Chapter 463: A green-eyed monster’s push-and-pull tactics (1)

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100 million yuan…

When Nian Xiaomu snapped back to the senses, she immediately looked down at her own fingers.

If she were to wear a 100 million yuan ring on her hand, she would not dare to expose her hand even when she’s in bed!

Madness, madness!

These two people were insane!

Fan Yu had not expected that Yu Yuehan’s desire to get the ring was even stronger than his own.

100 million yuan was certainly above and beyond the worth of this ring.

From a businessman’s point of view, if they were to go on outbidding each other, it would be a lose-lose situation no matter who ended up with the ring!

If it were anything else, Fan Yu might have let it go.

However, this ring had a great meaning to him.

He had only lost Liuliu, he couldn’t lose something that she loved!

“100 million yuan, once!”

“100 million yuan, twice!”

The host very quickly hit the tiny hammer for the second time. Fan Yu tightened his grip on his bidding card decisively and just as he was about to raise it, Nian Xiaomu suddenly pulled at his shoulder.

She was shocked that he was still going to continue bid on!

Repeating the words that she had for Yu Yuehan earlier, she reminded Fan Yu, “You’ll lose a lot of money if you up the price. It’s true. I’m not lying to you!”

Fan Yu’s hand stopped in midair as he turned to look at her.

Seeing that her eyes were filled with worry for himself, his gaze became milder, and a warm sensation flowed within his chest.

Perhaps he missed the person in his memories too much. Even if the one in front of him wasn’t his Liuliu, just looking at the face that shared great resemblance made it difficult for him to reject her request.

He even could not bear to s.h.i.+ft his gaze away from her face…

While Fan Yu was distracted, the host lifted his tiny hammer and called out, “100 million, three times. Deal!”

Fan Yu’s eyebrows furrowed together,

as he realized that it was too late for him to regret now since the deal was closed.

When the host announced that the Queen’s Ring now belonged to Yu Yuehan, Yu Yuehan lifted Nian Xiaomu’s hand and kissed the back of her hand.

The indulgent action caused another stir among the people present.

The charity auction today appeared more like a public display of affection instead.

The guests felt stuffed even before they went for supper…

“Thank you.” Yu Yuehan stood up calmly, b.u.t.toned up his business suit jacket and walked over to Fan Yu.

“…” There was a look of conflict on Fan Yu’s face

as he glanced over at the Queen’s Ring on the stage, and then over at Nian Xiaomu who was standing next to Yu Yuehan.

Perhaps this ring was destined to be hers.

Holding back the disappointment in his eyes, Fan Yu gave Nian Xiaomu a deep gaze before turning to leave.

The atmosphere in the surroundings seemed to become downcast as the lonesome figure and sad gaze of Fan Yu walked away.

Nian Xiaomu could not help looking over in Fan Yu’s direction a few more times,

but at the next second, her little head was turned over by a large hand.

“Still looking at him when he’s walked off?”

Nian Xiaomu: “…” What a green-eyed monster

to get angry with her for just looking at Fan Yu.

The auction ended.

Before Nian Xiaomu could take a look at the ring, Yu Yuehan had already instructed someone to take it away.

Her heart was filled with delight even as she watched the a.s.sistant leave with the ring.

Yu Yuehan had bought the ring that symbolized love for her right?

Nian Xiaomu had wanted to ask him but held her tongue when she thought perhaps he would want to keep it as a surprise for her.

She could not ask him now.

A G.o.ddess shouldn’t appear so desperate to get married!

If he really were to propose to her with that ring, she would surely have to consider carefully if she wanted to marry him!

While Nian Xiaomu was deep in thought, Yu Yuehan had already scooped her up and carried her into the car, pressing his body onto hers.

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