Chapter 1312: Shocking Phenomenon!

Even when the experts of the Primordial Six Races saw Su Zimo arrive beside Night Spirit, they did not panic.

That was because they knew that as long as the Heavenly G.o.d Lock could not be unlocked, Night Spirit could not leave this place!

Su Zimo knew that it was not because the Creation Lotus Platform was not strong enough. It was because the original Creation Green Lotus was destroyed and now, there was only a single lotus platform left—the difference in strength was naturally much greater.

“I don’t believe that I can’t break a lousy lock!”

With a single thought from Su Zimo, his Dragon True Body had already sensed it. Sensing that he did not have much Dharmic powers left in his body, he no longer released Barren and his glabella opened up with a Bronze Square Tripod.

This Bronze Square Tripod was obtained by Su Zimo in the Great Qian Ruins and its origin was unknown.

Although the tripod was filled with cracks and was destroyed, its broken body was incomparably tough and no divine weapon could hurt it!

Su Zimo had used this Bronze Square Tripod before in Myriad Phenomenon City and many cultivators had seen it before.

After summoning the Bronze Square Tripod, his relations.h.i.+p with the Dragon True Body would be affirmed and could not be hidden anymore.

However, there were no other options at the moment and he could only use the Bronze Square Tripod to try!

The blood qi within the Dragon True Body surged as he raised the Bronze Square Tripod and smashed it towards the Heavenly G.o.d Lock with all his might!


There was a deafening sound.

The Heavenly G.o.d Lock was intact and released a bedazzling golden light instead. The powerful recoil almost flipped the Dragon True Body over!

How strong was the physique and bloodline of the Dragon True Body?

Even so, his entire arm was numb from the shock and his bloodline was not working.

Night Spirit’s neck and limbs were pierced by many more spikes and fresh blood gushed out. However, he grit his teeth and did not make a single sound!


G.o.d Han Ling said proudly, “There’s no way a piece of sc.r.a.p metal like yours can touch a treasure of the G.o.d race. The stronger you are, the stronger the recoil from the Heavenly G.o.d Lock!”

The moment he said that, G.o.d Han Ling and the other experts of the Primordial Six Races closed in once more.

Without Barren, the experts of the Primordial Six Races no longer had any reservations. All of them glared at Su Zimo, the Dragon True Body and Night Spirit in the center of the battlefield with murderous auras.

The situation was turning increasingly dire!

If they could not tide through this, all three of them would have to die here!

“Eh? That Bronze Square Tripod looks familiar.”

“I heard that Dao Lord Desolate Martial once used that tripod to fight against the G.o.d race leader in Myriad Phenomenon City.”

“What’s the relations.h.i.+p between this scarlet-haired alien and Dao Lord Desolate Martial?”

Some cultivators had already noticed something unusual.

Su Zimo narrowed his eyes and thought of a strategy.

The more dangerous it was, the more he had to maintain his composure!

Right then, a deep and hoa.r.s.e voice sounded in Su Zimo’s ears, “Zimo, back off!”

It was Yan Beichen!

Instinctively, Su Zimo retreated and looked at Yan Beichen.

At that moment, Yan Beichen had already snapped out of his self-reproach and hatred. Wielding the Hatred Fiend Saber, he strode over with pitch-black eyes and a torrential fiend qi!

Su Zimo’s heart stirred.

G.o.d Han Ling had once said that even a Mahayana Patriarch’s Dharma treasure could not shatter the Heavenly G.o.d Lock.

However, the Hatred Fiend Saber was not a Dharma treasure—it was an emperor weapon that was even stronger than that!

An emperor weapon was once wielded by an emperor!

Yan Beichen did not make any motions and raised his saber to slas.h.!.+

The Hatred Fiend Saber transformed into a black streak of light and slashed towards the Heavenly G.o.d Lock.

At the same time, the experts of the Primordial Six Races arrived and attacked one after another.

“Desolate Martial, let’s see what else you have!”

“Let’s kill that scarlet-haired beast first and see what it truly is!”

The experts of the Primordial Six Races roared murderously with pent-up frustrations.

As primordial races, none of them had suffered such a loss before—they were forced back by a single Dharmic art!

At that moment, Yan Beichen attacked and slashed towards the Heavenly G.o.d Lock.

Su Zimo’s 99 feet tall Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic was already covered in injuries after the battle and could not defend against the experts of the Primordial Six Races.

The eyes of the Dragon True Body burned brightly and his blood qi surged. A tsunami sound echoed as his aura rose continuously!


“Tsunami Blood!”

“What powerful blood qi!”

The experts of the Primordial Six Races felt their hearts skip a beat as well.


G.o.d Han Ling had a fearless expression as he said coldly, “It’s just Tsunami Blood. What’s there to fear? My bloodline has also been cultivated to this point!”


The sound of a tsunami echoed from G.o.d Han Ling’s body as well as his blood qi surged with a terrifying might!

However, the aura of the Dragon True Body was still rising rapidly without any signs of stopping!

Scarlet demonic qi rumbled around the Dragon True Body and ancient demon kings with shuddering gazes were swiftly conjured one after another from the blazing flames!

Wild Bovine Demon King!

Stone Bear Demon King!

Anaconda Demon King!

Sanguine Ape Demon King!

Divine Steed Demon King!

h.e.l.l Tiger Demon King!

Wind Leopard Demon King!

Desolate Ocean Dragon King!

Sea Calming Turtle!

The nine demon kings were born from the flames and descended one after another. They were filled with a powerful aura and had sharp claws and fangs. Their demon eyes shone with a violent glint as they circled around the Dragon True Body!

Although there were only nine demon kings, they were not disadvantaged in terms of aura against the encirclement of the experts of the Primordial Six Races!

“Bloodline phenomenon?”

The cultivators who fled far away could not help but turn back when they sensed the commotion and their expressions changed!

“It’s Desolate Martial! That scarlet-haired being is definitely Dao Lord Desolate Martial!”

The Bloodline phenomenon was way too shocking and Su Zimo was the only one in Tianhuang Mainland who had released it before.

Although the Bloodline phenomenon before them seemed to have two more terrifying demon kings than the crowd knew, everyone knew that apart from Dao Lord Desolate Martial, no one else could cultivate such a phenomenon!

“Could that scarlet-haired alien be a clone of Dao Lord Desolate Martial?!”


At the thought of that possibility, the cultivators gasped.

That was way too terrifying!

A single Dao Lord Desolate Martial was already so powerful.

Furthermore, the combat strength of that scarlet-haired alien was even more terrifying!

If they were the same person, what sort of existence was that?

“It’s really possible!”

A cultivator said sternly, “Don’t forget that Dao Lord Desolate Martial’s Dragon race bloodline vanished completely after the battle at the Dao Inheritance Ground. From the looks of it, there’s a high chance that he condensed this clone using the bloodline of the Dragon race!”

“As expected of the strongest monster incarnate in history!”

On the battlefield.

The experts of the Primordial Six Races were shocked as well!

The Bloodline phenomenon of the nine demon kings before them was no less shocking than the Barren Dharmic art!

Was that a Bloodline phenomenon?

What sort of Bloodline phenomenon would create such a huge commotion such that nine incomparably violent demon beasts would be released?!

Many of those demon beasts were from the most ordinary races.

However, when they looked at the demon beasts, even the Mighty Figures of the Primordial Six Races felt their hearts skip a beat!


Right then, the Dragon True Body opened its mouth and the nine demon kings opened their mouths at the same time, releasing a deafening roar!

The world went silent!

The experts of the Primordial Six Races were so shocked that they lost their voices and even forgot to breathe!

The Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords of the primordial races closest to the roar could not withstand it and bled from all seven orifices. Their Essence Spirits were destroyed and they died on the spot with their corpses falling from midair!

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