Chapter 438: Demon God Transformation (II)

The Devil Snakes retreated with haste, stepping in the poisonous fog while leaving the battle. Only the four Medusas remained, remaining concealed behind the demon god pillar.

A chance!

Long Haochen’s eyes glistened almost maniacally. No longer watching the clash between the two great powerhouses, which he thought was an undoubtedly rare occasion, paired with a chance to complete the Demon Hunt Squad Missions they took.

His figure twinkled, stepping back into the poisonous fog. Long Haochen didn’t summon his comrades, as this time, too many wouldn’t necessarily be for the better. He also wanted the others to keep their strength, so he chose to enter the poisonous fog alone, to chase.

To avoid releasing a powerful holy aura, he didn’t use Aria of the Goddess of Light. In his right hand was the Rippling Light, and his senses perked up, feeling the location of the retreating Devil Snakes. The Devil Snakes were completely relying on their sense of smell at this time, but in this place full of poisonous fog, it was visibly massively weakened.

Long Haochen very rapidly groped the back of a Devil Snake, and thrusting the sword in his hand, he produced a flash of light while instantly piercing the skull of that Devil Snake.

Long Haochen’s sword intent was something even Ah’Bao wouldn’t dare confront, so there was nothing to say about these Devil Snakes.

The fighting intent he had been restraining erupted, as Long Haochen was completely driven by his senses. Every time he made a move, his location changed instantly, using the simplest of pattern of attacks with Demon Wiping Flash.

Combined with sword intent, Demon Wiping Flash made a perfect match, without a doubt killing a Devil Snake at every strike. More terrifyingly, the Devil Snakes all died being penetrated in the head by Long Haochen’s swords, hardly even getting the chance to scream. Occasionally, little sounds would be heard, but interrupted as their throat would get pierced, with their owner cowering in fear.

And Long Haochen was not the only one interfering the fleeing Devil Snakes; don’t forget about the Forest Boas that submerged themselves in the swamps!

The Forest Boas bitterly hated these intruders. At the time the Devil Snake King gave the Devil Snakes the order to retreat, the Forest Boa King also used his own methods to give his clansmen the order to chase.

As a result, the Devil Snakes whose vision wasn’t clear were hunted as food by the Forest Boas.

As Long Haochen’s senses were on full tilt, he could of course perceive the current situation of these Devil Snakes. In the poisonous fog, a surge of spiritual energy of darkness element kept sweeping past one after another. This was the counterattack launched by the Devil Snakes. However, without the demon god pillar to disperse the fog, their fighting strength plummeted substantially, let alone their co-ordination. For a moment, these elites Devil Snakes could be said to be subject to a disastrous destruction.

The Swamps of Gloom was still in the end a territory under the control of the Forest Boas, which could even be called their domain, their home ground. he Forest Boa King had been ruling over this place for who knows how long, to the extent that even the Saw Skate King surpassing him in strength didn’t reach his status as a ruler. Although the Snake Demon God Andromalius had the advantage, gaining victory against him was not going to be such an easy feat.

It could be said that when these ordinary Forest Boas started submerging into the swamps, Andromalius was already caught in the trap of the Forest Boa King.

At this moment, as Andromalius was merged as one with his demon god pillar, his perception in Demon God Transformed state was a lot higher than usual as well. The screams of his clansmen naturally reached his ears, but now that he was caught in fierce struggle against the Forest Boa King, and that their battle was already at its peak, he was unable to do anything about it. All he could do was to fiercely attack the Forest Boa King.

One had no choice but to admit that the Demon God Transformed Andromalius’s situation was quite terrible. In this state, his body was not the slightest bit inferior to the Forest Boa King, and in his hands, there were powerful weapons. The scars inflicted on the Forest Boa King’s body kept increasing, and although Andromalius didn’t have it easy either, his recovery speed still vastly surpassed his enemy’s. And moreover, he still had helpers beside him.

Four pairs of white eyes opened without a sound behind the distant demon god pillar, and eight white beams hit the body of the Forest Boa King in a flash.

Suddenly, the whole body of the Forest Boa King went rigid, making a frantic turn. With this, another layer of his snake skin came off, as he resisted the effects of Petrification.

This undoubtedly made Andromalius’ attacks lose a lot of their ferocity.

How could Andromalius let go of such a good chance? His eyes were soaked in blood, and the spears in his hands held high, despite that his massive and supple body, was close to forming an angle of ninety degrees. A strong darkness essence of black color attached itself to the two spears, before they ferociously struck the Forest Boa King’s body.

Blood spattered, some dark green blood flew in all directions. Shouting in rage, the Forest Boa King shot out at full force, creating some distance with Andromalius with difficulty, but one could clearly see some black light curling up on his body. On that massive wound were traces of severe corrosion.


The Forest Boa King was utterly furious, and flames were almost gushing out from his jade colored eyes. A terrible green projectile of one meter diameter shot out, directly smashing against Andromalius.

As this person was doing his utmost, one thought surged to Andromalius’ mind, as his body made an horizontal turn. That was the internal pill of a powerhouse of the ninth step. Although he wanted to take it, if this item under control of the Forest Boa King were to smash his body, even if is was more durable, it could only end up unfavorably for him.

The same time he did this turn, a gaudy dark golden color started to lit up Andromalius’ body. As he lifted up the spear in his hand, a mirage appeared beside him with a strident hiss. It was about the same as his body in height, heading straight for that internal pill.

But a strange scene followed. The originally enraged Forest Boa King suddenly revealed a shrewd look. His overbearing internal pill actually made a turn in the air, and didn’t aim at Andromalius, but straight at that demon god pillar.

Andromalius showed great surprise, but the next instant, his eyes suddenly revealed an expression of disdain. The Forest Boa King was scheming against him, but wasn’t he doing the same?


The whole Swamps of Gloom shook up violently, and an intense explosion burst on the seventy-second demon god pillar. Violent green and black light blossomed therein.

This time, the Forest Boa King made a miscalculation. He knew from the beginning that the real threat against him was not Andromalius, but this pillar he brought. But he also understood clearly that finding a chance to attack it was in no way going to be easy.

He acted as if enraged against Andromalius, and shot the internal pill. Having found this extremely rare opportunity, how could he not go all out in his attack? From his viewpoint, as long as this demon god pillar was destroyed, Andromalius could only die in defeat after this.

However, he miscalculated something: his estimate of the strength possessed by the demon god pillar.

In that violent explosion, the Forest Boa King’s body suddenly shivered ardently, as if subject to symptoms of malaria. His internal pill bounced back to him at an astonishing speed, but the jade light on it became a lot darker.

Not only that, but the radiance glowing on the Forest Boa King also dimmed.

Andromalius howled with laughter, before throwing himself at him once again. All along, the mirage born from him followed disregarding everything and launching attacks. He wasn’t going to let such a great chance slip by.

In the history of humanity and demonkind, situation of a demon god getting killed happened many times over, but the seventy-two demon god pillars guarding demonkind were never destroyed. Even a divine tool has never destroyed these demon treasures, to say nothing about the internal pill of a Forest Boa King.

After this miscalculation, the Forest Boa King suffered a violent backlash due to the violent clash suffered by his internal pill, putting it into an extremely weak state. The Devil Snake Demon God Andromalius took advantage of this, frantically launching attacks. For a moment, the body of the Forest Boa King kept getting blown to pieces, visibly somewhat unable to endure.

In terms of strength, the Forest Boa King should originally have held an absolute advantage, after all the gap between the ninth step and the peak of the eighth step corresponds to an incredible gap, and the Forest Boa King was in complete control of the elemental essence in the area.

However, the demon god pillar just showed too great a utility. Not only giving the Snake Devil God a powerful backup in elemental essence, but also raising his external spiritual energy over a hundred thousand units. This caused the gap between the two sides to decrease.

The Forest Boa King was already successful in his past series of plans, and this caused his self confidence to grow, to the extent of committing a fatal mistake with his internal pill that got inflicted a backlash due to the demon god pillar, leading to such an absolute disadvantage.

However, the bombarding of the internal pill against the demon god pillar just before didn’t prove out useless. At least, the four Medusas hidden behind it fell into the swamps due to the powerful shockwaves, letting out blood from their mouth and nose. Rapidly climbing up, they still avoided getting sunk into the swamps though.

Although Medusas had quite overwhelming abilities, they were in the end still Devil Snakes of the sixth step only. The offensive power of the internal pill was completely sustained by the demon god pillar, but the terrible surge of spiritual energy that came along spread to a certain range, still injuring these four Medusas.

A faint green flash came, before coming to a sudden stagnation. This sudden movement and stop appeared very weird, and the position of its stagnation was the center of the area occupied by the four Medusas.

Immediately, that green color turned into a tornado, bursting out in countless green circles. With a piercing hissing sound, those four Medusas immediately screamed loudly.

At this time they didn’t even dare open their eyes, because the violent fluctuations of spiritual energy caused them to enter a dizzy state. What if the Petrifying Rays were to fall on their comrades? In fact, even the Medusas themselves weren’t immune to their Petrifying Rays.

Nonetheless, these Medusas were still powerhouses of the sixth step. The snake hair on their head bubbled up frantically, in an attempt to resist against the green attacks. However, all their snake hair were reduced to fragments upon contact with the green light, which was the reason for their screams. That was a part of their own bodies!

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