Chapter 1315: Another Wave

Su Zimo channeled his Dharmic powers and injected it into the damaged beast hide. The formation patterns shone brightly and released a mysterious energy fluctuation!

“Brother Yan, Immortal Sword is dead. Leave this place with me first!”

Su Zimo persuaded again.

More than half of the experts of the Primordial Six Races had already died. However, there were more than 300 remaining and there were more than 20 Mighty Figures among them!

Even Yan Beichen could not defend against that power!

Furthermore, Heavenly Secrets had already vanished in the chaos and his whereabouts were unknown. It was extremely dangerous for Yan Beichen to stay here as well and it would be better for him to leave with Su Zimo.

Yan Beichen frowned slightly and hesitated.

Although Immortal Sword was already dead, there were still many more people that he wanted to kill!

Immortal Sword’s death alone was not enough to compensate for Qin Pianran’s death!


Right then, Su Zimo’s expression changed.

The formation patterns on the beast hide were completely activated and rich Dharmic powers lingered around it. However, it seemed like it was met with a powerful obstacle and could not be condensed.

“How could this be?”

Su Zimo’s expression changed slightly.

Although this was the first time he activated this formation, he had already comprehended it completely back in the Dao Inheritance Ground and there was no way he would make a mistake!


The Golden Crow Third Prince laughed in an extremely smug manner.

“Desolate Martial, don’t think about spatial teleportation. The s.p.a.ce here has long been sealed by us and you can’t escape!”

He roared.

Heavenly Secrets, who was hidden in the crowd, smirked with a mocking expression.

It was his idea to seal the s.p.a.ce of Heaven and Earth Valley.

Initially, when they heard that suggestion, the experts of the Primordial Six Races thought nothing of it nor did they care.

In their opinion, there was no need for them to mobilize such a large force against a puny human cultivator, even if he was the strongest monster incarnate in history.

How could hundreds of experts of the primordial races not suppress a Dharma Characteristic of the human race?

Under Heavenly Secrets’s persistence, he persuaded the Golden Crow Third Prince and the others to join forces with him to seal the s.p.a.ce of Heaven and Earth Valley!

Back in the Dao Inheritance Ground, Su Zimo used a Major Transference Talisman to escape and survive from a Half-Martial Ancestor.

Heavenly Secrets would definitely not make the same mistake.

Su Zimo’s heart sank when he heard the Golden Crow Third Prince’s words.

A spatial seal meant that the formation on the beast hide could not be condensed and items such as the Minor Transference Talisman and Major Transference Talisman were useless as well!

If Su Zimo could not be teleported out, it would be difficult for his two true bodies to break out of the encirclement of the Primordial Six Races, let alone bring out the severely injured Night Spirit!

This was equivalent to cutting off Su Zimo’s escape path completely!

Apart from immense strength, one had to locate the spatial nodes in order to break through the spatial seal.

The current situation was dangerous and the battle had yet to end—how could Su Zimo have the time to do that against the Primordial Six Races?

Furthermore, even if he could locate the spatial nodes, given his strength and the power of his Dragon True Body and Yan Beichen, it would be difficult for them to dispel the spatial seal!

At that moment, G.o.d Han Ling, the Golden Crow Third Prince and the others charged forward once more.

Instantly, the situation turned extremely unfavorable for Su Zimo!

“First, leave. Don’t bother about me,”

Night Spirit said weakly with half-opened eyes.

“No way! I’m only leaving together with you!”

Su Zimo rejected without hesitation and his tone was resolute.

The Dragon True Body took a deep breath of air and a divine light burst forth from his glabella, entering the firmaments instantly.

The power of divine powers spread!


A loud bang sounded from the skies!

The clouds exploded and a gigantic, thick stone pillar descended rapidly from the skies with a terrifying might!

The stone pillar was grayish-white and there was a five-clawed divine dragon climbing on it. It exuded an ancient aura and possessed a rampant might that could suppress the ten thousand races!

This was the second innate divine power that the Dragon True Body had awakened in the Dragon Bone Valley!

The gigantic Ancestral Dragon Divine Pillar was more than 10,000 feet long and required hundreds of people to wrap around it. It descended and suppressed the experts of the Primordial Six Races that were charging over!

The pressure caused the experts of the Primordial Six Races to feel suffocated!

Poof! Poof! Poof!

Some Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords of the primordial races could not defend against it at all and were crushed into sludge by the Ancestral Dragon Divine Pillar, dying on the spot!

Only some Mighty Figures of the primordial races could defend against this gigantic Ancestral Dragon Divine Pillar with their combined strength!

Even so, dozens of beings of the primordial races were killed by the Ancestral Dragon Divine Pillar!

There were only slightly more than 200 of the Primordial Six Races remaining.

“Ancestral Dragon Divine Pillar!”

Suddenly, a sinister voice sounded from the experts of the primordial races.

Wu Xie’s expression was dark as he glared at the Dragon True Body fixedly.

Initially, he was merely suspicious.

However, he no longer had any doubts when he saw the appearance of the Ancestral Dragon Divine Pillar.

Back when the Dragon True Body awakened this divine power, he was watching from the side!

Wu Xie believed that only the young master of the Dragon race could release this terrifying innate divine power!

He said slowly, “It’s indeed you! Stop hiding. You’re the young master of the Dra…”

“Old dog!”

The Dragon True Body suddenly roared and interrupted Wu Xie.

Although his Dragon True Body could be exposed, Su Zimo did not want to implicate the Dragon race and cause them to be given trouble by the other primordial races.

“I have to kill Wu Xie!”

A ruthless glint flashed through the eyes of the Dragon True Body.

If Wu Xie was not dead, the fact that the Dragon True Body was the young master of the Dragon race could not be hidden. The Dragon race would definitely be embroiled in this matter and might encounter a calamity!

Suddenly, Su Zimo heard a voice.

The voice was very soft and almost inaudible. However, it sounded familiar.

That voice merely said a single word—Break!


Su Zimo was stunned.

What was broken?

Immediately after, Su Zimo felt the beast hide in his palm heat up and an unusual fluctuation spread.

The Dharmic powers that were initially hovering around the hide were gathering rapidly!

A thought flashed through Su Zimo’s mind.

The spatial seal was broken!

He was elated.

At that moment, the Primordial Six Races had just clashed head-on with the innate divine power of the Ancestral Dragon Divine Pillar and no one noticed that the spatial seal had been broken.

It was as though no one else had heard that voice apart from Su Zimo.

However, Heavenly Secrets who was in the crowd watching coldly from the sidelines noticed Su Zimo’s abnormality!


He narrowed his eyes and sensed carefully. His expression could not help but change as he said in disbelief, “The spatial seal was broken? How is that possible?!”

Heavenly Secrets’s eyes flickered and he had a bewildered expression.

Although there were some variables in the situation today, everything was under his control the entire time.

But now, Heavenly Secrets suddenly felt that the situation was getting out of control!

The battle was intense and there was no day for Desolate Martial to locate the spatial nodes to break the spatial seal.

Furthermore, Desolate Martial’s power was not enough to break through the spatial nodes, not even with the Asura!

In other words, someone else had broken through the spatial nodes!

All of a sudden!

Heavenly Secrets shuddered and his expression turned extremely terrible when he thought of a possibility!

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