Chapter 1318: Sea Calming!

The Green Lotus True Body shuddered.

In Su Zimo’s consciousness, a dark green mist descended and devoured towards his black-haired Essence Spirit with an extremely evil aura!

At that moment, the black-haired Essence Spirit sat on the Creation Lotus Platform. Sensing danger, it rose and roared into the skies with a boiling consciousness.

54 green lotus seeds turned into rays of light that spewed out and rapidly formed a green sword in front of the black-haired Essence Spirit!


The black-haired Essence Spirit shouted.

The Green Lotus Sword slashed viciously at the incoming dark green fog!


The dark green fog was sliced into two instantly and it was clear that the evil aura was diminished significantly by the Green Lotus Sword.

However, the mist that was sliced into two continued floating and did not show any signs of stopping—it was still engulfing towards the black-haired Essence Spirit!


Su Zimo was alarmed.

Ever since he attained greater mastery of the Green Lotus Sword, it could be considered as a supreme killing technique that targeted the Essence Spirit. It had always been successful—to think that it could not destroy the Life Severing Curse!

It was not because the Green Lotus Sword was not strong enough.

At the end of the day, the difference between the two of them was a major cultivation realm.

Furthermore, the mantra that Wu Xie had to sacrifice his life and self-destruct his Essence Spirit for was not something that could be defended against so easily!

“Slay! Slay! Slay!”

The black-haired Essence Spirit controlled the Green Lotus Sword and slashed down consecutively, wanting to block the path of the dark green fog.

Poof! Poof! Poof!

The sharpness of the sword sliced the mist into pieces and its colors dimmed significantly. However, it did not manage to suppress the evil power of the mist completely!

Eventually, the green mist shrouded the black-haired Essence Spirit.

Su Zimo grunted and felt as though his Essence Spirit was stuck by something such that he could not even release his spirit consciousness!

Although the Green Lotus Sword did not manage to neutralize the Life Severing Curse completely, it managed to defend against most of the power.

Otherwise, the black-haired Essence Spirit would die within a few breaths upon contact with the dark green fog!

Of course, even Su Zimo did not know what would happen if the power of the Life Severing Curse enveloped the black-haired Essence Spirit.

What he was truly worried about was his Dragon True Body!

Unlike the Green Lotus True Body, apart from the Essence Spirit secret skill, the Reverse Scale, the Dragon True Body did not have a killing weapon like the Green Lotus Sword!

For the Dragon True Body, he relied mostly on his physical body and blood qi for his battles, rarely making use of Dharmic weapons.

The Life Severing Curse was fatal for the Dragon True Body!

There was no way he could defend against the power of the Life Severing Curse with just the dragon scales on his scarlet-haired Essence Spirit!

At the same time, a few Mighty Figures of the Witch race who were still alive attacked and released Essence Spirit secret skills at the Dragon True Body!

“Spirit Slaying Curse!”

The Spirit Slaying Curse was one of the Essence Spirit secret skills of the Witch race.

Although it was not as powerful as the Life Severing Curse, it was equally impossible to defend against. It descended directly into the consciousness of a cultivator and killed their Essence Spirit!

The Spirit Slaying Curse and Life Severing Curse descended at the same time!

Three fist-sized b.a.l.l.s of light hovered in the consciousness of the Dragon True Body and surrounded it. Each ball of light emitted an extremely terrifying aura and it was unknown what was within.

Beneath the b.a.l.l.s of light was an ocean that was dark, cold and deep.

The desolate ocean in the vast wilderness was formed by the ma.s.sive spirit consciousness of the Dragon True Body.

The dark green fog formed by the Life Severing Curse descended into his consciousness and fused into the desolate ocean instantly, dying the black ocean a sinister green!

At the same time, the Spirit Slaying Curse descended and formed a Spirit Slaying Cyclone that swept through the surface of the ocean, creating raging tides!

The two curses created a torrential green wave that engulfed the scarlet-haired Essence Spirit with a terrifying might, as though they wanted to devour it completely!

All of a sudden!

In the depths of the desolate ocean, a ma.s.sive living being awakened and slowly floated to the surface!

The first thing that appeared on the surface of the sea was an incomparably tough and ma.s.sive turtle sh.e.l.l that resembled the firmaments. It was filled with thick cracks that intertwined wildly without any pattern, as though they possessed the secrets of Heaven and Earth!

Immediately after, a pair of divine eyes opened and emitted a chilling gaze!

The torrential waves of the desolate ocean calmed down instantly!

Sea Calming Turtle!

In the desolate ocean of the upper world, the spirit turtle hid in the depths of the desolate ocean most of the time and would rarely appear.

However, once it appeared, even the Overlord of the desolate ocean, the Desolate Ocean Dragon King, would not be able to cause any waves!

The Sea Calming Turtle looked at the green ocean beneath it with a hint of rage in its eyes. Suddenly, it reared its head and howled!


A ma.s.sive spirit consciousness shockwave rippled through the entire ocean!

The Spirit Slaying Cyclones dissipated instantly and even the green ocean surface returned to normal, turning dark and deep once more.

The power of the Life Severing Curse and Spirit Slaying Curse was suppressed by the Sea Calming Turtle completely before they could even touch a single strand of hair on the scarlet-haired Essence Spirit’s head!

The expressions of the Mighty Figures of the Witch race changed!

Not only did the Sea Calming Turtle suppress their Spirit Slaying Curse, it even released a terrifying spirit consciousness shockwave that counterattacked!

A few Mighty Figures of the Witch race suffered a backlash from their Essence Spirits and spat out blood one after another. They fell from midair with dispirited expressions.

Although the Mighty Figures of the Witch race survived, it would be difficult for them to advance their cultivation given the severe injuries on their Essence Spirits and they would most likely not have many years to live either.

The entire process seemed very slow upon narration but in fact, it occurred in the split of a moment.

Wu Xie’s eyes widened in disbelief.

What he had initially expected did not happen.

The Green Lotus True Body did not die. Even the Dragon True Body was not dead!

The expression of the Green Lotus True Body dimmed significantly. Even if it was not dead, it was cursed by him and was definitely not in a good state!

However, why was there nothing unusual about the Dragon True Body?

All those Spirit Slaying Curses and the Life Severing Curse that he released at the cost of his life vanished just like that?

“How is that possible?”

That was Wu Xie’s final thought in this world.

The next moment, his remaining spirit consciousness dissipated as well, leaving only a corpse that fell from midair and died!

Right then, something weird happened!

The expression of the Dragon True Body changed as he leaped.

Although he managed to avoid fatal damage, he was still a step too slow and was pierced from the back by the curved saber of a Mighty Figure of the Rakshasa race!

A bloodied blade protruded from his chest, dripping with fresh blood!

Although Wu Xie’s Life Severing Curse and the few Spirit Slaying Curses could not kill the Dragon True Body directly, his spirit perception was affected the moment his Essence Spirit fought.

That was the reason why he was closed in by a Mighty Figure of the Rakshasa race!

The slash pierced the Dragon True Body and his blood qi drained rapidly!

The Dragon True Body was enraged and threw the Bronze Square Tripod in reverse towards the Mighty Figure of the Rakshasa race!


The Mighty Figure of the Rakshasa race had long withdrawn his curved saber and flapped his wings to avoid Su Zimo’s counterattack!

“I can’t stay here anymore!”

The thought crossed the mind of the Dragon True Body as he clutched his chest.

Now that Wu Xie was already dead, he had to leave as soon as possible!

Unfortunately, the remaining experts of the Primordial Six Races had already closed in and severed his connection with the Green Lotus True Body completely.

Furthermore, some of the primordial races charged towards the Green Lotus True Body!

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