lifespans decreased rapidly!

Some of the Dao Lords of the Blood Vine race that were closer to Su Zimo had lifespans of more than 10,000 years and died after a few breaths!

A thousand years per breath—that was 10,000 years in 10 breaths!

Most of the Mighty Figures of the Blood Vine race that were here were more than 10,000 years old—how many breaths could they withstand?

Even if some Mighty Figures of the Blood Vine race reacted and took on human form, they had to fight with their full strength to escape from the radius of Barren. Their lifespans were reduced significantly as well as their faces aged rapidly due to their weakened blood qi!

“How could this be!”

A Mighty Figure of the Blood Vine race fled far away. When he sensed the situation within his body, his eyes widened and he shrieked in disbelief, “I’ve already left the range of this Dharmic art but my lifespan can’t be recovered?!”

“This Dharmic art is way too domineering and consumes lifespan irreversibly!”

G.o.d Han Ling had already escaped as well and said with lingering fear.

Normally speaking, their cultivation realms were above this scarlet-haired alien. However, even they wanted to avoid that Dharmic art!

The Blood Vine race shuddered when they saw their clansmen die one after another. Perhaps out of anger or fear, they grit their teeth and said, “We have to kill that scarlet-haired alien!”

“This beast is even more terrifying than that Dao Lord Desolate Martial!”

The Golden Crow third prince added sternly.

“Kill! Kill!”

A few Mighty Figures of the Blood Vine race lost their lifespans. In their wrath, their killing intents surged and countless blood vines extended, charging into the crowd!

Every human face on top of the blood vines opened their mouths and chomped down on the head of a cultivator as their fangs constricted.

In the blink of an eye, the human cultivator was devoured and turned into rumbling lifeforce essence that replenished the blood qi of the Mighty Figure of the Blood Vine race!

This was a catastrophe for the cultivation world of the major sects and factions!

It was difficult for most cultivators to defend against the ma.s.sacre of the Blood Vine race.

The vines danced and could even seal off all escape routes, trapping and devouring the cultivators within!

In that short period of time, even a few Conjoint Body Mighty Figures were not spared and were devoured by a Mighty Figure of the Blood Vine race without a corpse left!

The crowd was in chaos.

This was an unexpected calamity.

Countless cultivators had horrified expressions as they shrieked, cursed and fled for their lives!

They had not expected that the primordial races that were initially hunting down Dao Lord Desolate Martial would suddenly turn towards them and start a ma.s.sacre!

The ancient war was way too distant.

Most human cultivators had already forgotten that the reason why the primordial races received their t.i.tle was because they possessed heaven-defying combat strength and were fearless and frighteningly savage!

Joining forces with a primordial race was equivalent to asking a tiger for its skin!

Without absolute strength, one might find themselves allies with the primordial races at one moment and food for the latter immediately after!

The Blood Vine race went on a ma.s.sacre, regardless of sect, aristocratic family or upper sects.

Even the paragons and monster incarnates of super sects were like ants in their eyes!

At that moment, be it Heavenly Dipper Sect, Sword Sect, Zephyr Thunder Palace or Chaos Essence Sect, all of them had cultivators that were dead!

When Su Zimo saw that, his expression was cold and he was unmoved.

Earlier on, these super sects had a torrential aura and declared that they wanted to kill him and Night Spirit here. In the blink of an eye, they were in such a state—they brought it upon themselves!

Even if the lifespan reduction at the outer perimeter of Barren was extremely slow, no primordial race would be willing to step in and waste their lifespans for no reason.

He managed to push back experts of the Primordial Six Races with the might of Barren!

In a flash, Su Zimo’s 99 feet tall Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic guarded him and arrived beside Night Spirit swiftly, wanting to help the latter up.

However, when he grabbed Night Spirit’s arm and lifted it, the latter couldn’t be moved!

Although the Green Lotus True Body was not as strong as the Dragon True Body that had a frightening bloodline, its strength was not to be underestimated as well!

It could lift an entire mountain, let alone Night Spirit!


Night Spirit’s expression changed and he grunted.

Su Zimo focused his gaze.

His tug did not manage to pull Night Spirit up. Instead, it triggered the chains on Night Spirit.

The iron hoop tightened and the spikes pierced through Night Spirit’s flesh once more, causing blood to flow out!

Su Zimo was anxious.

If he wanted to save Night Spirit, he had to break the chains!

Although Barren was terrifying, the Dharmic powers on the side of the Dragon True Body were not endless and could not sustain much longer!

The experts of the Primordial Six Races stood guard at the outer perimeter, ready to attack once more after Barren dissipated!

Up till this point of the battle, more than a hundred beings of the primordial races had fallen!

However, most of them were Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords.

Not many Mighty Figures of the primordial races died.

In other words, Su Zimo and Night Spirit would still be doomed if the experts of the Primordial Six Races surrounded them once more!

Su Zimo said in a deep voice, “Night Spirit, bear with it. I’ll try and break this chain!”

Night Spirit pursed his lips and nodded.

Su Zimo gripped the Creation Lotus Platform tightly and smashed it towards the chains on Night Spirit!


Sparks flew everywhere!

Su Zimo shuddered and felt a tremendous recoil surge into his body. His palm went numb and the Creation Lotus Platform nearly flew out of his hands!


When he saw that, G.o.d Han Ling could not help but laugh. “Desolate Martial, don’t do such useless things! This Heavenly G.o.d Lock is a great treasure of the G.o.d race. Even Dharma treasures can’t shatter it. Your Creation Lotus Platform is much inferior!”

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