Chapter 404: Sword Intent, Sword Heart, Technique in the Sword (III)

With a terrifying explosion, a brilliance of ultimate terror abruptly appeared at the point of their collision. It took the shape of a helix mixed of gold and darkness, abruptly expanding outwards.

No matter whether it was the Demon Hunters or the Demon Hunter Removers, all sides immediately turned around and fled, using their most adept evasive spells.

Even so, the humans and demons were knocked down like wheat when the terrifying burst hit them.

Ah’Bao’s body flew like a black arrow to the ground, and even trying his utmost to control his own body, he couldn’t. All the cuts that he sustained right before gushed blood like geysirs, and his face instantly became pale.

Long Haochen and him were exact opposite, and the clash with that dazzling golden figure was the origin of that massive force of impact.

But they were the same regarding the dark color that surrounded them now.

The Aria of the Goddess of Light turned completely dark, and Yating’s body disappeared in a flash, returning to Long Haochen’s body. Because Long Haochen was entirely covered by the Mythril Foundation Armor, as opposed to AhBao, the state of his body could not be discerned, but one could clearly see that this Legendary Tier armor was covered by many cracks. It seemed as though, had the shock been just a bit more violent, this Mythril Foundation Armor would have completely shattered.

The battlefield became eerily silent, because right at this time, everyone was completely speechless.

What a terrible clash that was! The clash of a powerhouse at the peak of the sixth step and a powerhouse at the peak of the eighth step actually produced such terrifying fluctuations of energy. Even if Long Haochen would lose this battle, this was enough to be proud. Moreover, judging how the situation before their eyes changed, Long Haochen wouldn’t necessarily lose.

The first to get up from the ground was a black figure, her hair colored in a deep purple. She disappeared in the sky like a specter as everyone else was still in shock from that terrible clash of power.

Because of that terrible collision, at that time, no one paid attention to her existence or to her movements.

Ah’Bao finally regained control over his body, and that purplish black heavy sword reappeared in his hand. With both his hands grabbing the sword hilt, he stuck the blade into the ground, revealing a very deep expression.

Long Haochen’s body was also slowly descending from the sky, and the Mythril Foundation Armor on him regained the original bright silver brilliance it had, before Long Haochen’s spiritual energy had turned it golden.

Both sides stared at their counterpart, none yielding to the other.

“I didn’t expect you to actually be able to borrow godly power. Do you really want to face my challenge?” Ah’Bao’s voice was cold and stagnant, not showing any trace of him being wounded.

Long Haochen gave a tranquil response, “Don’t tell me you’re not borrowing power from the first demon god pillar?”

Now that they landed, both parties were at a close distance from each other, and the Demon Hunters and Demon Hunter Removers also got up one after another, staring at the two of them filled with lingering fears.

The Demon Hunter removers were oppressed, while the Demon Hunters gathered together. The close quarter vocations and the mages vocations from both sides were ready to join the battle at anytime.

Ah’Bao declared in deep voice, “I have no choice but to admit that you are the most worthy person I met in this lifetime to be called my rival. As a human, of younger age than me and with inferior cultivation, still resisting my strength and reducing me to this condition, you already deserve my respect. If we had equal spiritual energy, I believe that I wouldn’t be your match, even if I were to use my true Devil Dragon form.”

Long Haochen had already landed on the ground, and when he stepped forward, his body actually stumbled with a sensation of lost control. He also had to hurry to use the godly sword to help steady himself.

Only Long Haochen’s comrades knew how terrible his present condition was. That’s because at the same time Long Haochen and Ah’Bao collided, the Soul Linking Chains activated their Life Sharing.

At this moment, all the members from the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad apart from Cai’er, who was in a state of invisibility, were pale, bleeding from their facial orifices, which showed how seriously they were hurt from the Life Sharing.

As one might imagine, Ah’Bao’s fist intent was just too terrifying.

Just like Ah’Bao said, being a god’s chosen one, Long Haochen borrowed force from the Goddess of Light for his last attack. Otherwise, he couldn’t possibly have resisted Ah’Bao’s fist intent.

Even with an even stronger sword intent, without sufficient spiritual energy he couldn’t pull out sufficient might.

Given a set of Legendary Equipment and the fusion with Yating, Long Haochen actually reached a level of cultivation close to the eighth step in practice, but a world of difference existed between the spiritual energy of both sides, to say nothing that Ah’Bao was a Devil Dragon, with a level of external spiritual energy amounting to dozens of thousands.

It looked like Ah’Bao’s injuries were serious, but actually, Long Haochen’s injuries were even more serious than Ah’Bao’s. If not for the Soul Linking Chains that connected him with his comrades, Long Haochen’s body would have probably been ripped apart from that clash just before, even with the protection of his Mythril Foundation Armor.

“What a pity!” Ah’Bao suddenly shook his head lightly.

Long Haochen showed an indifferent smile, “You are about to break your promise, aren’t you?”

Ah’Bao replied with a cold smile, “Break my promise? No. Our battle has no fixed victor, even if we are temporarily in a draw. How could I be considered breaking my promise?”

“If I were a mere demon, I would be feeling deeply honored of having such a rival as you to motivate me, and would definitely defeat you with my own strength at all costs. I would then step on you, making you the stepping stone for me to ascend to the peak. Unfortunately, I am not an ordinary demon, but the crown prince of the demons, son of the Demon God Emperor and future successor to the position of Demon God Emperor. I cannot let you keep growing: the future of a god’s chosen one is unpredictable. I have to admit that I don’t have absolute confidence to defeat you in the future. Thus, for the sake of all demons, I can only kill you while I can.”

Long Haochen also smiled at him, “You are quite reasonable. If I am given three more years, you will absolutely be no match for me. I have never believed that you would keep your promise either. It looks as if our final battle will have to wait for the next time we meet. I hope for you that at that time, your luck will be as good as now, and that you will be in the same kind of advantageous situation as now.”

This time, the smile on Ah’Bao’s face didn’t carry the same coldness, “What? Don’t tell me you really think you can escape alive from me today!”

Long Haochen gave him the indifferent reply, “Why would that be impossible? Actually, I’m already at my limits. I concede that my condition is worse than yours. However, like your subordinates that are surrounding us, did you forget that I also have comrades?”

Ah’Bao’s look changed, suddenly alert of his surroundings, but he didn’t sense any threatening existence. But right at this time, a black figure appeared in the midst of the Demon Hunter Removers.

That black delicate and slender figure went unnoticed by all Demon Hunter Removers at its time of appearance.

A massive pair of black wings appeared, instantly erupting with terrible killing intent.

The Demon Hunter Removers were all powerhouses of the seventh step or above, but right at this time, all of them were filled with absolute terror. A substantial killing intent attacked them, and all of them could clearly sense danger upon themselves. Saturated with ultimate terror, and an absolute pressure, the air turned ice-cold.

Immediately, a black radiance flashed brazenly from the sky, looking very frail, yet intimidating. Four demons at the seventh step immediately became still, all breath of life instantly sucked out of them.

The black figure finally appeared entirely, revealing a pitch-black dagger issuing a grey radiance, aimed lightly at Yue Ye’s neck. A small white hand held Yue Ye’s slim neck from behind, directing a look full of hatred at Ah’Bao.

All of this happened just too fast. Yue Ye only felt her own blood turning ice-cold. Her body couldn’t even manage to tremble, and the energy from the Dagger of Samsara inside of her body seemed to be pulsing under the effect of that killing intent, ready to possibly break out at anytime.

No one expected this situation that happened so suddenly, everything just went too fast. Cai’er’s act of seizing Yue Ye, from beginning to end, took less than the time of one breath of air.

Ah’Bao’s originally cold face instantly looked severe. Among all the Demon Hunter Removers here, the only one he cared about was Yue Ye. This was his fiancee! The other Demon Hunter Removers also knew of this. If not for this status, being at the sixth step of cultivation, Yue Ye would basically not be qualified to become a Demon Hunter Remover. It was precisely by Ah’Bao’s persuasion to the Demon God Emperor that Yue Ye was allowed to enter Ah’Bao’s dragon team.

“No one moves, or else, I can’t guarantee that the dagger in Cai’er’s hand won’t slip.” Long Haochen coldly declared.

Ah’Bao narrowly shattered his teeth from grinding them together, “Bastard! Threatening to kill a girl, is that the spirit of you human knights?”

Long Haochen gave him an indifferent smile, “Just like you chose to be pragmatic instead of complying with your promise as the demons’ crown prince, from my point of view my act is unrelated to the spirit of knights. ”

Ah’Bao replied coldly, “Don’t tell me you believe that you seizing an ally of mine to threaten me would make me yield?”

Long Haochen shook his head, “Of course that would be impossible if this was an ordinary ally. But if I’m not mistaken, His Majesty crown prince Ah’Bao has a fiancée, and that’s the daughter of the second Moon Demon God Agares, called Yue Ye. Am I mistaken?”

From hearing Long Haochen’s words, Ah’Bao finally had a different look. His pupils seemed to have dilated. Concealing the truth was not of any use, and the two of them looked at each other face to face, as none of the other Demon Hunter Removers dared to move a finger.

For Yue Ye’s sake, Ah’Bao committed great violations to the will of the Demon God Emperor, and this was known to all demons of high class. It was only recently that he finally got the approval of the Demon God Emperor, and furthermore, even if this was left out of consideration, Yue Ye was the most beloved daughter of the Moon Demon God Agares. If she died at the hands of these Demon Hunters, terrible repercussions were bound to fall upon the demons.

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