Chapter 329: First Demon God Pillar?

Girls understood other girls the best, and the most sensitive to them were other girls. At that instant, Cai’er felt that Yue Ye didn’t treat Long Haochen as a mere acquaintance. Although she had absolute confidence in Long Haochen, that feeling still made her extremely uneasy.

Unconsciously, she drew closer to Long Haochen, and at that instant, Long Haochen happened to turn his head, “Cai’er, listen to me. No matter what happens, you are forbidden to trigger the power of your spiritual stove, understood? If things don’t go well, I will take my chance and use the Eternal Melody while bringing along Ye Xiaolei.

“Eh?” Cai’er turned back, her face appearing a bit red. It was a good thing that she was wearing her veil, making her embarrassment not visible. I… Am I actually feeling jealous?

Long Haochen asked with some surprise, “Cai’er, what’s up with you?”

Cai’er hastened to lower her head, “I am okay, I will do as you say.”

Believing that she was worrying about him, Long Haochen held her tightly, “Let’s do our best. No matter how it ends up, we should at least try our best for the Illusory Paradise.”

“Yeah.” Cai’er gave a light response, the jealousy inside of her disappearing mysteriously along. That’s right! Why am I even getting so insecure without any basis? Who would even be able to take him away from me? He’s my only one fool after all.

On the field, the battle was become increasingly more violent. When Ah’Bao discovered that the strength of his comrades had started to plummet, he immediately came to the decision of stopping their advance. This way, their pressure wouldn’t get reduced for some time. Meanwhile, one purple-black gem after another came out from his chest, flying towards all of his allies.

These purple-black gems were of extremely great use to help elite demons to recover. After every one of them took one, their recovery accelerated immediately.

Lin Xin opened his eyes wide, “Are those demon pills? I really want to get one to do some research.”

Wang Yuanyuan had an unhappy reaction, “Go then. No one is stopping you.”

Lin Xin revealed a playful smile, “How heartless from you! Yuanyuan, we are part of the same group. How can you have the heart to send a lamb like me in the tiger’s den.”

Wang Yuanyuan slightly smiled back, “Okay okay, don’t keep spreading nonsense. They are drawing closer and closer, prepare for battle.”

Long Haochen had brought forth his Glorious Holy Shield along with Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light.

After taking those purplish black gems, the eight demon clearly recovered their strength to some extent, and although the attacks from the magical beasts were still as fierce as before, they were also starting to become exhausted, and weren’t as bold and powerful as before anymore. Their numbers continuously went down as well.

Without Ye Xiaolei, not only they lost their leader, but also their persistent support and sustenance. According to their current speed, it would take Ah’Bao at most ten more minutes. That was to say that Long Haochen’s group of eight would need to hold for more than half an hour, but was something hopelessly optimistic.

Lightly touching the Eternal Melody on his neck, Long Haochen sighed secretly to himself. It looked like he would really have to make this choice.

Of course, this was his last trump card, that he wouldn’t reveal unless it was absolutely necessary.

Giving a look to Ye Xiaolei that still appeared enveloped in the orange cover, Long Haochen suddenly remembered something he told his father before: I want to become a Guardian Knight, because I want to protect those who are precious to me.

Thinking about this, Long Haochen’s face clearly looked more relaxed. Come, since it has come to this, just come at me.

Some orders started to be issued from him, and everyone rapidly organized in a formation.

Chen Ying’er was seated right before Ye Xiaolei, together with her, and surrounded by the others, protecting them in the middle of formation. The little pig McDull seemed to have fallen asleep, and looked quite sound asleep.

Long Haochen was the vanguard, followed by Zhang Fangfang himself followed by Han Yu.

The three knights were unexpectedly standing in a row. On Long Haochen’s two sides were Wang Yuanyuan and Sima Xian, and Cai’er disappeared gradually in the air. Lin Xin was at the rear, currently mumbling an incantation. Since there was the need for an incantation, he certainly wasn’t using some offensive magic.

Every step Ah’Bao took would leave a deep footprint on the hills. His body was already multi-colored from the blood of the magical beasts, but both of his eyes appeared just as filled with gloom and emptiness as before, as if all this slaughter was totally unrelated to him.

As the tiredness of his mates increased, the black gems only needed a short moment to take effect, but increased the burden on Ah’Bao’s. Still, the strength he displayed became even more terrifying.

Some damage appeared on the scales on his body; after all, it wasn’t as if his body was unbreakable. However, his attacks also became all the more violent.

After they passed halfway to the top of the mountain, the total number of magical beasts killed in the hands of Ah’Bao’s men was already over his own total. Corpses of magical beasts flew unceasingly, thrown by him in the air. And that odd magic sword was already retrieved, for the sake of sparing spiritual energy.

In fact, although Ah’Bao hadn’t really yet reached the ninth step in strength, his internal spiritual energy still exceeded 50,000 units. In a state of continuous consumption, more than half of his total reserves were used up.

Of course, this was because they were in the Illusory Paradise. In this place, Long Haochen’s group gained a severalfold increase in recovery, whereas the demons couldn’t get any energy to replenish, and could only rely on pills and techniques to recover their own spiritual energy.

Even so, this didn’t pose any challenge to him, still filled with confidence in winning. After the sacrifice of two of his teammates, who were also successors of the Star Clan and the Fiend Clan, he had to succeed no matter what. As long as he returned back with Ye Xiaolei, then no matter whether it would be the Demon God Emperor or himself, becoming the future ruler of the whole continent would be no problem, or even to…

The distance to the hilltop was already close to fifty meters, and the gloom in Ah’Bao’s eyes gradually took shape, and on his body appeared a special aura, just like the aura that was full of light released by Long Haochen. This aura was completely unyielding.

When identifying a target, he would go all out to forge a path towards it, without ever cowering before it. Even with his head broken and blood flowing, this reality wouldn’t change in any way.

An incapable being, even as the son of the Demon God Emperor, wouldn’t possibly be able to rule the demons and succeed to the glory of the first demon god.

As the distance was closing in, at the time they were about to reach the hilltop, a dark golden radiance suddenly erupted.

That black golden essence was truly overly massive, a thick pillar of light that extended over five kilometers afar. At the time it appeared, all the light in the air instantly turned into darkness, and the instant of its appearance, it was as if the sun was being extinguished.

The mountain range was completely enveloped in this dark golden color, and all the Illusory Paradise seemed to become dark golden at once. Such a sudden change even brought shock to the faces of the both the eight demon powerhouses and to the magical beasts too.

The magical beasts were just filled with shock, but their attacks were still just as rapid as before, but those eight demon powerhouses’ expressions changed completely. Even the firmly determined and unyielding Ah’Bao couldn’t help but fall back at that time, totally bewildered at this sight.

That dark golden pillar rapidly linked the sky and the earth, and its surroundings were totally black. The dark golden color released from it gave off a heaven-shattering might, filling the world with its light, making the changes on it appear all the more distinct.

It was indeed really huge, to the point that even from these distant places, its appearance could be recognized.

On the entirely dark golden massive pillar were countless strange symbols. More importantly, a massive golden dragon was crawling on this huge pillar of light.

This was clearly the symbol of the supreme ruler, the Demon God Emperor, his first demon god pillar!

“His Highness! It’s His Highness.” The one speaking these words was the Earth Dragon-shaped demon on the left side of Ah’Bao. He suddenly had a fanatical look, and the same went for the similar demon on the right side. These two went so far as to throw their heads onto the ground, immediately paying respect.

That’s right, to demons, the Demon God Emperor was the absolute symbol. With him here, who would possibly be able to harm them? What could these weak magical beasts possibly do.

It wasn’t only the two of them that crawled onto the ground, but also the bear and the lion-shaped demon powerhouses on either side of Leng Xiao. Only Ah’Bao, Leng Xiao, Yue Ye and that red-clad red-eyed girl had bewildered looks filled with uncertainty.

At the time these four demons finally crawled down to the ground, the magical beasts that were in a state of shock received a very simple order from Yating, in spiritual language, to attack!

The attacks from the magical beasts erupted once again, and at that time, because the four demon powerhouses went bowing down, their entire formation was immediately broken.


A fearful magical beast with the shape of a large elephant abruptly lifted up his paws, trampling fiercely on the back of one of the Earthworm-shaped magical beasts.

Even with such powerful external spiritual energy, in such an exhausted state, in addition to feeling the shock from seeing the first demon god pillar, he basically didn’t have the time to defend.

An ear-piercing sound of cracking bones resounded, and this Earth Dragon-like powerhouse had his chest entirely pierced with this stamping attack. Although he wasn’t human-shaped, this was his vital part! At that time, his internal organs were made mincemeat, thus even a forbidden ranked healing spell wouldn’t be able to save him.

A look of disbelief drew on his widely opened eyes, and he murmured the final words, “This… Can’t be… Your Highness, why… Discarding your own… people…”

The other Earthworm-like powerhouse was a bit better off, as Ah’Bao saved him at the crucial time.

“That’s not his Highness Demon God Emperor, but an illusion! Be prepared for battle!”

Unfortunately, his instruction didn’t make it at time, and although he did this rescuing act at time, the surrounding magical beasts were just far too numerous.

The other Earthworm-shaped powerhouse had an arm and a leg crushed, and his chest and head also sustained a heavy blow, he immediately lost consciousness from the heavy blow.

The demons on the rear were better off as Leng Xiao and Yue Ye reacted quickly. Yue Ye used a defensive spell at that time to protect that huge bear. It wasn’t that she wanted to save him in particular, but the lion-type demon had a defense that couldn’t compare with the bear-type, thus saving him wouldn’t necessarily be of use.

The results were clear, the lion demon was torn to fragments by the demons, whereas the bear was saved, but lost a paw in the act, and with frantic counterattacks, Leng Xiao however barely managed to steady her position.

This change just happened too fast, aiming at the group of eight demons. Even the very own son of the Demon God Emperor, Ah’Bao, couldn’t immediately react to that.

On the hilltop, Zhang Fangfang looked totally dumbstruck. At the time the deep golden pillar of light surged out, he was totally intimidated, to say nothing of the demons below.

However, that dark golden pillar immediately vanished to nothingness. The Demon God Emperor? There wasn’t even a shadow of him.

The small pig McDull appeared in Chen Ying’er’s arms with a worn out face, immediately falling in deep sleep.

That was exactly Long Haochen’s plan, to have McDull imitate the Demon God Emperor’ appearance to distract the attention of the eight demon powerhouses.

But the final results even exceeded Long Haochen’s expectations. McDull finally could be said to have failed his imitation, but even achieving the mere imitation of the appearance of the terrifying demon god pillar belonging to the Demon God Emperor was just too hard a task. It took up three magical crystals of the seventh rank, and the imitation was just rough, lasting for no more than ten seconds. In fact, McDull was supposed to only be able to imitate one’s appearance, not his pressure and aura, or at least was it so with his current level of cultivation. But even so, this produced great results.

However, the demon powerhouses were still taken in, and this was exactly because of the excessively majestic position of the Demon God Emperor to their race.

It ended up with two dead, and two severely wounded demons, among one severely wounded. One was just unconscious, but the other had a hand broken. This was an extremely devastating blow to the whole demon group commanded by Ah’Bao.

They had originally been advancing at a constant pace, but it took a mere instant to suppress them to such extent. At this point, they wouldn’t be able to keep advancing, and furthermore, the magical beasts’ attacks became all the more violent, causing their group to be now unable to resist.

Long Haochen was looking from beginning to end at Ah’Bao, but he didn’t immediately become optimistic just because of the present situation. Even a cornered beast would keep fighting on, to say nothing of the crown prince of the demons.

Ah’Bao’s originally unexpressive look suddenly became incomparably deep. The demons familiar with him understood that this was the sign that his rage was already reaching its ultimate peak.

The appearance of an imitation of a Demon God Emperor was an utter disgrace to the demons, to say nothing that Ah’Bao clearly couldn’t accept the damage that happened before his eyes.

The long purple-black sword appeared once again, but this time, it appeared directly in Ah’Bao’s hand, while he carried his wounded ally in the other hand. However, his killing intent now reached an unforeseen level. Each attack of his now reached a peak level close to ten thousand units of spiritual energy, with the entirety of his external spiritual energy breaking out. The scales on his body continuously kept flickering in light.

It could be said that Ah’Bao managed to resist the attacks from the overwhelming majority of the magical beasts with only his individual strength. Right at that time, he suddenly let out a prolonged dragon cry, and his tall and thin build suddenly changed in response, at a great speed.

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