Chapter Eight Hundred and Seventy Two – The King’s Horn

“Grandmaster is unparalleled in skill, and amazes us all!” Gu Wu Shuang flattered.

Zuo Mo smiled. “Just some simple moves, nothing to speak of.”

He was not being modest. From beginning to end, Zuo Mo only used some ordinary techniques. Other than the difficulty in controlling so many pillars of fire at once, there were many forgers that could do this.

“Grandmaster is too humble!” Mo Ru spoke up. “Forging three hundred pieces of shen equipment at once is unheard of. Even if we have seen it with our own eyes, we still find it inconceivable when we think of it.”

Zuo Mo realized now that these people were here for a reason. It was not fitting of their status to stand here and flatter him without leaving.

He said directly, “Do you have a matter to discuss?”

The group exchanged a look. Si Du went forward. “Would Grandmaster trade for the nether sand you have?”

“Nether sand?” A handful of black sand floated in Zuo Mo’s hand. “This thing?”

Si Du’s eyes lit up as he nodded repeatedly. “Yes, exactly!”

Zuo Mo nodded. “This can be traded. However, what does Mister Si Du plan on trading for this?” Originally, Zuo Mo had planned to get the Black Gold Seal Soldier to eat this, but the Black Gold Seal Soldier was disgusted by it on that day. In a rare occurrence, his appetite was gone. The person that the Ghost Mist Child had “farted” unconscious was the spoils. When Black Gold thought of this, he didn’t have any appetite at all. He felt great regret. Why had he thought of this move for the Ghost Mist Child?

He had sinned!

Since Black Gold didn’t eat it, Zuo Mo had played with the nether sand for a while and then put it away. This thing was not of any use to him. Hearing that Si Du wanted to trade for this, he took it out.

Si Du scratched his head and took out a pile of things. “My assets are here. If Grandmaster has something you like, please take it.”

Zuo Mo was not courteous. He swept a look and picked out a five-colored stone. “This marked poison stone.”

Si Du agreed. He liked to collect poisonous things. This marked poison stone was one of his collection. However, it was extremely difficult to extract poison from the marked poison stone. Even with his power, he could only leave it as a paperweight. It was not as practical as the nether sand.

Zuo Mo then said, “The marked poison stone is rare. I will not let you have a loss. You can pick one of these things.”

Zuo Mo took out some of the things he forged out of his ring. Si Du was overjoyed. He picked out a round disk of good quality called the [Mist Disk].

Zuo Mo had copied the Mist Eye Tablet when he forged the Mist Disk. Because this was something he used to practice, the materials used in it were ordinary. However, Zuo Mo’s present skill was unordinary. While the materials were ordinary, the quality was still outstanding, and Si Du picked it at a glance.

With a good beginning to the trades, everyone else became confident.

Bu Ru Mian rumbled. “Could Grandmaster forge a piece of shen equipment for me?” Then he took out all of his wealth, and displayed all of them as though he wanted Zuo Mo to pick as he wished.

Zuo Mo suddenly understood. He did not refuse and he looked in interest at Bu Ru Mian’s collection.

Experts like the Yin Tomb Five Ghosts were in the top tier of experts of Nether Realm. In Nether Realm, the Nether King was undoubtedly the strongest, followed by the four nether lord’s and the Yin Tomb Ghost Lord. These five were of the same level. Then it was the Yin Tomb Five Ghost and the generals of the four mansions. They were at approximately the same skill level.

So the collections of people like the Yin Tomb Five Ghosts were astounding since they were at a relatively high position on the food chain of Nether Realm.

Unlike Si Du who preferred to collect poisonous things, Bu Ru Mian’s collection was comprised of nether items. Strange corpse cloth, ghost fires that flickered, a complete zombie. There were also various kinds of zombies, black furred, green furred, red furred and so on. There were dozens of those and Zuo Mo gaped at them.

The others exchanged a look and then took out their collections.

Gu Wu Shuang’s collection could be called the complete collection of all kinds of skeletons and bones. Ten Thousand Fiend Bones, Snow Flower Bone, Black Marrow Skeleton, Jade Skeleton … …

Hei Wu’s collection was one that could frighten people to faint. A dragon heart that was still bleeding and beating. A tendon that twisted and squirmed like a snake. Strange balls of blood that gave off a strong metallic tang … …

Zuo Mo almost thought that this person was a butcher.

In comparison, Mo Ru’s collection was much more normal. A long horn that would produce low notes on its own, a spiraling stone, tree bark with burnt marks and could float … …

Si Du too a look. Ooh, everyone was serious! Then he hurriedly took out a few more things with pain on his face and put them in front of him. His actions immediately attracted the disdainful gazes of the others.

“Everyone is very wealthy!” Zuo Mo chuckled.

The five smiled as well but they were clearly feeling pained. It had taken them great effort for them to collect these treasures. However, when they thought of the hard battles that were about to occur, the pain faded. What was more important than their lives? If they weren’t alive, these things would naturally belong to other people.

“Grandmaster, please pick as you wish!” The five said in unison.

Zuo Mo laughed. However, he had to admit that this broadened his vision. The nether items that these people collected were the best of the nether items. The Yin Tomb Ghost Lord was probably the only one that would have a better collection.

Naturally, Zuo Mo would not be polite.

His eyes were experienced. He did not know the names of some of these materials, but when it entered his hand, he would know their attributes and uses. The merging of his god-level cultivation and his experience of the top materials in the endless void caused him to be unrivalled in this area.

Zuo Mo chose that jade skeleton from Gu Wu Shuang’s materials. When Zuo Mo picked the jade skeleton, he heard the sound of Gu Wu Shuang grinding his teeth in pain. It took many years for a skeleton to turn into jade, and the special environment that could form this was rare. This jade skeleton was the best of all the skeletons he collected.

Zuo Mo planned to give this jade skeleton to Lan after he returned to Mo Cloud Sea. That guy’s body was incomplete and this jade skeleton was suitable to replace the lost bones.

Zuo Mo unhesitatingly chose the dragon heart from Hei Wu’s collection. Truthfully, he had picked out the dragon heart at first glance. The dragon heart was extremely strong in vitality, and this dragon heart was still beating. When Zuo Mo touched it, he immediately felt a great abundance of vitality.

Eldest Shixiong!

If he put this dragon heart into Eldest Shixiong’s body, how powerful would Eldest Shixiong’s body become? The dragon heart’s ability to produce blood was unrivalled in the world and it could definitely pair with the God-killing Blood Sword.

Abundant vitality, unrivalled and powerful resolve, an imperishable fighting will, a sword essence that was at the peak!

A powerful warrior that would astound the world!

Zuo Mo was excited just thinking about it.

Eldest Shixiong, Lin Qian will be for you!

Zuo Mo turned to Bu Ru Mian’s collection. His gaze landed on a seemingly ordinary wisp of ghost fire. This ghost fire looked as though there was nothing special about it but he said without hesitation, “I want this ghost fire!”

“Here!” Bu Ru Mian did not hesitate to hand it over. Then he asked curiously, “Could Grandmaster explain to for me what this is? I accidentally obtained this ghost fire and felt that there was something strange. But upon closer examination, I cannot find anything special. Grandmaster must have identified what was special to have picked it. Could you speak of it?”

The others also showed curious expressions. They had all looked at Bu Ru Mian’s ghost fire. They felt the same as Bu Ru Mian. This ghost fire wasn’t quite right. But they could not pinpoint what wasn’t right.

The ghost fire held in his hand, Zuo Mo explained. “There is a soul hiding in this ghost fire. However, it is extremely skilled in hiding, and so you were not able to find it.”

As he spoke, the blurry figure of a female appeared in the ghost fire. This female bowed elegantly to Zuo Mo. Zuo Mo had pointed her out and there was no use in hiding so she could only submit to Zuo Mo.

The five realized and tsked as they marvelled.

Zuo Mo picked the horn that was making sound on its own from Mo Ru’s collection.

Mo Ru handed over the long horn and then asked, “This one has obtained this item for a long time and does not know its origins. Could Grandmaster tell me?”

Zuo Mo took the long horn and nodded. “This item has a great history!”

Everyone perked up their ears. Even Grandmaster said that this item had a great history. It immediately stirred their curiosity.

“The era of the totems ended and it gradually shifted into the era of the yao, mo, and xiu. The first king in history for the mo appeared. Everyone should know this.”

“Is Grandmaster talking about the mo king of the Hundred Wasteland Oxen?” Gu Wu Shuang asked.

“Yes.” Zuo Mo nodded. “King is a term unique to the mo. The yao and the xiuzhe do not have kings. As the era of shen power declined, the tribes gradually divided into three groups. One of the three was the ancestors of the mo. The term king came from them. However, the king of that era, strictly speaking, is not the same as the present.”

Everyone listened carefully. They had a feeling that what Grandmaster was going to say to them was most likely an astounding matter.

“This mo king’s cultivation had reached a peak, and he was just a thread away from god-level. This was astounding for the time.”

Zuo Mo’s voice was low. He unconsciously thought of Pu Yao and Wei. It had been those two who had narrated these forgotten and ancient histories to him.

Reminiscing on memories was like a black cloud. Some people were covered by darkness, some could see sunlight through the cracks.

Zuo Mo raised his head, his expression having recovered. “In truth, he did become god-level later on, even if it was only for a short while. For those that have the blood of mo, when they enter god-level, the power in their bloodline is completely released. They could cause instinctive fear in other mo. This first mo king used his horn to forge a horn to lead the mo. That is the [King’s Horn].”

The five listened with wide eyes and open mouths.

Of course they had heard of the King’s Horn. This legendary treasure that had briefly appeared gloriously in history. It was the symbol of might and power. The rumor was that one who obtained the [King’s Horn] would unite the mo. However, just like the other treasures of legend, it had disappeared.

“Is this the King’s Horn?” Mo Ru almost shouted.

“No.” Zuo Mo shook his head.

For some unknown reason, the five sighed in relief. The pressure on them decreased. If it really was the King’s Horn, it would be too shocking.

“Good good! So scary! I had thought that this was the King’s Horn! Motherf***er, if a treasure is too good, one cannot endure the consequences!” Si Du still felt lingering fear.

Everyone else nodded.

Zuo Mo glanced at them and said with a calm expression, “This is the other horn of the first mo king.”

Translator Ramblings: Zuo Mo is an evil storyteller.

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