Chapter 444: Blind date! (2)

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“I’m not angry.’ Yu Yuehan replied coldly as he lowered his eyes to look at the little head in front of him.

Nian Xiaomu wondered, Why does he seem scarier when he says that he isn’t angry compared to when he is actually angry?

As Nian Xiaomu thought about whether she should try to coax him, Yu Yuehan reached out to cup the back of her head and draw her into his embrace.

Then, he lowered his head and Nian Xiaomu could feel him kiss her hair.

After that, he laid his head on the side of her neck as he whispered, “Thankfully, you are fine.”

Nian Xiaomu’s heart tightened!

An indescribable sense of palpitation shot through her body in that instant.

He had not said much, but she understood him.

She understood his worry, his heartache, and how he had been suppressing his jealousy.

Her heart felt touched by it all.

How did she get so lucky and land such a good man like Yu Yuehan?

Nian Xiaomu buried herself in his arms. Just as she lifted her head to give him a surprise kiss, he took a step back, and she ended up kissing the air in front of her.

“Have you offended anyone lately?” Yu Yuehan did not realize that he had missed something as he pa.s.sed his credit card to the service staff and asked for the bill.

Nian Xiaomu pouted as she answered, “I don’t know. I did ask the kidnappers, and they admitted there was someone behind it. However, they refused to reveal who it was.”

The culprits had been apprehended, so it was just a matter of time before they would find out who had instigated the kidnapping.

After Yu Yuehan settled the bill, he took Nian Xiaomu to the police station.

The lawyer was already waiting for them at the entrance. When he saw them, he hurried forward and greeted, “Master Han!”

“Have they found out anything new?” Yu Yuehan held Nian Xiaomu’s hand as he asked coldly.

A streak of icy light flickered across his face.

“The police are still questioning the kidnappers. What we do know now is that these four people were paid to do this. As for the person behind everything, the kidnappers claim that they have never met their employer before and had only communicated over the phone.”

The lawyer paused for a moment before continuing, “Their employer paid a deposit and sent them a photograph of Miss Nian as well as her daily schedule. They were instructed to abduct her and send over a video before they would be able to collect the rest of the payment!”

“What video?” Yu Yuehan raised his eyebrows.

Hearing this, the lawyer took a glance at Nian Xiaomu and was hesitant to carry on speaking, but eventually elaborated and said, “The employer hired these gangsters to rape Miss Nian.”

Yu Yuehan’s face turned frigid upon hearing the lawyer’s words, and it looked as if he was about to kill someone.

He stepped past the lawyer and walked forward.

When he arrived inside, he saw that the kidnappers were done with the interrogation session and were being led out by the officers.

When they saw Nian Xiaomu, they were slightly shocked. Then, when they saw Yu Yuehan standing next to her, their faces immediately turned pale!

They did not know who Nian Xiaomu was, but Yu Yuehan was a well-known figure in City H. Who did not know of Master Han?

At first, the gangsters thought they were being paid to deal with an ordinary person. However, now that they saw that Yu Yuehan was accompanying Nian Xiaomu in the police station, they were all stunned!

“Yu Yuehan!” Nian Xiaomu was afraid that he would act rashly and held onto his arm tightly.

The detectives in charge of questioning the kidnappers sent them to be taken away before updating Yu Yuehan and Nian Xiaomu,

“These people were hired to do this. To catch the mastermind, we will carry out an additional investigation based on the evidence that they provided. Once we have any news, we will let you know immediately. By the way, we might need to trouble Miss Nian to return to the police station to provide a.s.sistance in the case.”

On the other side. In the Wen Family villa.


Wen Yadai sent everything on the desk cras.h.i.+ng to the floor.

With a sinister and vile expression, she gritted her teeth as she shrieked, “Tras.h.!.+ What a bunch of tras.h.!.+ They couldn’t even handle a b*tch!”

Zhang Qi was useless! Now, even the gangsters she had hired were useless too!

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