Chapter 410: A world of difference

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Wen Yadai felt pleased as punch by the compliments, but outwardly she maintained a look of surprise. Raising a wine gla.s.s, she exclaimed, “President Fang is too kind. I’m not a manager at the Yu Corporation anymore, but if President Fang would like to have a drink with me, I would be willing to join you!”

“Excellent! I like straightforward people like you!” President Fang raised his gla.s.s and finished it in one shot.

These two people continued to exchange niceties as they continued drinking.

The others at the table saw that President Fang was getting carried away with the drinking and tried to advise him to stop.

“Old Fang, don’t drink too much. It might get you in trouble.”

“The rest of you are simply too proper and want to save face in front of other people. Don’t you see that other people won’t even give us face and have a drink with us?” As President Fang spoke, he slammed his wine gla.s.s on the table and raised his eyebrow at Nian Xiaomu.

Even without mentioning names, it was clear to everyone who he was talking about.

Nian Xiaomu raised her teacup and was about to explain herself when Wen Yadai intercepted her and interjected, “Don’t be angry, President Fang. Harmony brings wealth. Manager Nian has only just taken over the public relations department. However, I’ve worked together with you all for so many years. If she has offended you in any way, please allow me to drink with you on her behalf. Everyone, don’t take it to heart.”

Then, Wen Yadai raised a gla.s.s of red wine and finished it all in one go.

While her words sounded like she was defending Nian Xiaomu, in actual fact, she was really trying to sow discord.

Exuding grace and elegance, Wen Yadai acted as if she were the main character at the gathering.

After finis.h.i.+ng her wine, she laughed as she said, “Don’t you underestimate Manager Nian. I’ve heard that she is a talented lady. Not only is she outstanding in her work, she is also musically inclined. Let’s invite her to give a performance as an apology to everyone.”

Wen Yadai’s eyes lit up smugly.

The people in the room might not be aware of Nian Xiaomu’s background, but Wen Yadai knew her best.

How could a nurse know how to play any high-end musical instruments?

Did Nian Xiaomu think that she could put her down just because she was now the manager of the public relations department?

Very soon, she would let Nian Xiaomu know what a world of difference meant!

As soon as Wen Yadai spoke, President Fang snickered coldly and remarked, “Someone wouldn’t even have a drink with us. Will she perform for us?”

Hearing these words, Wen Yadai broke into a bright smile.

This was the kind of reaction she wanted!

If Nian Xiaomu were to be so bold as to claim that she did not know how to play the piano, these important clients would surely think that she was making up an excuse.

Yet, if she were to really put on a performance…

With Nian Xiaomu’s standard, it was more likely that she would make a fool out of herself!

A streak of light flickered past Wen Yadai’s face. Since Nian Xiaomu was going to embarra.s.s herself, she would rub some salt on the wound!

Getting up elegantly from her seat, she looked around in the room and walked over to the piano.

As she was the heiress of a wealthy family, she had been groomed and taught various skills ever since she was young.

The piano was an entry-level musical instrument, but every distinguished family would send their children to take piano lessons to build an artistic temperament.

It wasn’t even about the quality of her skills. If Nian Xiaomu could not even play the piano, it would be a great humiliation for her!

“Perhaps Manager Nian is shy because she hasn’t known all of you for long enough. I will warm the seat for her by playing a song first,” joked Wen Yadai as she smiled and sat down gracefully at the piano.

After briefly testing the piano, she casually played a song.

Her skills were not exceptionally good, and she was rather mediocre. However, to a layman, it was extremely impressive.

Everyone in the private room broke into a round of applause.

“Miss Wen is someone who has beauty and brains!”

“I say that for a beauty like Miss Wen who possesses such abilities and sensibilities, she is truly a rare breed in this world!”

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