Chapter 468: Xiao Liuliu’s biological mother (2)

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“What are you laughing at? Even if I was taken as a subst.i.tute, I am still better off compared to you—you did not even qualify to be a subst.i.tute!”


Wen Yadai instantly choked so hard that she could not utter a single word.

By the time she wanted to speak up again, Nian Xiaomu had already hung up the call.

She merely regarded this as Wen Yadai trying to provoke her on purpose. As such, she did not take it seriously, tossed her cell phone aside, and dove under the blanket again.

It was already noon when she woke up for the second time.

Her mind felt muddled; the more she slept, the more sleepy she felt.

She hugged her blanket and started to roll around on her bed…

This was a rare occurrence where she did not have to head to the office and could rest at home. However, she had been tormented by Yu Yuehan to the extent that she could not get out of bed.

She wanted to apply for injury leave!

At the thought of this, Nian Xiaomu only now recalled that Yu Yuehan had not been around the first time she woke up.

Where had he gone?

Click! As the door to the room was pushed open from the outside, a tall figure strolled in.

When he saw the person who was still lazing under the blankets, Yu Yuehan’s lips curled as he walked forward and scooped her into his embrace.

He lowered his head and kissed her.

As he sniffed the natural fragrance on her body, he bit on her tiny earlobe and asked, “Have you woken up?”

“Not awake yet!” Nian Xiaomu lied through her teeth and shrank her entire body back under the blankets.

“Wake up and eat. It’s noon. You can go back to sleep after you’ve eaten.” Yu Yuehan pinched her nose lovingly as he said this.

However, Nian Xiaomu swatted his hand away ungratefully.

“Stop shedding crocodile tears. The reason why I can’t get up is because last night in the car, you…” Nian Xiaomu’s face reddened when she was just halfway through her words.

Just like a snail, she shrank her tiny head under the blankets when she thought of everything that had happened between the both of them in the car last night.

“Don’t talk to me! Let me calm down for a moment!” Nian Xiaomu flew into a rage out of shame and started to speak in another accent.

Yu Yuehan’s face looked calm and satisfied compared to her bashfulness.

As he dragged her out of the blankets once again, he rubbed her tiny head and said, “If you get up and have your meal obediently, I’ll give you a gift.”


That ring instantly popped up in her mind when she heard this word!

She had never adored a ring so dearly in her life.

It wasn’t just because the ring looked good and matched her taste, it was because her heart would beat uncontrollably fast the moment she thought about Yu Yuehan proposing to her with the Queen’s Ring.

Faster and faster…

All the tiny dissatisfactions in her heart turned into bubbles of excitement.

She simply allowed him to carry her out of bed and wash her up.

In the end, Nian Xiaomu even meticulously picked out a dress from her closet that looked slightly more formal before she followed him downstairs.

The butler already had lunch prepared when they entered the dining room.

Nian Xiaomu, who had a.s.sumed just a second ago that she would be so excited that she would not want to eat lunch, forgot about the gift entirely when she saw the spread of food on the table.

It was most important to fill her stomach at this point in time.

As she crawled out from Yu Yuehan’s embrace, she sat at the dining table and started to feast.

In the end, she ate two bowls of rice, a few plates of vegetables, and even drank a huge bowl of soup…

She was stuffed to the extent that she leaned against her chair and did not even have the strength to move her fingers. She could only send hints to Yu Yuehan with her gaze—where was the gift that was promised?

Yu Yuehan did not leave her hanging either. Seeing that she had finished her meal, he turned around and instructed the butler to bring the item over.

Nian Xiaomu’s body, which was in a lazy state just a moment ago, suddenly straightened when she saw that the butler was really walking in with a box made of velvet material in his hand!

She tugged the sleeve of Yu Yuehan’s s.h.i.+rt nervously and asked, “Umm, do you wanna have a change of location? This doesn’t seem like a very appropriate place…”

Who would anyone propose marriage in front of a heap of dirty bowls and plates?

Wasn’t he hinting that he would be marrying a glutton?

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