Chapter 480: The truth! This is her daughter! (2)

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“Young Master has just returned home. He seems to be attending to an urgent matter in the study.”


Hearing the butler’s words, Nian Xiaomu recalled that Yu Yuehan had been rather busy these past few days.

She had slept early the day before, so she did not even know what time he had returned home yesterday.

When she woke up in the morning, he was already gone.

He had been running around without any rest.

Nian Xiaomu willed herself to calm down and headed upstairs.

Along the way, she felt jittery about what reaction he would have if he found out that she had given birth before.

Would he think poorly of her?

Or would he be willing to look for the child together with her?

It was only at this point in time that Nian Xiaomu realized that she could not bear to leave Yu Yuehan.

The more she loved him, the more afraid she was.

She was afraid that he would detest her and afraid of all the other factors that might cause them to break up…

However, she had no choice.

It was her child, so she could not act like nothing had happened.

Looking at the study room in front of her, Nian Xiaomu took a deep breath as she mustered her courage and stepped forward.

When she stopped at the door, she heard Yu Yuehan’s magnetic voice say, “You said you’ve found it? I’ll go there right now!”

He was on the phone.

There was urgency in his tone, and Nian Xiaomu had never seen him like this before.

What had he found that made him so happy?

The scene of Yu Yuehan ordering his men to find Xiao Liuliu’s mother flashed in her mind…

Nian Xiaomu’s hands clenched into tight fists as they hung at her sides, and her heart throbbed with pain.

Before she could snap back to her senses, Yu Yuehan had already hung up the phone and was quickly walking out of the study.

When he saw her standing at the door, he stopped in his tracks. There was a look of surprise as well as some nervousness on his handsome face.

“When did you get here?”

“…” Nian Xiaomu’s eyes narrowed at his suspicious tone.

Was he that afraid to let her know that he was searching for Xiao Liuliu’s mother?

Nian Xiaomu took a deep breath before asking, “Do you have time now? There’s something I’d like to tell you…”

“I need to head out and attend to an urgent matter. Talk to me when I return. I have a surprise for you.” Yu Yuehan rubbed her head dotingly. Then, he left without waiting for her response.

Nian Xiaomu stood rooted to the ground as she watched his figure walk further and further away…

It seemed like the distance between them was also drawing apart.

Suddenly, she broke into a smile.

She thought about how compatible they were.

She was not the mother of his child and did not even know the whereabouts of her own child or if her child was dead or alive…

How could the two of them stay together?

As Nian Xiaomu continued to laugh to herself, she started to cry tears.

Unable to stand anymore, she collapsed to the ground into a pile of sadness.

Hugging her knees like a child who had been abandoned by the world, only she could give herself comfort…

“Pretty Mommy!” A cute voice rang out from the stairway.

Sensing that someone was coming up the staircase, Nian Xiaomu quickly wiped away her tears.

When she looked up, she saw Xiao Liuliu holding onto the railing of the staircase while climbing up.

When Xiao Liuliu saw Nian Xiaomu, she broke into a huge grin.

Xiao Liuliu’s smiley crescent eyes were so adorable that one would love to hug her in their arms.

When she arrived upstairs, she scampered toward Nian Xiaomu and pounced on her.

Nian Xiaomu embraced her and immediately felt Xiao Liuliu fill up the vacant s.p.a.ce inside her.

Regaining her composure, she reached out to Xiao Liuliu’s forehead.

Xiao Liuliu had kicked away her blanket last night. When she woke up this morning, she was running a slight fever, so she had not gone to school.

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