Chapter 442: This is my boyfriend (4)

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Fan Yu stared at her with an expression that was filled with confused thoughts. When he realized what he had said just now, he smiled lightly and replied, “Nothing.”

The two of them entered the cafe as they chatted.

Nian Xiaomu pulled a chair out and sat at a seat next to the window. After she ordered her coffee, she tilted her head, looked at him, and asked, “By the way, that area was quite secluded, so how did you end up there?”

When Fan Yu heard this question, his eyes flickered as he opened his thin lips and said, “I happened to be pa.s.sing by. An area of land that a developer and I have agreed upon was nearby.”

After he finished his sentence, he looked away to hide the ray of light in his eyes.

He did not tell her that he had been following her right from the start and ever since she had first left the Yu Family villa.

He stepped up his vigilance after he realized that the driver was traveling on the wrong route. Furthermore, he dialed her number, but his call could not get through either.

He hadn’t expected that he would eventually lose track of her whereabouts near that area.

In the end, he luckily found her in the nick of time…

“Thank you!” Nian Xiaomu said with utmost sincerity.

No matter what, he was the one who had saved her today.

“No problem. If it was someone else, I would have saved him or her as well.” Fan Yu picked up the gla.s.s of water and took a sip. Noticing that she still seemed to take the incident to heart, he took advantage of the opportunity and asked, “Answer a few questions of mine if you really want to repay me.”


Fan Yu placed his gla.s.s of water down, looked at her, and continued, “It’s nothing much actually. I just think that you’re really special. As such, I am a little curious about what your family members are like.”

Nian Xiaomu heard what he said and replied in a straightforward manner, “I don’t have any family members.”

Her clear-cut reply instantly left Fan Yu stunned.

No family members?

What did she mean?

Perhaps this straightforward reply was due to the fact that Fan Yu had just saved her and also because the Fan Corporation had not managed to gain anything from her side.

Nian Xiaomu’s hostility toward Fan Yu had lessened significantly. Seeing that he seemed to be in shock from the expression on his face, she added, “I used to be alone in the past, but I have a boyfriend now.”

Without realizing it herself, a smile formed at the corner of her mouth the moment she thought about Yu Yuehan.

Her smile was sweet, and her eyebrows were curved.

Her originally outstanding facial features became even more lovable and charming.

She was glowing from head to toe with happiness, the kind of happiness which indicated that she could not wait to tell the entire world that she had someone she liked.

Fan Yu: “…”

Without asking, he knew who she was referring to.

He clenched his hands tightly under the table.

Trying hard to suppress the pain and unwillingness in his chest, he continued by asking, “Are you from City H? Have to traveled anywhere else?”

None of her background information could be obtained.

It was very possible that she didn’t live here previously.

As long as she said she wasn’t from City H, the possibility of her being Liuliu would increase significantly!


Nian Xiaomu took a glance at him. Even though she wasn’t very keen on this topic, she still opened her mouth patiently and answered when she recalled that he had just saved her life, “I don’t know. Actually, many things about me were already…”

Before she could finish her sentence, an honorable figure appeared at the entrance of the cafe.

It seemed like the attraction of a magnetic field.

She felt it at the very moment that Yu Yuehan appeared.

Similarly, Yu Yuehan, who was standing at the entrance, had already locked in on her position and was making his way over to her.

With a look of worry behind his eyes, he reached out and pulled her up from her chair. Following which, he examined her from top to bottom.

After he had confirmed that she was fine, he drew her forcefully into his embrace!

He hugged her tightly!

Since Nian Xiaomu was sealed against his chest, she could sense his restlessness and muttered softly, “Didn’t I send a text message and tell you that I was fine? Why did you come here so quickly…”

Yu Yuehan tightened his grip. Taking a glance at Fan Yu, who was sitting across from her, he opened his mouth unhurriedly and asked, “Why didn’t you answer your phone?”

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