Chapter 404: Life is a drama, and it is all thanks to acting skills!

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The atmosphere in the living room changed instantly the moment Nian Xiaomu finished speaking her sentence.

When Nian Xiaomu finally came to a slow realization, her face turned so red that it resembled an apple harvested in summer.

Retracting her hands away, she sat back on the sofa with a thump and covered her face with both her hands.

Sobs… There was no way to clear up the misunderstanding now…

“I have specially left that necklace for my granddaughter-in-law. Don’t fool around and return it to me.” Matriarch Yu snapped back to her senses and immediately retrieved the necklace back from Yu Yuehan’s hands.

She pulled Nian Xiaomu’s hand over and placed it in her palm.

The matriarch knew that Nian Xiaomu was shy and restrained herself from bringing up the incident that had happened just now.

After some thinking, however, she consoled Nian Xiaomu and said, “Don’t worry, Grandma has been through this. You guys are young and pa.s.sionate, so it’s indeed easier to act on impulse. Anyway, he is already yours—it doesn’t matter if you touch him!”

Nian Xiaomu: “…!!”

Compared to the shy Nian Xiaomu, Matriarch Yu appeared to be totally unperturbed.

As she picked up the third box on the table unhurriedly, she pa.s.sed it to Nian Xiaomu and said, “Here, take a look at it yourself this time around.”


For some reason, Nian Xiaomu felt that something was amiss when she met Matriarch Yu’s gaze.

She opened the box and realized that a pair of open-crotch pants meant for toddlers laid inside it.

Open-crotch pants.

Could this be the young Yu Yuehan’s personal possession as well…?

“Grandma has specially kept this over the years with the hope of gifting it to my granddaughter-in-law during our first meeting! If Yuehan bullies you next time, you can use it to control him by exposing to the media the open-crotch pants that he used to wear when he was young…”

Nian Xiaomu’s ears had already blocked out any form of noise even before Matriarch Yu could finish her words.

Reaching out, she took out the tiny pants from inside the box.

Numerous images erupted in Nian Xiaomu’s mind the moment she thought about how Yu Yuehan had worn these open-crotch pants and ran around the Yu Family villa when he was young.

For some unknown reason, she… wanted to laugh very badly!

However, she immediately stuffed the open-crotch pants back into the box and hid it behind her back when she saw that Yu Yuehan was looming toward her.

Yu Yuehan had not expected that Matriarch Yu kept things like this, and his ears had turned a little red. Reaching his hands out toward her, he said, “Nian Xiaomu, give those back to me.”


“These pants belong to me.” He took a deep breath and tried to talk some sense into her.

Nian Xiaomu ignored him and hugged the box tightly, saying, “They are mine now!”


“Ha, if you dare to contest with me, I’ll take a photo now. Then, I’ll send it to the reporters so that everyone knows what the open-crotch pants that Young Master Han wore when he was young look like. Perhaps someone might even dig out a photo of you wearing the open-crotch pants.”

Nian Xiaomu blurted this out without thinking, and Matriarch Yu, who was beside her, echoed along quickly, “I have the photos with me.”

Yu Yuehan’s face darkened completely when he heard that.

Clearing his throat, he shouted, “Grandma!”

Matriarch Yu replied, “Xiao Mumu is one of us. It doesn’t matter if she takes a look at them!”

Yu Yuehan: “…”

Only the tiniest looking box remained on the coffee table.

The moment she thought of Yu Yuehan’s necklace and open-crotch pants, Nian Xiaomu could no longer hold back her chuckling.

Nian Xiaomu did not wait for Matriarch Yu’s instructions this time around. She took the initiative and picked up the last box.

She was taken aback when she saw the item that rested in the box!

This was…

Before Nian Xiaomu could say anything, Matriarch Yu walked forward and retrieved the specimen seal from inside the box. This seal was intended for the matriarch of the Yu Family household.

Following which, she placed it in Nian Xiaomu’s hand.

“Grandma is getting on in age, and I don’t know how much longer I will live. My only wish in this lifetime is to personally see Yuehan get married.”

As Matriarch Yu said this, she reached down and gave her own thigh a tight pinch, forcing out a well of tears from her eyes.

“Xiao Mumu, you are a filial child. Surely, you would promise Grandma this, right?”

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