Chapter 525: Oriental or Western (3)

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“As long as it’s you I’m getting married to, it doesn’t matter what style the ceremony is.” Nian Xiaomu blushed as she hurled herself into Yu Yuehan’s arms.

Yu Yuehan’s heart throbbed with delight as he hugged Nian Xiaomu tightly. It was as if he wanted to trap her in his body.

Seeing Yu Yuehan’s emotional reaction, Nian Xiaomu secretly gave herself a thumbs up in her heart.

There could not be any girls more quick-witted than her.

She had used just a few words to appease the iceberg.

Just when she was about to celebrate her narrow escape, a voice whispered in her ear, “Nian Xiaomu, now that the touching moment is over, shouldn’t you give me a proper explanation about the violence you were talking about?”

Nian Xiaomu: “…”

Wen Family villa.

Wen Yadai ran straight into her room from outside and locked the door.

Then, she opened the wardrobe and pulled out a large suitcase. Opening up the suitcase, she hastily stuffed clothes into it.

She had just received news that the police were focusing their suspicions on her.

If she did not run now, she would not be able to escape if she were found out to be the mastermind behind Nian Xiaomu’s abduction!

Coincidentally, her father had arranged an overseas trip for her, so she could make a getaway immediately!

After throwing some clothes into her suitcase, Wen Yadai remembered something and ran over to her vanity table.

She looked through everything in her jewelry box, but all her valuable pieces were gone!

Who had taken her things?

Her father had only confiscated her most valuable jewelry, but she had been allowed to keep the ones that she used on a daily basis in the box.

As a thought struck Wen Yadai, she gritted her teeth and shut the jewelry box. Then, she walked out toward the main bedroom and pushed the door open. Immediately, Wen Yadai saw Zhang Mingyan sitting at a vanity table while dolling herself up with Wen Yadai’s own earrings!

Wen Yadai fumed with rage and stomped over to grab her earrings back.

“Are you shameless or what, Zhang Mingyan? Those are mine!”

“Oh, I was just wondering who it was. So it’s you, our young mistress.” Zhang Mingyan did not react to the earrings being s.n.a.t.c.hed away. Instead, she turned and faced a furious Wen Yadai with a gloating expression on her face.

“It’s only a pair of earrings that I’m borrowing. Why are you so petty over it? If I asked your father to buy this knick-knack for me, he would buy a truckload of them for me.”


Wen Yadai’s face turned red from rage.

However, she did not want to pick a losing battle with Zhang Mingyan. Clutching the earrings in her hand, she stretched out her other hand and demanded, “What about the other jewelry in my room? Did you steal them too? Return them to me!”

“Steal? I don’t know what you’re talking about. Anyway, this is the bedroom of your father and I. You barged in without even knocking. Don’t you have any manners at all?” Zhang Mingyan answered as she fixed her hair.She had maintained her appearance very well and looked like she was in her early thirties.

She had a pair of expressive eyes and was meticulously dressed. Compared to Wen Yadai, she looked even younger.

Standing up from the vanity table, Zhang Mingyan eyed Wen Yadai from head to toe with her hands on her hips. Her eyes were filled with scorn as she sneered, “Does the great Miss Wen remember what she said to me the first time we met? Let me return those words to you today.”


“I don’t welcome you here. Get lost!”


Wen Yadai stared at the gleeful Zhang Mingyan across from her and wished that she could tear her apart.

However, when she considered her current situation, she could only bear with it.

Since Zhang Mingyan refused to return the jewelry to her, she would look for it on her own!

Wen Yadai’s gaze s.h.i.+fted to the vanity table.

Narrowing her eyes as she recalled that Zhang Mingyan had taken out the earrings from those boxes, Wen Yadai swiftly picked up one of the jewelry boxes on the table.

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