Chapter 522: You are my everlasting love (10)

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Only a view of a woman from behind could be seen in the photograph.

Plus, it wasn’t a complete rear view either.

How could they determine that this was Xiao Liuliu’s mother when they couldn’t even see her side profile?

Astonished, she lifted her head up and looked at Yu Yuehan.

However, Yu Yuehan’s eyes looked a little dark, and he asked, “Is there only one photograph?”

“It has been too long. At the time when Little Miss was sent to the Yu Corporation, we had already sealed the scene immediately and inspected the area, but did not manage to detect any clues. This image was accidentally discovered by the owner of the photograph when he was clearing up the photos on his cell phone.”

The a.s.sistant walked forward and pointed at a blurry spot on the photograph.

“This piece of cloth in the photo looks very similar to the clothes that Little Miss was wearing at that time.”

If they could verify that Xiao Liuliu was the child in this woman’s embrace, then this person had a very high chance of being Xiao Liuliu’s mother!

“Continue to investigate. Since someone had managed to take an image of her leaving the Yu Corporation, then there is a possibility that other photos were also taken.” Yu Yuehan opened his mouth coldly and said this as he threw the photograph to the a.s.sistant.

“Yes.” The a.s.sistant picked the photograph up and hurriedly left with the private investigator.

It was a false alarm.

Nian Xiaomu broke out in a cold sweat and laid sprawled out in his embrace.

No, she could not drag this matter on any longer.

She needed to quickly find a good chance to confess to Yu Yuehan and strive for a lenient sentence before he found anything!

The door to the study room was pushed open once again.

A hairy little head popped in from outside the door.

When she saw the two individuals who were hugging each other, she pushed the door wide open immediately and ran toward them swiftly with her tiny legs.

“Xiao Liuliu wants a hug too!”

She ran toward Nian Xiaomu with her cuddly body and stretched her arms out in front of her.

Nian Xiaomu was still feeling fl.u.s.tered. However, she carried Xiao Liuliu immediately when she saw her sweetheart.

The three of them were like a human pyramid again.

Yu Yuehan hugged Nian Xiaomu while Nian Xiaomu embraced Xiao Liuliu…

When Xiao Liuliu realized that she was sitting at the top of the pyramid, she chuckled happily.

The heavy atmosphere in the study room became joyous with her sweet laughter.

Yu Yuehan pinched her tiny face and said lovingly, “Mischievous.”

Nian Xiaomu’s heart jerked when she heard that.

Hugging Xiao Liuliu tightly in her embrace, she turned around, looked at him, and asked, “Did you realize that Xiao Liuliu actually resembles me?”

“…” Yu Yuehan cast a glance at her and did not speak.

However, he scanned her and Xiao Liuliu twice with his gaze.

Opening his thin lips, he said, “Yeah, she is as mischievous as you.”

Nian Xiaomu: “…!!”

Couldn’t they chat nicely?

Was being mischievous her only trait?

Shouldn’t it be lively and cheerful; beautiful and easy-mannered?!

Nian Xiaomu didn’t want to argue with him. As she leaned her face close to Xiao Liuliu, she said, “Take a look again. Take a close look. Don’t we really look alike?”


“I am not talking about our appearances, I am talking about the aura. Aura, you know what that is, right?” Nian Xiaomu was so anxious that she was sweating buckets.

There was no choice. The man in front of her remained unimpressed.

Just when she was about to lose her cool, he reached out and patted her on the head. Taking his time to open his mouth, he replied, “Don’t talk about things that you don’t have. That’s too extravagant.”

Nian Xiaomu: “…!!”

Yu Yuehan, did you know that speaking in this manner could very easily result in you becoming single?


She must endure it!

Nian Xiaomu took in a deep breath and asked, “You really don’t feel that Xiao Liuliu’s character resembles mine? Everyone says that she’s just like a photocopy of me…”

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