Chapter 372: Master Han’s sneaky ways

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When Yu Yuehan took over the Yu Corporation back then, President An was already their client.

In terms of seniority, he was an elder to Yu Yuehan.

However, he was a person who did not put on any airs and demonstrated professionalism in his dealings with other people.

At this moment, he had heard that Nian Xiaomu had turned up personally to discuss a contract with him and was already waiting at the entrance for her.

Recognizing Nian Xiaomu, he stepped forward and greeted her, “Thank you for making the trip here, Manager Nian! I had already made plans to meet here with a friend, so I was unable meet you elsewhere.”

“You’re too kind, President An. You’re treating me to a meal, and it’s my pleasure to be here.” Nian Xiaomu shook his hand and smiled back.

As both of them exchanged pleasantries, they walked amicably into the room.

For the purpose of the business meeting, President An had booked a room.

Nian Xiaomu’s style was direct and to the point, so she went straight to the point with President An once they were seated. Sliding the contract over to him, she said, “The contract remains mostly the same, but we have made a bit of an adjustment to the profit sharing ratio. Would you care to take a look at it and let me know if it is agreeable to you, President An?”

Hearing this, President An opened the doc.u.ment to take a look at the portion that Nian Xiaomu had mentioned. As the sides of his lips quivered slightly, he asked, “10 percent more of the profit to me?”

It was a whole 10 percent of the profit!

It was not a small amount of profit for a quarter of a year.

It would be handed over to him just like that?

Thinking that his eyes might be playing tricks on him, President An reread the clause a few more times, but the number on it did not change.

Pus.h.i.+ng the bridge of his spectacles upward, he looked at Nian Xiaomu and asked, “Does Master Han know about this?”

“He doesn’t know,” replied Nian Xiaomu. She was not one to mince her words.

President An waved his hands in alarm and closed the contract. “No deal then! If I were to sign this contract, I fear that Master Han might make me pay it back someday!”

Yu Yuehan was well known for his sneaky ways in the industry!

“Don’t worry, that won’t happen.” Nian Xiaomu smiled and pushed the contract back toward him.

She looked like an innocent little bunny, but there was some deviousness behind that sweet smile.

Other people might not have been able to see through her, but President An was someone who had ama.s.sed a few decades of experience in the industry.

Very quickly, he snapped back to his senses. “What is your condition?”

“It is indeed a joy to work with a clever person like President An. There are no conditions, but there is a small favor that I would like to ask of you, President An,” Nian Xiaomu replied with a smile.

Getting rid of President Su was so she could make an example out of him to warn the other errant clients.

Giving an extra cut of the profit to President An was a way to appease the hearts of the clients.

It was to spread the word that a loyal client like President An, who had steadfastly collaborated with the Yu Corporation, would be big winner.

By using the carrot and stick method, the Yu Corporation would not appear to be too domineering.

President An was an old bird in the field.

After hearing her words, he let out a hearty laugh and said, “Manager Nian is indeed a person with ability that Master Han has groomed. Your foresight and zest does not lose to any man out there. If not for the fact that you are in the Yu Corporation, I would certainly want you on my team!”

Nian Xiaomu’s eyes brightened up, and she replied, “That is to say that President An has agreed to my request?”

“10 more percent of the profit just to put in a few good words for the Yu Corporation is a very good deal for me!” President An took out a pen and signed the contract. Pa.s.sing the contract over to Nian Xiaomu, he said, “Cheers to a great partners.h.i.+p!”

“Cheers to a great partners.h.i.+p!”

After settling the contract, the mood during lunch was even more harmonious.

When Nian Xiaomu was about to leave, President An escorted her out personally.

Just as she stepped out of the room, she b.u.mped right into someone!

After catching her balance, she looked up and stared in shock. “Fan Yu! What are you doing here?”

Surely he wasn’t here to s.n.a.t.c.h her client?!

Then, she smiled as she continued, “I’m sorry that you’re too late though. I’ve just closed the deal with President An.”

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