Chapter 177: Not A Peaceful Place

Chen Yan said earnestly, “All in all, your mission is to develop the pill together with everyone. This is the pill formula. Take a good look at it and you will have a good idea.”

He took out the pill formula. It was said that this recipe was obtained by the Vice City Lord and his men from an ancient mystic realm with after a great struggle. It was said that they had lost quite a number of people at that time. Even he himself was seriously injured; only then did he find this formula.

Of course, the duplicate in Chen Yan’s hand was not a secret. High-ranking alchemists all had it. As the saying went, “When everyone gathers firewood, the flame is high.” After gathering everyone’s wisdom together, they would always think of a solution.

The alchemists who came to the City Lord’s Estate had signed a contract. Anyone who leaked information related to the City Lord’s Estate would be punished terribly. The reason why Lin Bai did not sign the contract was because he was in a dangerous situation. In addition, a group of his senior and junior brothers had been detained by the Shao family.

Therefore, both Chen Yan and manager Zhao were more at ease. After all, smart people knew how to choose.

“Ginkgo gra.s.s, sky orchid fruit, ninth-grade Snow Ganoderma, thousand-year-old spirit marrow liquid, Howling Moon Celestial Wolf Inner Core…”

The medicinal herbs on the pill formula were all extremely precious and rare. They were all priceless on the market and could not be bought even if one had money. Some of them were so rare that even Lin Bai had never heard of them. It was enough to show how precious this formula was.

However, what made him most moved was that the pill refined from such a precious medicinal ingredient was actually to save the City Lord’s strange illness. What kind of illness was it that caused such a big fuss?

For a moment, Lin Bai could not help but fall into deep thought.

“Oh right, the Howling Moon Celestial Wolf’s inner core is an indispensable medicinal ingredient on the pill formula. Moreover, there is no other subst.i.tute for it. The Howling Moon Celestial Wolf is rare nowadays. It is simply too late to search for it elsewhere. Think carefully again, where exactly did you set the Howling Moon Celestial Wolf free?”

Chen Yan suddenly said this, which was also what general manager Zhao wanted. After all, they had searched the entire mountain and couldn’t find any sign of the Howling Moon Celestial Wolf. Therefore, they suspected Lin Bai was lying, but he had no need to lie at all.

Unfortunately, Lin Bai didn’t have any other reaction, so Chen Yan didn’t say anything more. “You rest first. I’ll bring you to see my master later.”

“There’s one more thing. The City Lord’s Estate is heavily guarded. You can go anywhere you like in the pill refining hall and the medicinal garden. As for the other places, it’s best not to wander around. Otherwise, if something happens, I won’t be able to protect you.”

Chen Yan gave a few more instructions before turning around and leaving. Looking at his back, Lin Bai seemed to be deep in thought as he recalled the scenes he had seen along the way.

Just from the outside, the City Lord’s Estate looked calm and peaceful. There was nothing special about it. It seemed that other than the security being tighter, there was not much change. There was also nothing special about the surroundings.

Logically speaking, if the City Lord really had some strange illness, it should not look like this. Other than the medicinal fragrance that drifted over from time to time…

Thinking up to this point, Lin Bai decided to go to the pill refining hall to take a look.

The City Lord’s strange illness made him a little curious, but Chen Yan’s explanation was vague. Presumably, even if he asked, he wouldn’t be able to get anything out of it, so he might as well go investigate it himself.

The closer he got to the main hall, the stronger the medicinal fragrance became.

There was white smoke that hadn’t dissipated for a long time coming from above his head. With the main hall as the center, it spread out in all directions. It was as if the entire building was shrouded in a layer of smoke, almost concealing its true appearance. This was enough to prove that someone was constantly refining pills here day and night.

Walking in, he realized that many people were busy inside. Most of the alchemists in the city were probably gathered here. No wonder the He family couldn’t find someone even when they wanted to find a grade five alchemist to treat He Linsheng’s injuries.

Although everyone sensed Lin Bai’s arrival, no one raised their heads. Their expressions were hurried, and their gazes were focused on the furnace in front of them, as if the furnace in front of them was everything to them.

Just as Lin Bai was looking around, someone suddenly said, “Are you new here?”

Lin Bai looked towards the source of the voice. The person who spoke was a thirty-year-old man. He looked extremely nice. Lin Bai nodded.

The man could not help but mutter, “You’re the only one who’s new here? Then not many people came this time.”

Lin Bai did not say that he was brought here by Chen Yan. He only asked, “New people have been coming before?”

The man nodded. “That’s right. Those who have come here all came in batches. This is the first time I’ve seen you alone.”

Lin Bai saw that although there were many people in the main hall, there were still quite a number of pill furnaces that were empty. He asked, “Where did those people go? They don’t seem to be here.”

The man shook his head and looked as if he did not think much of it. “There are too many people coming and going here. Who can remember clearly?” After saying that, he seemed to have thought of something and lowered his voice.

“Some people disappeared unknowingly and then are replaced bu a new batch of people. We don’t dare to ask too much. In any case, they are helping the City lord. Perhaps those people have already left, or maybe the City Lord wants them to carry out some other mission.”

He said it casually, but Lin Bai heard it in his heart. Through the words and actions of Chen Yan and manager Zhao, he always felt that the departure of these people was not so simple.

The pill furnace in front of the man was emitting white smoke. It was obvious that the pill refinement had reached a critical moment. He immediately stopped distracting himself and focused on it. The others were in a similar state.

Lin Bai wandered around. Seeing that he did not get any other news, he returned to his resting room and prepared to meditate and cultivate..

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