Chapter 176: Arrival At The City Lord’s Estate

Lin Bai walked out of the gate and looked back with every step he took. Those who did not know him would think that he missed this place.

Chen Yan could not help but say, “Why? You don’t want to leave this place yet. If you continue to stay here, maybe Shao Feng will change his mind and take your life directly.”

He had a belly full of doubts in his heart. Why would Lin Bai suddenly get involved in the incident of killing the third young master of the Shao family.

Lin Bai shook his head. “I still have other brothers here. If I leave now, I’m afraid that Shao Feng won’t let it go and will harm them.”

“There’s nothing you can do if you go back now. If Shao Feng really believes that you’re the murderer, I’m afraid that your life will be lost. The other martial brothers will also be implicated by you. On the other hand, Shao Feng won’t dare to act rashly for the time being when you’re in the City Lord’s Estate. He won’t attack them.”

What Chen Yan said made a lot of sense. Lin Bai also thought the same. After all, according to Shao Feng’s personality, he would definitely use these people to threaten him. If he attacked Bai He now, he would have no bargaining chips to threaten him in the future.

“Oh right, I haven’t asked you how you’re involved in this matter.”

Chen Yan’s words pulled Lin Bai’s thoughts into reality. Lin Bai shook his head. “I’ve already said that it’s a misunderstanding, but Shao Feng, who was in a rage, didn’t believe it. He insisted that I’m the murderer of his son.”

Lin Bai decided to keep the previous incident with Shao Yuchen in his mind. No matter who asked about it, he would always say the same thing.

However, Chen Yan was not a person who liked to gossip. The most important thing at the moment was the matter at the City Lord’s Estate, so he did not have the mood to get to the bottom of it. To him, it was not important whether Lin Bai was the murderer of Shao Yuchen.

What was important was whether he had a way to cure the City Lord’s strange problem.

“Do you still remember what I told you about the City Lord’s Estate?”

Lin Bai nodded. “I remember.”

Chen Yan could not help but sigh. Fate had taken many twists and turns. He had originally thought that Lin Bai had no fate with the City Lord’s Estate. After all, he had been chased out by the Alchemist a.s.sociation, which meant that there was no longer any connection.

Who would have thought that the City Lord’s situation was too serious now? It had suddenly become like this. He had no choice but to think of Lin Bai again.

If it weren’t for the City Lord, Ren Zeyuan, Yan Hua, and the others wouldn’t be in the situation to not want to given up even the slightest bit of hope and be willing to give Lin Bai a try. Otherwise, in the past, they definitely wouldn’t have made such an exception and allowed Lin Bai to enter the City Lord’s Estate.

Moreover, he had already been expelled from the Alchemist a.s.sociation. If the news were to reach He Qingyuan’s ears, he was afraid that there would be a lot of trouble.

Chen Yan said with a serious face, “When you enter the City Lord’s Estate, don’t ask any questions. Keep what you see and hear a secret. If any news gets out, you will die without a burial place.”

Lin Bai couldn’t help but be a little surprised when he heard that. He could see that the matter in the City Lord’s Estate was more important than he had imagined. Otherwise, Chen Yan wouldn’t have such an expression.

General Manager Zhao was the same. His expression was even gloomier. “If news were to spread to the outside world, not only you, even your family and friends would be hunted down by the City Lord’s Estate.”

Then, he revealed a kind smile, and his tone became much gentler.

“Of course, you don’t have to feel pressured. The City Lord’s Estate has always been clear about rewards and punishments. If you do a good job and can resolve the City Lord’s urgent matter, we will also help you deal with the matters at the Shao family’s side.”

Giving a sweet date with just a slap. General Manager Zhao was very adept at using such a method. Moreover, he had just rescued Lin Bai from a crisis.

If it were not for the sudden arrival of people from the City Lord’s Estate, Lin Bai and the Shao family would probably have a fierce battle in the end. Based on Lin Bai’s current strength, although he could not defeat them, he should be able to barely escape. It was only because there were still Bai He and the others that it was not convenient for him to make a move.

The arrival of general manager Zhao and Chen Yan was indeed a timely rain for him. If it were anyone else, they would have long been grateful. However, it was different for Lin Bai. He had a premonition in his heart that the trip to the City Lord’s Estate would not be easy.

“Don’t worry, General Manager Zhao. I know the severity of the matter. I definitely won’t say anything and delay the City Lord’s important matters.”

Lin Bai’s thoughts turned a few times, but his face was full of grat.i.tude. He looked like he was willing to die for the city lord.

General Manager Zhao saw that Lin Bai was so tactful and nodded his head in satisfaction.

“In that case, it’s good that you said this. When you arrive at the City Lord’s Estate, remember to listen to Alchemist Chen. He will tell you what to do next.”

General Manager Zhao still had other matters to attend to. After handing Lin Bai over to Chen Yan, he left. Now that time was short, Chen Yan didn’t have the time to tell Lin Bai about the cause and effect of the matter.

“The City Lord is suffering from a very serious illness and is already on the verge of death. He needs to refine the legendary ninth-grade medicinal pill, Xuan Yuan Pill, in order to save his life. However, it is still short of a few important medicinal ingredients. One of them is the inner core of the Howling Moon Celestial Wolf.”

Chen Yan cut to the chase and told Lin Bai about the stakes involved.

No wonder he had asked the general manager to bring people to him to buy the Howling Moon Celestial Wolf.

The position of a City Lord was extremely important. Moreover, this continent was not peaceful. If the City Lord fell or was seriously injured, it was inevitable that it would attract the covetous thoughts of others. It just so happened that these were troubled times.

If people were to know, it would inevitably lead to another battle. Many factions would be affected, regardless of whether they would be involved or affected. In short, if there was a change in power, there would inevitably be a lot of trouble.

Therefore, whether it was the Vice City Lord, Ren Zeyuan, or The Alchemist a.s.sociation, they all hoped that the City Lord could be cured as soon as possible. Of course, there was another reason for this, but it wasn’t convenient to tell Lin Bai..

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