Chapter 427: The last bit of persistence

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At the main entrance of the Tang Family villa.

The sky was gradually turning dark.

The weather had turned cooler these past few days. Bits of snow floated in the air and were accompanied by the chilly winter wind; it was a bone-chilling kind of cold.

Shangxin wrapped her coat tightly around herself as she stared fixedly at the main entrance in front of her.

The security guard beside her was taking great pains to persuade her as he said, “Miss, President Tang is really not at home right now. It would be useless even if I let you in! The weather is so cold that you might catch a cold if you continue to stand here…”

When Shangxin heard what he said, she lifted her head up slightly and revealed the delicate smile beneath her scarf.

As she pulled out a smile from the corner of her mouth, she nodded at the security guard to show her appreciation.

“Thank you, but you don’t need to worry about me. Since he is not at home, I will continue to stand here and wait until he is back.”

After Shangxin finished her piece, she dove both of her hands into her pockets and continued to wait patiently.

The Tang Family had not been the greatest family in City H before they fetched Tang Yuansi home.

It was all due to Tang Yuansi’s appearance; he was the one who had pushed this declining family back into the public spotlight.

The ray of light in Shangxin’s eyes shone brighter when she thought of this.

Her Brother Xiaosi had been very smart ever since he was young.

Whenever the both of them were together, he was always able to guess what was on her mind even if she did not say anything…

However, he was truly a boring egg.

She always talked nonstop in front of him just to appease him and make him happy.

When she was young, she felt most happy when she saw his laugh as a result of her amusing actions.

Just like that, she had thought that they would continue to be happy together. However, the relations.h.i.+p between the both of them gradually changed…

Shangxin seemed to have thought of something as she lifted her head up and looked at the huge metal gate in front of her.

She had been here numerous times.

Ever since he was brought back to the Tang Family, she had come here to look for him very frequently.

However, he was either not around or was simply unwilling to see her every time that she was here.

She had frequently waited an entire day for him.

In the end, she would leave in disappointment…

Because she had been disappointed so many times, even she herself started to doubt and wondered if he had long forgotten about her.

However, reality had told her that he hadn’t!

He was the first to rush to her side when she met with danger.

Even if he refused to see her, she knew that he still cared for her!

The sky was gradually turning dark.

After standing in the frost and snow for a long time, her face had turned red from the gusts of wind that blew across her face. However, her body was still standing in a straight and upright manner as she waited patiently.

Finally, a black car emerged and drove toward the direction of where she was.

With just a single glance, Shangxin noticed Tang Yuansi, who sat in the backseat, when the car was just drawing close to her.

The expression in his eyes subtly changed when he saw her. Following which, he said something to the chauffeur, then the car headed directly toward the villa without stopping.

“Brother Xiaosi…!” Shangxin shouted as she watched the car drive past her.

However, Tang Yuansi did not react in the slightest bit; it was as if he had not seen her at all.

In the blink of an eye, the car entered the villa.

Anxious, she wanted to follow and come in, but was stopped by the security guard.

“Miss, you saw it as well. President Tang does not want to see you. I might lose my job if I let you in!”

This wasn’t the first time the security guard saw her coming here to wait for Tang Yuans. Even though he pitied her, there was nothing he could do.

“The sky has already darkened, and the snow seems to be falling heavier and heavier. You should go back now!”

However, Shangxin continued to stand there stubbornly despite the kind advice from the security guard and replied, “I am not leaving! Head in and tell Tang Yuansi that if he does not come and see me, I will stand here the entire night—as long as it takes until he meets me!”

She must see him today!

“This…” Since the security guard was unable to persuade her, he could only turn around, head in, and report.

Soon after, he came out again and shook his head at her.

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