Chapter 168: Not Much Time Left

Chen Yan asked worriedly, “How is the City Lord’s situation now?”

Yan Hua did not tell him, but he could tell from the expression on Yan Hua’s face that it was not good, so he did not ask much.

“These days, we have been reading all kinds of ancient books and finally found a pill that can suppress the City Lord’s current situation. However, these medicinal ingredients are extremely tricky and strange, so it is not easy to find them. These few days, we have sent people out one after another and have only collected more than half of them. We hope that we can refine it as soon as possible.”

Even though they had found a pill that could suppress it, Yan Hua did not relax at all. This was because no one knew when the City Lord’s condition would worsen.

“Alright, quickly go back and refine pills. Right now, we can only rely on numbers to suppress it.”

General Manager Zhao’s people also quickly came to the Palace Hall to report the news. They met Chen Yan and Yan Hua head on.

“Elder Yan, it’s good that you’re here. General Manager Zhao said that he couldn’t find the Howling Moon Celestial Wolf right now. He wants you to make preparations and see if you can replace it with the inner cores other demonic beasts or medicinal herbs.”

The creases between Yan Hua’s brows were so deep that they could almost pinch a mosquito to death.

“The inner core of the Howling Moon Celestial Wolf is a rather important ingredient for the pill. How can it be changed so easily? Moreover, it will affect the entire. If the medicinal properties change slightly, it is very likely that the medicinal pills will not succeed in the end. Even if it succeeds, the medicinal properties might also change and it won’t be able to suppress it.”

General Manager Zhao’s men immediately revealed a troubled expression. “I’m just a messenger. General Manager Zhao is still bringing people to look for the inner core outside. He just wants me to inform you.”

Yan Hua was just about to speak when someone ran in with a fl.u.s.tered expression. “No, this is bad. Elder Yan, Elder Sun, Elder Li, the Vice City Lord wants you all to make a trip over.”

To be able to make him reveal such an expression and even gather all the eighth grade alchemists, could it be that something had happened to the City Lord.

Yan Hua’s heart sank and he hurriedly rushed over. There were two other elders accompanying him.

The three of them came to the back courtyard of the City Lord’s estate and discovered that this place was covered by a huge array. On the ground, there were a few symbols engraved with metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. They were based on the five elements and there were also a few other arrays stacked on.

Usually, aristocratic families would set up formations in their mansions, either to gather spiritual energy or to defend themselves. Moreover, this was the City Lord’s estate. It was not unusual for there to be many formations here.

The main thing was that from the way these formations moved, it seemed like they were suppressing something.

However, the aura here was extremely calm. No one could tell that there was anything unusual about it. There was a layer of faint water light floating in the air.

Yan Hua and the other elders silently chanted incantations. At the same time, the jade tokens on their bodies were emitting a different light as they immersed themselves into the array formation. Soon after, they merged into one and their bodies gradually disappeared. It was as if they had been wiped away by a pair of invisible hands.

While the world was spinning, Yan Hua and the other elders came to another narrow pa.s.sageway that extended into the distance. The surroundings were filled with stone walls and a dim environment. It was as if they had come underground.

Someone had actually dug a tunnel under the City Lord’s estate. Moreover, it seemed to be quite large!

Who could actually have such a great ability? Moreover, digging a tunnel was not something that could be done in a day. Moreover, it was done under the City Lord’s eyes. This was unless the City Lord had instructed for this.

The three of them walked for some distance before the front finally became clear. The person standing there was none other than the Vice City Lord, Ren Zeyuan. With an anxious expression, he said, “Elders, you have finally come over.”

“Is there something wrong with the City Lord’s body?”

Ren Zeyuan nodded. “Just now, that thing suddenly erupted and the City Lord almost couldn’t suppress it. I see that the City Lord’s condition isn’t good. If this continues, I’m afraid that his life will be in danger.”

Yan Hua and the others’ faces immediately darkened, “But based on the previous situation, the City Lord can clearly hold on for a few more days. As long as we wait for the pill to be refined, we can temporarily suppress it. But now, why is it –”

Ren Zeyuan shook his head, indicating that he did not know what the situation was.

“I have been protecting the City Lord from the side since the beginning. Who would have thought that the thing would suddenly attacked, as if it had been stimulated by something. Looking at the situation, the City Lord probably can’t hold on for long. You must refine the pill as soon as possible.”

The few of them immediately revealed awkward expressions. After all, they had not gathered all the medicinal ingredients. They thought that there was still time, but now they were told that they had to refine the pill as soon as possible.

“But –”

Before they could finish speaking, Ren Zeyuan interrupted them. His expression was solemn as he said, “No buts. We have to refine the medicinal pill, no matter if it’s for the City Lord or for us.”

Looking at his expression, everyone’s gaze also became somewhat gloomy and unclear.

They looked towards the depths of the tunnel. Recently, it had been completely dark, as if some kind of ferocious beast had been imprisoned there. It made them feel a little fl.u.s.tered for no reason. They could faintly hear rustling sounds, not knowing what exactly was within.

The ground was filled with mysterious symbols and patterns. They extended into the tunnel, faintly revealing the aura of a sealing formation. It was even more obvious than the one on the ground. It contained some kind of sealing power.

Although they could not name it, they could tell that it was a large formation. Moreover, it had taken a lot of effort and work to complete.

However, the patterns on these large formations now seemed to cover another layer of things, so the original patterns became blurry.


A roar came from the depths of the cave. It didn’t seem like a sound that humans could make. However, that place was clearly the City Lord’s position.

The expressions of the few people changed, and they shouted in unison, “City Lord!”

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