Chapter 182: Into The Land of The Lost

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When Lin Bai returned to the ground, he indeed heard hurried footsteps coming from not far away. They were heading in this direction. He did not dare to stay any longer to avoid b.u.mping into the people in the City Lord’s Estate.

Fortunately, the journey was relatively peaceful and there were no other incidents. He only b.u.mped into the guards in the City Lord’s Estate and did not into Ren Zeyuan, Yan Hua, and the other people with high cultivation levels.

Finally, he returned to his room without any danger. Lin Bai only felt a slight tingling pain on his face. He might have been in the middle of the battle earlier, so he did not notice it. However, it was becoming more and more obvious now.

He touched it with his hand. The originally small wound actually became much bigger, as if something was tearing it. Lin Bai frowned. “Looks like I underestimated that thing.”

In the previous battle, only the first sneak attack by that thing was successful and had caused a wound on his face to bleed. At that time, because the wound was small, Lin Bai did not manage to deal with it in time and felt that it was fine.

Now that his qi and blood were surging, and his throat was emitting a fishy smell, he could no longer suppress it. With a “Wah” sound, he spat out a large mouthful of blood.

The bright red blood was like a plum blossom slowly blooming on the ground. The color was actually black, and it looked a little strange. Lin Bai felt dizzy, and even his body swayed, as if he could not stand properly.

Immediately after, a large cloud of black fog appeared in his mind. All kinds of scenes appeared before his eyes, but those scenes were too blurry, and he couldn’t see clearly what they were.

Lin Bai only felt that his vision was blurry, and he tried hard to open his eyes to see clearly. However, it was as if he was separated by a thin layer of fog. At this moment, his eyes were somewhat dilated. It was obvious that he had fallen into confusion.

Even his usually cold and sharp eyes were covered with a faint blood-red color. It was actually similar to the unknown creature that he had seen underground earlier. It gave people the feeling that it was contaminated by something. Unfortunately, Lin Bai did not notice it himself.

“Buzz, Buzz, Buzz –”

The sound of a golden spear suddenly rang in his ears. It seemed to come from a very far place, but it also seemed to be very close at hand. It was so far and so close that he could not figure it out.

It was as if Lin Bai was in an ancient battlefield. The sound of battle resounded throughout the world, and even the aura around him was affected. There was a murderous and bloodthirsty aura around him, and he looked evil.

Even Little Treasure felt uncomfortable. It jumped on the ground and screamed at Lin Bai, trying to wake him up. However, Lin Bai clearly did not hear him and was immersed in his own world.

The redness in his eyes grew deeper and deeper. Human emotions were gradually lost, replaced by the bloodl.u.s.t and madness of wild beasts. He coldly said, “Kill!”

Little Treasure was shaken by the aura around him and was pushed several meters away. Its round body rolled on the ground before it quickly got up.

Seeing that Lin Bai was about to walk towards the door, he was still in a state of confusion. If he really went out, who knew what would happen? Little Treasure wanted to stop him, but it was too weak.

Lin Bai couldn’t hear it at all. It probably couldn’t stop Lin Bai anyways with with its small body.

Probably because Lin Bai was unstable, even Little Red and Little Green in the pet dimension were affected.

Two lights flashed in the air, one red and one green. The two little ones landed on the ground one after another. Little Treasure seemed to have seen its savior, so it quickly rushed up and squeaked.

Although they could not speak human language, there was no problem in communication between pet beasts. Moreover, they could tell that something was wrong with Lin Bai at a glance. The three little ones had a tacit understanding and rushed forward one after another.

The red spiritual power was like a blooming red lotus from jell, able to burn all evil spirits and demons. It turned into a rope and bound Lin Bai’s body. The evil aura on his body became much smaller, as if it was being swallowed by something.

Lin Bai’s footsteps paused, and then he struggled violently. His facial features became somewhat ferocious. However, the more he struggled, the tighter the red chains became. It was as if even his pupils were reflecting a faint flame. It was jumping nonstop.

Just as the few of them were heaving a sigh of relief, they heard a sizzling sound. A black aura covered the red chains, carrying an extremely strong corrosive nature. The light gradually dimmed as if it had been contaminated by something dirty.

Immediately after, the flames also became smaller and then completely extinguished. The chain was completely broken with a bang. It could no longer restrict Lin Bai’s movements.

Little Green hurriedly spat out rays of spiritual light. The green light that was filled with vitality instantly filled the entire room. It was different from the domineering and poewrful flame from before. It carried a gentle and soothing feeling as it enveloped Lin Bai’s entire body.

Using violence to counter violence seemed to only make the mysterious power in Lin Bai’s body even more violent. It even made him unable to control his entire body. Instead, the green light was like boiling a frog in warm water. Perhaps it would even have a miraculous effect.

Lin Bai’s footsteps indeed slowed down. The few of them could not help but feel happy in their hearts. However, after much difficulty, the red color in his eyes gradually began to dissipate, but it once again surged up.

Even the green light around his body became unstable. As the red and green interweaved, Lin Bai’s face looked particularly different. He seemed to be struggling with all his might. After a moment, he returned to normal, and his pupils gradually faded again

Little Green and Little Red saw that the situation was not good, so they quickly bound Lin Bai together, but they didn’t dare to hit him too hard. They were afraid of hurting Lin Bai, but Lin Bai, who had temporarily lost consciousness, couldn’t care too much.

The spiritual power around his body shook rapidly, shaking the two little ones to the side. Fortunately, he subconsciously knew that Little Green and Little Red were not a threat, and they did not have any ill intentions toward him.. Otherwise, he would have hit them even harder.

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