Chapter 1321: Escape

The moment the Spirit Turtle s.h.i.+eld was formed, Su Zimo carried Night Spirit and leaped into the Dharmic power vortex.

Almost at the same time, the attacks of the experts of the Primordial Six Races and Di Fan’s Great Chaos Essence Palm landed on the Spirit Turtle s.h.i.+eld!


A deafening bang that shook the heavens and earth sounded!

A bedazzling light burst forth from the collision point, forming a semicircular barrier that spread rapidly in all directions!

The mud on the ground churned and dust billowed!

Bang! Boom! Boom!

Cracks appeared on the mountains around Heaven and Earth Valley as they caved in one after another. Countless boulders rolled down and the mountains collapsed!

Even the cultivators who had retreated far away to watch the battle felt their ears go deaf and could not hear anything.

The power of that collision was way too strong!

Some Conjoint Body Mighty Figures turned pale.

Notwithstanding the power at the center of the collision, even the aftershock that spread out could kill them if they did not dodge in time!

“The power of a Half-Martial Ancestor is absolutely devastating!”

“Dao Lord Desolate Martial will definitely die against such terrifying power!”

As the cultivators discussed, they struggled to open their eyes and look towards the center of the battlefield!

In the billowing dust, a blurry figure could vaguely be seen. His scarlet hair was like flames and although his legs were deeply buried in the mud, his spine was still upright and refused to bend!

“He’s not dead yet?”

The experts of the Primordial Six Races looked at everything in disbelief.

That turtle sh.e.l.l was actually able to defend against such a terrifying attack!

Even a Half-Martial Ancestor of the human race would be smashed into sludge if he was here!

Su Zimo felt relieved.

Thankfully, the first thing he awakened was this pure defensive innate divine power from the Mystic Cla.s.sic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness.

This divine power of the Mystic Cla.s.sic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness was probably the only thing that could defend against this attack as well!

Otherwise, no technique, Dharmic weapon, divine power or trump card would be able to defend against this attack that targeted his two true bodies!

Although the Bronze Square Tripod was indestructible, the remnant power would be enough to shatter the Dragon True Body if it hid within!

Of course, although the Spirit Turtle s.h.i.+eld defended against most of the power, this was the full-powered attack of more than a hundred experts of the primordial races and a Half-Martial Ancestor after all. The Dragon True Body did not feel good either.

The hands of the Dragon True Body held the Spirit Turtle s.h.i.+eld. Most of the dragon scales on his body had fallen and fresh blood seeped out!

With that, his tendons and bones felt like they were about to split apart and he could no longer feel his arms. The flesh on his chest was blurry and his blood qi was extremely weak—he did not have much strength left.

A series of cracks appeared on the Spirit Turtle s.h.i.+eld.

Those were not the patterns of the turtle sh.e.l.l—it was truly shattered!

“He’s not dead?”

Di Fan attacked once more.

The Dragon True Body used the last of his strength to pull his legs out of the mud. He leaped into the Dharmic power vortex behind him and disappeared.

Di Fan transformed into a gigantic palm and reached into the Dharmic power vortex instantly, wanting to retrieve the Dragon True Body!

Back when Su Zimo tore the Major Transference Talisman, Di Fan chased him into the spatial tunnel and destroyed his physical body!

However, this time round, Di Fan’s expression changed.

When his palm reached into the Dharmic power vortex, it was as though he had sunk into a bottomless ocean and a vast, mysterious starry sky.

Within it, the Dragon True Body was like a speck of dust that he could not capture at all!

Although the beast hide was incomplete, it was etched with a teleportation formation from the ancient era that was much more advanced than the Major Transference Talisman!

If a Mahayana Patriarch attacked, he might be able to capture the tracks of the Dragon True Body.

However, the power of a Half-Martial Ancestor was not enough to sense anything!

Di Fan retracted his palm and his eyes flickered with rage!

As a Half-Martial Ancestor, a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord was as insignificant as an ant in his eyes.

However, he had attacked twice. This time round, his true body even descended personally and yet, the ant still managed to escape from right beneath his eyelids!

“Let’s see where you can run to!”

Di Fan was enraged and attacked all of a sudden. The Great Chaos Essence Palm descended on the Dharmic power vortex like a gigantic millstone!

“The three of you can stay in the void currents forever!”


The Dharmic power vortex could not withstand it and was shattered by the Great Chaos Essence Palm instantly, collapsing into emptiness and vanis.h.i.+ng!

Once the spatial tunnel shattered, it would mean that the teleportation would fail and the person would be exiled, placed in the dark and cold void currents without light and might never be able to return to Tianhuang Mainland!

That was not all.

The wild currents in the void were extremely terrifying and even the bodies of Conjoint Body Mighty Figures would be shredded into pieces with ease!

Di Fan’s expression was cold.

Although he did not manage to kill Su Zimo personally, the hatred in his heart was relieved after he exiled the three of them into the endless void!

After Su Zimo’s two true bodies and Night Spirit entered the spatial tunnel, they felt a terrifying external force descend and the spatial tunnel shattered instantly!

The Dragon True Body was pulled away by a powerful suction force and his figure lost control, disappearing before the Green Lotus True Body instantly.

The Green Lotus True Body was alarmed!

He hurriedly removed his storage bag and tossed it into his consciousness.

Immediately after, the powerful void currents surged in and began attacking the Green Lotus True Body and Night Spirit.


The Green Lotus True Body shouted and felt as though his entire body was being torn apart. An omnipresent ripping force descended and even with the toughness of the Green Lotus True Body, it seemed like he was about to be torn into pieces!

He could not control his body or arm at all and felt his embrace lighten.

He and Night Spirit were completely dispersed by the void currents!

Under the gaze of the Green Lotus True Body, Night Spirit disappeared into the dark and cold void before long.

Under the terrifying ripping power, his consciousness gradually faded as well.

All of a sudden!

A divine Buddhist light descended and landed on his body, forming a golden barrier of light on the surface of the Green Lotus True Body.

A thought flashed through Su Zimo’s mind. However, immediately after, he lost consciousness and floated in the dark and cold void.

Dizzy and drowsy, Su Zimo was still unconscious.

His surroundings alternated between cold and warm.

At times, it felt as though he was in an endless abyss that was sinking endlessly. At times, it felt as though he was floating on a boundless ocean.

A long time later, Su Zimo’s consciousness gradually returned.

Although he did not open his eyes, he was gradually waking up.

Countless memories of the battle at Heaven and Earth Valley surged into his mind and eventually stopped at the sacred Buddha light he saw in the dark void.

There were many things that Su Zimo did not have time to think about when he was on the battlefield, fighting against human cultivators and experts of the primordial races.

However, at that moment, his consciousness returned and he gradually woke up. Instantly, he had an answer to many of his doubts.

During the battle, a thought crossed his mind, as though he had neglected something.

It was only now that he realized it was not something he had neglected, but someone!

Monk Daming!

In the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple, Monk Daming once told him that he no longer needed the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple as bait to refine his bloodline. Those bloodlines were no longer enough to satisfy his appet.i.te.

At that time, Su Zimo did not think too much about it.

Now that he thought about it, a battlefield like Heaven and Earth Valley was the perfect place for Monk Daming to refine his blood!

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