Chapter 1317: Life Severing Curse

The battlefield was ever-changing.

The spatial seal was broken and Heavenly Secrets appeared. Yan Beichen chased after Heavenly Secrets and a huge battle broke out.

On the other side, the formation patterns on the beast hide lit up and the teleportation formation gradually took shape. A gigantic Dharmic power vortex appeared vaguely, pitch-black and deep with an unknown destination.

The Dharmic power vortex was a spatial tunnel formed by the beast hide formation patterns. As long as one leaped into it, they could break through the spatial restraints and leave this place!

Su Zimo could leave at any moment!

However, he had something else to do before leaving!

It was to kill Wu Xie!

He had to kill this variable or there would be endless trouble in the future!

“Everyone, hurry and stop Desolate Martial! His spatial tunnel is about to form and we can’t let him escape!” G.o.d Han Ling shouted.

Even without his reminder, the other experts of the primordial races had already made their move.

If Desolate Martial were to leave with the primordial taboo, the consequences would be way too terrifying!

“We have to kill these three beasts here!”

A Mighty Figure of the Blood Vine race said sternly.

The Primordial Six Races suffered immense losses in this battle and the Blood Vine race suffered the most.

When the Dragon True Body descended with Barren, the Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords of the Blood Vine race were almost completely annihilated and died after a few breaths!

The remaining few Mighty Figures of the Blood Vine race naturally hated the Dragon True Body to the core.

“You want to kill me?”

The Dragon True Body had a cold expression and leaped up. Instead of retreating, he charged towards the crowd of the Primordial Six Races and said coldly, “I’m the one that wants to kill you guys!”

He charged towards Wu Xie with a cold killing intent in his eyes that were sharp as daggers!


Wu Xie had long sensed it and retreated swiftly with a sneer. “Why? You want to silence me because I know of your secret?”

As long as he distanced himself from the Dragon True Body, the Dragon True Body would fall into the encirclement of the Primordial Six Races and fight separately from the Green Lotus True Body.

At that time, the Green Lotus True Body would only have two options.

He could stay here where both true bodies could very likely die!

Or, he could leave with Night Spirit first. However, it was obvious what would happen to the Dragon True Body.

“You’re still trying to escape?”

The Dragon True Body focused his gaze and his glabella shone. His ma.s.sive spirit consciousness condensed continuously and a shuddering spirit consciousness fluctuation spread!

A palm-sized scarlet scale slowly floated out from the glabella of the Dragon True Body. It was in the shape of a crescent and looked ordinary.

However, when the dragon scale appeared, the entire world seemed to tremble!

It was as though s.p.a.ce had frozen!

The experts of the Primordial Six Races that were charging towards Su Zimo paused one after another!

The pupils of the Golden Crow Third Prince, G.o.d Han Ling and the others constricted. They could sense an extremely terrifying aura from that dragon scale!

The only Essence Spirit secret skill in the Mystic Cla.s.sic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness—Reverse Scale!

Ever since the Dragon True Body cultivated, he had only released this Essence Spirit secret skill twice.

That was because the Essence Spirit secret skill was way too terrifying and the elders of the Dragon race forbade him from using it in the Dragon Bone Valley.

The dragon scale appeared and flew towards Wu Xie slowly.

It was not fast. However, for some reason, Wu Xie could not increase the distance between him and the dragon scale no matter how he retreated! Instead, the distance decreased!

“It’s just an Essence Spirit secret skill. What’s there to fear?!”

A golden light shone on G.o.d Han Ling’s glabella as he released the G.o.d race’s Essence Spirit secret skill as well.

Hum! Hum! Hum!

The experts of the Primordial Six Races attacked and Essence Spirit secret skills burst forth one after another, charging towards the dragon scale!

“You have a death wish for using an Essence Spirit secret skill in front of the Witch race!”

A few Mighty Figures of the Witch race hollered and released their Essence Spirit secret skills right away!

The Primordial Nine Races each had their own specialties. In terms of the cultivation of their Essence Spirits and secret skills, the Witch race was the strongest!

Among the Primordial Nine Races, the Witch race had an ordinary bloodline and the weakest physique. Their lifespans were not long either. However, the reason why they could dominate the primordial era and be one of the Primordial Nine Races was because of the many secret skills in their Essence Spirits!

Not only were those secret skills strong, they were also sinister and impossible to defend against!

Essence Spirit secret skills descended one after another and struck the scarlet dragon scale!

Immediately after, a shocking scene unfolded!

The moment the Essence Spirit secret skills made contact with the dragon scale, the experts of the primordial races that attacked fell from midair one after another.

Their lifeforces dissipated before their bodies even landed on the ground!


In the blink of an eye, more than a hundred experts of the primordial races who attacked were killed without exception!

Even G.o.d Han Ling’s eyes were widened and his expression was stiff. Although there were no injuries on his face, his Essence Spirit was already shattered in his consciousness!

G.o.d Han Ling’s head tilted to the side and he fell from midair, dead!

Anyone who touched the Reverse Scale of a dragon would die!

That dragon scale must not be touched. Anyone who touched it would die!

Of course, with so many Essence Spirit secret skills attacking the Reverse Scale, the dragon scale was already filled with cracks and was on the brink of collapse!

At that moment, the Reverse Scale had already arrived before Wu Xie!

Right from the beginning, Wu Xie did not attack and merely wanted to dodge.

That was because he had lived for so many years and had a deep understanding of Essence Spirits. He could sense an extremely dangerous aura coming from that scale!

That was the reason why he did not attack.

But now, Wu Xie had nowhere to run!

“Good, good, good!”

Wu Xie said coldly, “You won’t be able to live either after killing me. Both your clones can die together!”

In Wu Xie’s consciousness, his dark green Essence Spirit expanded continuously and cracks appeared on his body—he was about to explode!

“Life Severing Curse!”

Wu Xie hollered.

In his consciousness, his Essence Spirit exploded and released an extremely terrifying and ma.s.sive spirit consciousness that condensed a forbidden technique of the Witch race!

The Life Severing Curse was a forbidden skill in the Witch race.

That was because the prerequisite of releasing the Life Severing Curse was for one’s Essence Spirit to self-destruct!

The instant before self-destructing, one would obtain an incomparably ma.s.sive spirit consciousness to complete the Life Severing Curse!

It could be said that the curse would exchange one’s life for another!

The expressions of the Golden Crow Third Prince and the others changed at the mention of the Life Severing Curse.

In the primordial era, although the Witch race had a weak physique and bloodline, none of the other races were willing to provoke them!

That was because some of the secret skills of the Witch race were done by sacrificing one’s life!

Once the Witch race went berserk, the other races would not be able to withstand it as well.

For example, the Life Severing Curse released by the self-destruction of a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure like Wu Xie was something that even a Half-Martial Ancestor expert of the primordial races might not be able to defend against!

Although Wu Xie knew that he was going to die, he wanted the Dragon True Body and Green Lotus True Body to die with him!

The Life Severing Curse descended into the consciousnesses of the Dragon True Body and Green Lotus True Body instantly. It appeared out of nowhere and targeted the Essence Spirit directly—it was impossible to defend against.

Even though the Green Lotus True Body carried an Essence Spirit Dharmic weapon like the Mingw.a.n.g Prayer Beads, it could not defend against the Life Severing Curse!

That was the terror of the Witch race!

“Die! Die!”

Wu Xie’s Essence Spirit self-destructed and his remnant spirit consciousness was still yelling wildly with a menacing expression. He widened his eyes, wanting to see the tragic outcome of Su Zimo’s two true bodies.

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