Chapter 1322: Plotting Against the Experts of the World!

Although he had already escaped from Heaven and Earth Valley, Su Zimo felt a chill when he recalled many things!

Among them, the greatest discovery was the reappearance of the fiend technique!

The Blood Refinement Fiend Sutra was a fiend technique that even fiend sects were wary of. Monk Daming was not the only one who had cultivated it; even the Master of h.e.l.lfire Hall and Heavenly Secrets of Enigma Palace had cultivated it!

Including him, there were already four people!

Of course, Su Zimo noticed the terror of that fiend technique in time. After the battle at Thousand Demon Valley, he did not use it no matter how dangerous it was.

He had even given up on Blood Escape.

The Green Lotus True Body obtained more than 30 ancient inheritances in the Dao Inheritance Ground and even top-tier escape techniques such as Boundless Golden Light.

The combination of many escape techniques was not weaker than Blood Escape.

Initially, Su Zimo thought that the battle at Heaven and Earth Valley was merely a trap set up by the major sects and factions as well as the Primordial Six Races to deal with him and Night Spirit.

But now that he thought about it, things were not that simple.

Heavenly Secrets of Enigma Palace played an extremely important role in this trap!

To be precise, this trap might have been set up by Heavenly Secrets so that he could cultivate the Blood Refinement Fiend Sutra!

Be it Su Zimo, Night Spirit, the Primordial Six Races, the major sects and factions, or even the fight for the Dharma Characteristic Ranking, they were all his chess pieces!

That cultivator of Enigma Palace planned everything.

Heavenly Secrets’s cultivation was much higher than Lin Xuanji’s—he definitely had the capability to set up this shocking situation!

There were many variables in the entire process such as the Asura Yan Beichen and Su Zimo’s Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic that had surpa.s.sed the Extreme realm, as well as the descent of his Dragon True Body.

However, all of those variables were still within Heavenly Secrets’s control!

That was because the outcome Heavenly Secrets wanted was for an intense battle where even more experts would die and rich bloodlines would be spilled!

Unfortunately, another variable appeared later on and changed the situation completely!

That variable was Monk Daming!

Su Zimo did not know when Monk Daming arrived at Heaven and Earth Valley. Or perhaps, he might have hidden himself in Heaven and Earth Valley a long time ago but n.o.body discovered him.

Monk Daming did not appear the entire time. However, upon careful thought, he could vaguely capture some clues!

The first time was when someone attacked the Master of h.e.l.lfire Hall in secret!

The Master of h.e.l.lfire Hall fought a huge battle with Extreme Fire and tried to activate the Blood Refinement Fiend Sutra to recover his Dharmic powers and blood qi. However, he ended in failure.

If no one had interfered, how could the Master of h.e.l.lfire Hall have failed?

The second time was when someone broke through the spatial seal of Heaven and Earth Valley!

Now that Su Zimo recalled it, the familiarity he felt upon hearing the word ‘break’ was because it was actually the voice of Monk Daming!

Because Monk Daming had been watching coldly from the sidelines the entire time, he had sufficient time to locate the spatial nodes of Heaven and Earth Valley and destroy them instantly!

He was probably the only one with that capability as well!

At the Dharma Characteristic realm, he condensed four Supreme Dharma Characteristics.

Now that he was already at the Conjoint Body realm and fused four Supreme Dharma Characteristics into his physical body, what sort of combat strength did he possess?

The third time was when Heavenly Secrets’s location was exposed for some unknown reason, attracting the pursuit of Yan Beichen.

In the battle between the two of them, Heavenly Secrets wanted to refine his bloodline and retaliate to suppress Yan Beichen. However, he ended in failure as well!

Thereafter, Heavenly Secrets fled far away and Yan Beichen chased after him.

Monk Daming must have interfered behind the scenes!

The fourth time was when Su Zimo entered the Dharmic power vortex. Di Fan attacked and shattered the spatial tunnel, causing wild currents to surge in.

At that time, a Buddhist light appeared in the dark and cold void and shrouded him.

Monk Daming was probably the only one who could release a power of the Buddhist monasteries as such!

Although Su Zimo escaped far away in the end and did not witness the final outcome of the battle at Heaven and Earth Valley, needless to think, Monk Daming was definitely the biggest winner!

Monk Daming released Su Zimo in the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple because of his relations.h.i.+p with Daming Monastery. At the same time, he secretly broke through the spatial seal during the battle at Heaven and Earth Valley.

However, that was under the premise that he would not be exposed!

That was the reason why Monk Daming had not shown himself the entire time, let alone appear to fight against the experts of the Primordial Six Races.

His final goal was to refine the bloodlines of Heaven and Earth Valley.

Saving Su Zimo was something that happened in pa.s.sing.

Su Zimo sighed emotionally.

Heavenly Secrets was from Enigma Palace and controlled everything from the back, using all the experts in the world as chess pieces to set up this earthshaking scheme. Although he had planned everything, he did not expect that he would be paving the way for others!

Some people were even more powerful than him!

The mantis stalks the gra.s.shopper, unaware of the oriole behind.

At best, Heavenly Secrets could only be considered as the mantis while Monk Daming was the oriole!

Monk Daming was calm and composed. His talent was shocking and his combat strength was heaven-defying. The moment he returned, he schemed against all the experts in the world and no one could escape from his trap. Even Heavenly Secrets suffered a loss!

He had almost no weaknesses!

Despite his strength, Monk Daming was locked by someone in the stone coffin for 40,000 years!

What sort of existence was the person who locked him? How terrifying was the latter?

Su Zimo lamented internally and tried his best to recall the chaotic void.

The first to lose connection was his Dragon True Body.

The Dragon True Body was the last to leap into the Dharmic power vortex and the spatial tunnel shattered. The impact he received was the greatest as well and he was swept away by the wild currents of the void, vanis.h.i.+ng without a trace.

Su Zimo believed that given the physique of his Dragon True Body, even the wild currents of the void would have difficulty devouring him.

However, if there was no opportunity, his Dragon True Body would probably float in the wild currents of the void forever and be unable to return to Tianhuang Mainland.

At the very least, for now, Su Zimo could not sense the existence of his Dragon True Body.

Su Zimo called for his Dragon True Body in his heart but received no response.

There were only three possibilities.

First, his Dragon True Body was already dead!

Second, his Dragon True Body was still unconscious and would naturally not respond.

Third, his Dragon True Body was still floating in the void currents.

Neither scenario was optimistic.

Su Zimo thought of Night Spirit.

Against the impact of the void currents, he was separated from Night Spirit.

Night Spirit’s fate was unknown as well.

Finally, Su Zimo recalled what he experienced in the wild currents of the void before he fainted.

He was in a dark and cold void without any sense of direction, s.p.a.ce or time—he could only drift helplessly.

Before long, he vaguely heard a sutra being chanted.

At the same time, he was extremely familiar with that sutra!

It was the Martial Sutra that he had created!

The sutra was transmitted through a spatial node and established a mysterious connection with him. His Green Lotus True Body floated in that direction instinctively.

Before long, his vision shone brightly and he fell rapidly—the surrounding darkness and coldness had already vanished.

The two completely different environments dealt a huge blow to the Green Lotus True Body.

Furthermore, the Green Lotus True Body was injured to begin with and fainted completely from fatigue.

However, Su Zimo knew that he had already escaped from the void currents!

Right now, he wanted to know where he was.

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