Chapter 402: Sword Intent, Sword Heart, Technique in the Sword (I)

During this battle against Ah’Bao, Long Haochen was different from the time he was up against the Jacques Chief of the eighth step. That time, he acted as the leader of a team, who shouldered the responsibility of saving another Demon Hunt Squad. Thus, he had to inflict the most serious damage possible to the enemy in the shortest time he could. This was also the reason why he didn’t hesitate to enter a weakened state by fusing with Haoyue and Yating, to reach his most powerful state and launch powerful and unyielding attacks against the enemy.

But the current situation was different. First of all, Ah’Bao’s strength was incomparable to the Jacques Chief, and even if Long Haochen was to fuse with Haoyue, killing him in a limited time wouldn’t be feasible. Thus, Long Haochen had to rely on the antique battle techniques acquired in the Tower of Eternity, as well as the sword intent from the Aria of the Goddess of Light.

Due to being a god’s chosen one, and his one year of secluded training, Long Haochen got to truly fuse these two things as one, and by now, his strength was absolutely not measurable only with his amount of spiritual energy. He knew clearly that if he really wanted to have the opportunity to win against Ah’Bao, he would need to make use of all his sword intent, sword heart and technique in the sword.

At the time Long Haochen’s first attack was launched; he already gave no thought to life or death, disregarding all the outside world. In his eyes and heart appeared only one target. His sword heart was brightly lit, and his sword intent became one with the environment. His body and sword moved as he wished, simply attacking the opponent, and giving off an impression of having the ability to turn things around. With the addition of the divine sword Aria of the Goddess of Light, his two sword strikes in a row actually compelled Ah’Bao back.

However, Ah’Bao was after all not the same as back in the Illusory Paradise either. At that time, Ah’Bao had been greatly suppressed by the rules of the Illusory Paradise and could only use a total of ten thousand units of internal spiritual energy. Moreover, everything Long Haochen did then, had gained him the benevolence of the Illusory Paradise, and thus enabled him to suppress Ah’Bao. But now, the one he was confronting was Ah’Bao in his most powerful state, who had gained a lot from the painful experience, once again making him all the stronger.

The second time he drew back, Ah’Bao was already launching a counterattack. His left foot stamped hard onto the ground, producing fierce exploding sounds, as waves of darkness spiritual energy gushed out. As Long Haochen attacked once again, his third lightning fast sword strike hit that purple colored pillar, and the Aria of the Goddess of Light ended up being repelled by that purplish black light.

It was a heavy blow, that didn’t contain any adornments. With a shout of fury, Ah’Bao swung the heavy sword in his right hand brazenly. Under everyone’s attention, that purplish black pillar of light actually surrounded his heavy sword, turning into a ten meter long sword tip, which aimed straight at Long Haochen.

Meanwhile, in a radius of thirty meters around them, all the air was instantly filled with a stagnating darkness spiritual energy, preventing Long Haochen from redrawing to escape, while delaying his movements greatly.

As the demons’ crown prince, Ah’Bao’s genius wasn’t much inferior to Long Haochen’s, but at the time Long Haochen launched his first attack, he actually figured that in terms of battle technique, he was already no match for this human. However, the technical aspect wasn’t a synonym for victory on the battlefield.

Although Ah’Bao was powerful, that didn’t made him inflexible. Challenging the enemy in his strong areas was something he wouldn’t risk doing. Long Haochen had the upper hand on sword intent, sword heart, and technical prowesses, but Ah’Bao’s advantage was even more distinct, because his spiritual energy exceeded Long Haochen’s by tenfold.

Long Haochen’s steps suddenly halted, and his knees bent while unloading all the momentum of stopping his charge. He let go of the Rippling Light in his left hand, directly dropping it to the ground. Grasping the Aria of the Goddess of Light with both hands, he showed an astonishing move.

Twisting his body, he straightened his posture and swung the divine sword. His senses already exceeded the level of being natural and unforced, more accurately, he reached a perfect harmony between his body and his sword. Emitting a dark golden glow from the tip of his feet that spread up, the sharp point of the Aria of the Goddess of Light finally condensed, bursting out with soft light that dexterously clashed against that purplish black sword tip.

No, calling that a clash was not suited; it should rather be called a contact. Meanwhile, Long Haochen’s body followed the movement of his sword, tracing a perfect curve of 360 degrees. More fantastically, he let Ah’Bao’s tyrannical attacks actually push him to the side, giving his formidable fighting strength no opportunity to act against him.

Right at this time, Long Haochen suddenly flapped the four wings on his back, looking the same as a swimming fish rushing forward, and remained close to the ground. Doing another movement upwards with his left foot, he retrieved the Rippling Light to his hand, wielding two swords again as he almost instantly came back face to face with Ah’Bao.

During the course of Long Haochen’s rush forward, the shattered space scattered from within, and burst out with an incomparably concentrated sword intent, actually passing through the strongly compressed space. A low dragon cry instantly rang out, and dark golden flames vigorously covered him as he glided. During this time, Long Haochen’s imposing manner reached its peak.


Ah’Bao’s terrifying sword struck the ground, immersing the surroundings in a purplish black color as the violent explosion hit. The exploding and splitting sounds it produced sounded the same as a crying demon, shaking the earth and causing terrible damage.

Right at this time, Long Haochen arrived in front of Ah’Bao, and his entire body swept at Ah’Bao like a tornado.

If someone clearly watched Long Haochen’s movements, they would distinctly see that the Rippling Light in his left hand pierced forward, launching a myriad of sword tips uniting instantly as one. The strike aimed at Ah’Bao’s wrist that was holding his sword. And the Aria of the Goddess of Light in his right hand stuck close to the ground, releasing a terrible golden laser beam while carrying a sound of dragon cry as it struck against the opponent. And furthermore, that laser wasn’t big in size, on the opposite, it was somewhat smaller than the blade of light emitted by the Aria of the Goddess of Light. Its color was completely dark golden, yet looked the same as a substantial thing.

Ah’Bao’s appreciation of Long Haochen was already very high, but in his heart, that opponent was still no more than a human knight not even reaching the seventh step. Never did he expect his own tyrannical blow to actually be neutralized by Long Haochen’s indirect methods, and that he would immediately counterattack against him.

The timing for Long Haochen’s strike was chosen extremely well, aiming right at the short delay after Ah’Bao’s full strength launch of power. And furthermore, his sword speed was terrifying, as if not affected in the slightest by the burst of the purplish black sword.

Long Haochen was using Ascending Dragon Strike with the Aria of the Goddess of Light, but the ability wasn’t aimed upwards, but forward.

Along with the increase of his cultivation, his use of the usual knight abilities already reached a new boundary, completely throwing off the restrictions of the abilities themselves. It could be said that every single ability could contain some creativeness in his hand.

With a faint flicker of light, Long Haochen’s eyes let out sparkles, and his Foundation Mythril Armor exuded some intense dark golden color. If was as if a thick golden liquid was stuck on the surface of his armor.

Facing Long Haochen’s dual sword attack, Ah’Bao didn’t show any sign of attacking. But his combat experience was plentiful enough that even in such a disadvantageous situation, he actually made a proper decision, and abandoned his sword.

The distance separating Long Haochen and him was already too small, and his purplish black gigantic sword was quite larger than Long Haochen’s Aria of the Goddess of Light. Therefore, right after launching a full power attack, he basically didn’t have the time to return it to his side, which turned his advantage into a handicap.

He hastily let go of his sword as he leaned backwards. Instantly,, his left hand clashed violently against the Rippling Light, as his right hand formed a fist that directly smashed backward, striking against the blade of light released by the Aria of the Goddess of Light.

With a puff sound, Ah’Bao’s left hand thrust against the Rippling Light that produced slight ripples. He swept it away, but that heavy sword of the Glorious Tier combined thousand strikes into one while carrying the power of Demon Wiping Flash! It left a bloody trace on Ah’Bao’s left hand.

As Long Haochen’s self-created technique Ripples of Light was displayed in combination with the uniting of thousand sword strikes into one, even with Ah’Bao’s external spiritual energy reaching a level of a few dozens of thousand units, he couldn’t completely resist against it.

At the same time, a clash occurred on the other side. Without any explosion, Ah’Bao’s fist clashed against the Aria of the Goddess of Light, and he suddenly found out to his greatest shock that his strength somehow felt empty.

In fact, during the previous altercation, Long Haochen’s Aria of the Goddess of Light felt able to possibly threaten his life. Thus, his punch was already using his whole strength.

Yet the instant his punch and the sword collided with each other, Ah’Bao only felt that a part of the strength of his fist was forcibly absorbed by the magnificent dark golden sword in Long Haochen’s hand, and it was a very great part of it. Afterwards, Long Haochen summersaulted with the help of the momentum, and thereby absorbed the rest of the strength of that fist. As the dark golden radiance suddenly vanished, Long Haochen’s body was already revolving at great speed like a vortex tearing everything away.

Actually, when Ah’Bao responded to Long Haochen’s attack, he was already fooled to think Long Haochen was trying to face him head-on. He was lured into responding to the attacks of both swords with both of his hands. In other words, Long Haochen’s dual swords were aiming for a crossed attack, and after the clash, he used the momentum for a spiraling motion, not aiming at all to clash with Ah’Bao’s monstrous power. Borrowing power from his all-out efforts was enough.

Condemning Revolving Sword!

Or rather, this should be called an evolved Condemning Revolving Sword.

Until now, Long Haochen’s sword intent was breaking out in all direction, spreading over the whole battlefield, surge after surge. Be it the demons or the humans, when seeing this battle, everyone looked lifeless. Even Long Haochen’s comrades wore expressions of disbelief.

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