Chapter 417:Surprise Attack! Light Meteor (III)

In the end, they couldn’t find traces of Long Haochen’s group of seven. After this event, the demons would launch an operation on the scale unprecedented in the last hundred years.

In their journey, because their reserves of food and water were sufficient, they did their utmost to not pass through any demon cities, staying in the wilderness.Guided by their map and the direction of the sun, they travelled day and night to rush to the Andro Province.

Just as Yue Ye explained before, the more they ventured east, the more relaxed the guards were. Yet, the population increased.. That was because, the eastern coast was a lifeline for the demons. Without the coastal reserves of fish, the demons would have succumbed to the Temple Alliance long ago.

The whole journey was without any major hiccups. When they encountered demons, they would rely on the status of Moon Demon Clan to conceal themselves and successfully pass through. The great majority of their time was spent in the wilderness, but their speed was still very fast. But for safety purposes, they didn’t make use of their spiritual wings.

A whole fifteen days later, they finally entered the Andromalius Province. The Swamps of Gloom were located on the northern part of the province, so they travelled to the north.

Although everything went smoothly, Long Haochen was still feeling uneasy, because Cai’er didn’t show any signs of improvement.

On the contrary, she became even more silent and more confused than at the beginning. Only accompanying Long Haochen in silence everyday, she would look at things that seemed new and odd to her, causing him to frequently flash her a helpless look. Every time this happened, he would feel difficulty to breath due to the pain. But he didn’t show her too much concern either. In the instances he became overly intimate, Cai’er would be intimidated and avoid him. Though, she didn’t fortunately didn’t show signs of going against him.

Cai’er seemed untrustful towards everyone, only placing some trust in Long Haochen. Furthermore, she occasionally had headaches, and every time this happened, her face would turn very pale, and the spiritual energy in her body would violently fluctuate.

Long Haochen occasionally inspected Cai’er’s spiritual energy. Although Cai’er didn’t cultivate meticulously, her spiritual energy increased at a fast pace, its total exceeding 8,500 units, as if going straight for the mark of the 10,000 units. Based on this speed, in no less than half a year, she would reach the bottleneck between the sixth and the seventh step.

Regarding her current condition, Long Hoachen was completely helpless. All he could do was to take good care of her and let her recover by herself. But her current plight made Long Haochen feel that she was so far from full health that it seemed it would forever to recover completely.

Seeing the land on the wilderness, Long Haochen stopped his advance, wrinkling his brows. No wonder both sides match each other’s strength this well even though the demons keep attacking. So, they had so many resources in their rear.

The demons’ greatest weak point was their lack of productive resources. This led to severe shortage in various areas. First, their food then, habitable areas and then their innate potential. These things seemed easy to resolve but, were fraught with complications. Just the shortage of food caused even an overpowered being like Demon God Emperor numerous problems. .

On the east of the continent, the land was fertile. Long Haochen saw wide expanses of grass. If such a fertile land was used for cultivation, it would undoubtedly yield great harvest, satiating the hunger of hundreds of thousands of people.

Although there were no definite statistics, according to the evaluation of the Temple Alliance, a quarter of the territory under the Temple alliance produced at least ten times more food every year than the entire demon territory produced in the year. Though, the human population only a third of the demon population in total, and this was the reason why demons had to occasionally reduce the numbers of their people through war. Lower ranked demons reproduced at an astonishing rate, thus making their issue regarding food even more dire.

“Captain, are we still far from the swamps?” Han Yu asked Long Haochen from nearby.

He replied, “We are about two hundred more kilometers away. If everything goes well, we will reach our destination tomorrow. However, we have to head for this place first.” Saying this, he pulled out the map and pointed to a dot.

“This is?” Han Yu raised his head in amazement, “A demon city?”

Long Haochen nodded, “This is a little town that doesn’t even have a name. Everyone should be pretty exhausted from the continuous journey. We will very possibly face a demon god, so it’s better if everyone recuperates and be in their optimum state. A good battle requires one to sharpen his blade first, and not act with too much eagerness. Actually, the Devil Snake God’s stay in the Swamp of Gloom is not a matter of a day or two. After having a day of rest in this little city, it won’t be too late to go to the swamps.”

Listening to Long Haochen, everyone nodded. To them, this young knight was an incomparably outstanding captain whose orders they accepted willingly and obeyed. This is the prestige he built up unceasingly with his own ability.

“Let’s do something new.” Long Haochen’s eyes sparkled, immediately revealing three radiances flashing out of his body.

First, a golden glint, coming out from Yating, appeared in front of everyone one else, and then two familiar figures followed, the tall Twelfth Holy Guard and the human looking ice cold blue skeleton known as Eleventh Holy Guard.

From somewhere, Long Haochen took out some cloaks and handed them over, hinting them to wear those. These cloaks were ordered specifically for them, and very quickly, Yating and the holy guards concealed themselves in those, and as long as they kept their head low, no one would be able to see their appearance.

Lin Xin asked in astonishment, “Boss, when did you have these cloaks made?”

Long Haochen replied with a slight smile, “That was during the period of rest we had in Major Jacques City. I asked specialists from the team section to make these cloaks. They should come in handy for now.”

Every one of them gave glanced at each other, but very rapidly, Han Yu was the first to come to a realization, “Haha, now this makes us a group of ten. Let’s see whether these demons can identify us.”

On their road here, they were embroiled in several small scale battles, this was because, although they were disguised as Moon Demons, since there were seven of them, sometimes the guards asked them to show their elemental attributes, which left them with no choice but to kill them and move forward

The reason why Long Haochen had the Eleventh, and the Twelfth Holy Guard and Yating joined the battle, wasn’t that precisely to make them a group of ten people? Being the same number as a Demon Hunter Remover squad and with their disguise as Moon Demons, they would very easily be mistaken for Demon Hunter Removers.

The three meters size of the Eleventh Holy Guard wasn’t anything much. Among demons, this kind of size wasn’t a rare thing to see.

“We are leaving.”

Everyone went back on the road, their formation also changed. Long Haochen was in the front as before, with Cai’er following right behind and on the two sides were Wang Yuanyuan and Sima Xian, then Han Yu, with Chen Ying’er, Lin Xin, the Eleventh Holy Guard, and Yating in the middle of their formation, followed by the Twelfth Holy Guard standing in the rear, greatly increasing the number of people in the middle of their formation. Such a team far exceeded the capabilities of any ordinary Demon Hunt Squad in magic attacks. Just the Eleventh Holy Guard alone could be regarded as having the strength of two mages of the seventh step.

Because of their presence, Long Haochen had enough confidence to go challenge the demon god.

Very quickly, they reached the little town indicated by Long Haochen on the map. One could only agree that this detailed map Yue Ye gave Long Haochen was of great utility.

Just after entering the town, they were stopped, by demon soldiers. The Andro Province being the territory of the Devil Snake Clan, these soldiers naturally were his clansmen.

Devil Snakes truly had peculiar bodies. They didn’t have feet but their upper body was similar to humans, only a lot more slim. As for their lower part, a large tail was present, moving about on the floor. But these footless individuals should never be looked down, they were adept at adjusting their body to move on any terrain. Even in water, they were extremely fast, thus Devil Snakes were assigned to the coastal eastern province.

This little team was formed of more than a dozen Devil Snakes and led by a very robust one, whose tail plus back reached a total height of more than four meters. The front end of his tail, standing in front of his upper body, reached a length of more than two meters, and in his hand, he held a trident.

“Who are you? Take off these cloaks.” The robust devil snake shouted, revealing a pair of tri-colored eyes with dark green pupils, radiating with an ominous glint. The trident in his hand aimed at Long Haochen’s group.

Long Haochen raised his head, taking off the cloak covering his face, “A Demon Hunt Remover on work. Are you looking for death?”

Seeing Long Haochen’s purple eyes, those snakes were also stunned. From Long Haochen’s handsome appearance and purple eyes, they could already understand a lot. However, this Devil Snake was very prudent, and continued with a restrained tone, “Please take out a proof of identity. Demon Hunter Removers have their own Demon Hunter Remover tile. The Central Province gave the order to show it, as there are now some human Demon Hunters pretending to be Moon Demons that infiltrated the demon territory.”

“Wretch!” Shouting in anger, Long Haochen lightly waved his hand.

Immediately, a terrifying might suddenly exploded from his back, as a breath of darkness filled the air with power. The massive oppressive power made the ten Devil Snakes almost instantly turn pale with fright, stumbling in a great hurry.

An ice cold voice sounded out from Long Haochen’s back, “Do you still need more proof? Or do you want this lady to show you what a Devil Dragon is? If you dare block our Demon Hunter Remover Squad, that is.”

Sensing the terrible might originating from that Devil Dragon, how could these Devil Snakes dare keep insisting? Withdrawing to the side in panic, they immediately crawled to the ground, not speaking any word as their bodies shuddered.

What level of existence were Devil Dragons? Any of the Devil Dragon powerhouse would be a terrible existence they undoubtedly had to bow down to, for the fear that they would make the rulers of the Central Province or the ruler of their whole race angry, their whole clan would very possibly get implicated.

Her display of power vanishing, that chill inducing girl coldly asked, “And Andromalius? Is he still in the Swamps of Gloom?”

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