Chapter 485: Climax! Reunion of both mother and daughter! (3)

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She had known Tan Bengbeng for a long time. Tan Bengbeng was not someone who was good at lying, and no one knew this better than she did.


“Alright, you know that I don’t like emotional conversations. Now that you are aware of everything, I am willing to lend you a helping hand if you’re planning to look for your child.” Tan Bengbeng walked over to her and pinched her face.

Just then, Tan Bengbeng seemed to have thought of something.

“Have you thought of telling Young Master Han about this since you’re in a relations.h.i.+p with him now? If you have connections from the Yu Corporation, perhaps you just might have a chance of finding your child!”


Tan Bengbeng’s words seemed to have jabbed Nian Xiaomu’s heart.

She had wanted to tell Yu Yuehan something, but it wasn’t about asking him for help to look for her child.

She had wanted to seek an explanation about why her daughter was with him…

Nian Xiaomu struggled internally for a moment before she took out the DNA report hidden in her bag and said, “Here. Could you help me take a look and see if this report is genuine?”

Tan Bengbeng: “…!!”

Tan Bengbeng took the report from her and scanned through it quickly.

After that, she put on her again as she sat in front of her computer and opened up some doc.u.ments on it.

Nian Xiaomu leaned toward her immediately and realized that she had opened up an archive of Nian Xiaomu’s DNA.

“All the data from your health checkups are stored on my computer. What can be confirmed at this moment is that your DNA archive is a match to the DNA report you have given me. If the DNA archive of this child is also genuine, then the report must be real…”

Tan Bengbeng suddenly paused in her words.

As she stared at the name on the report with an astonished gaze, she lifted her head up suddenly and looked at Nian Xiaomu.

“Are you saying that your child is Young Master Han’s daughter, Yu Liuliu?”


“Where did you get this report?”

Tan Bengbeng had always been a calm person compared to other human beings, and this came with minimal fluctuations in her emotions as well.

In the past, Nian Xiaomu had frequently teased her on purpose just to try to see other expressions on her face. However, it was always a wild goose chase in the end.

Now, however, Nian Xiaomu’s heart was thrown into a flutter when she saw Tan Bengbeng’s rudely shocked expression.

Everyone knew that Yu Yuehan was looking for his daughter’s mother.

Due to Wen Yadai’s earlier instigating moves, Nian Xiaomu had previously a.s.sumed that Yu Yuehan was unwilling to give up on his search because he still could not forget that old love of his.

Yet, she had suddenly become Xiao Liuliu’s mother now…

The unforgettable old love that made others green with envy might soon turn into vicious revenge!

Nian Xiaomu’s heart quivered, and she muttered, “I don’t remember either. The bank suddenly gave me a call about a safe deposit box and then I found this inside…”

“Bravo to you!” Tan Bengbeng gave her a thumbs up and continued speaking, “After secretly giving birth to the daughter of the highest ranking man in City H, you actually had the ability to forget such a terrific thing as and when you like.”

“Don’t utter nonsense! What do you mean by giving birth in secret? You never know, it might be Yu Yuehan that had many love affairs and then abandoned the woman after he dallied with her…” Nian Xiaomu reb.u.t.ted back with a guilty conscience.

She had forgotten everything anyway; no matter what, she would not take on the blame unjustly.

Still, the main point now was, what should she do?

“It seems to me that this report is 90% genuine. However, you can bring a few strands of Yu Liuliu’s hair to me after you’ve returned home and I’ll do another maternity test, just to make sure.”

“… Okay.”

Nian Xiaomu exited the hospital after she had stuffed the DNA report back into her bag.

It was already dusk by the time she returned to the Yu Family villa.

Matriarch Yu had brought Xiao Liuliu out to play in the courtyard.

Xiao Liuliu was very excited as she kept on running around, and her delicate-looking little face had flushed pink from the chilly wind.

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