Chapter Eight Hundred and Fifty Six – Mine

Zuo Mo nodded. He then pointed at the two servants who had been attacked at the gates. “Pick a simple shen methodology and teach them.”

The other servants had expressions of envy. Earning a shen methodology due to being knocked unconscious, it was a great profit! They decided that if they encountered danger in the future, they could not retreat.

Zuo Mo saw the changes in expression of the other servants. He was practiced at leading by example and using fair reward and punishment. While he did not plan on spending too much time on these servants, after establishing Mo Cloud Sea’s rules and motivating culture, he did this out of habit.

Zuo Mo turned and said to the city master. “Speak slowly, do not skip anything, do not hide anything.”

The city master was completely won over. This white-haired youth elder in front of him was not one of the old people whose minds had been turned pedantic by cultivation. He hurriedly started to explain in detail.

Outside the city master’s mansion, countless eyes stared at this scene.

“Old Man Wu Qin’s luck is about to turn around,” a middle-aged person sighed.

“This old guy’s luck is really too good!” A male that looked slightly androgynous couldn’t’ resist saying after a moment of silence. His expression was strange.

These two had thought that the Wu Family would not be able to escape this calamity. They hadn’t expected a terrifyingly powerful expert to appear, and in a blink, reverse the situation.

“Did you discover the origins of that white-haired youth?” the androgynous male said with a frown. “While Old Man Wu says elder, I have a feeling that he is young.”

The middle-aged man said gravely, “He came out of the Cold Nether Bog. He first appeared in Little Serene Town. According to the locals, when this person came to Little Serene Town, he was dragging five coffins!”

The androgynous man jumped in fright. “Five coffins? Is he a corpse-refining mo? Coming out of the Cold Nether Bog … …”

He was truly given a fright. Wu Ge City was not far from Little Serene Town. No one knew better than they did what the Cold Nether Bog was like. Everyone knew that the Cold Nether Bog was filled with countless treasures, but no one ever dared to go in deep. Only some local hunters could exist on the outskirts of the Cold Nether Bog.

The core of the Cold Nether Bog was a forbidden land of death.

A person that came out dragging five coffins from the Cold Nether Bog, the Forbidden Land of Death, probably breathed poison!

From any angle, this person was one they could not provoke.

The middle-aged person’s throat was slightly dry. When he learned of this news, he had been shocked as well. He suppressed his fear and said gravely, “I don’t know where he came from. I’m afraid that his strength can match Gai Yuan of the Yin Tomb Guards.”

“Gai Yuan!” The androgynous male exclaimed in shock. “How is it possible? Gai Yuan Daren is unfathomable in power. He was the one to built the reputation of the Yin Tomb Guards in the recent years! No matter how strong that white-haired guy is, he cannot be compared to Gai Yuan Daren.”

“Let’s reconsider our plans carefully.” The middle-aged person did not argue and only reminded, “The water here is too deep. If we are not careful, our families will both drown.”

The androgynous male became silent. He knew that the other was right. They had originally thought that Old Man Wu was finished this time. They hadn’t expected someone powerful to disrupt the situation, and the situation to become confusing again.

“How about we watch a bit more?” The androgynous man could not decide and said with a hesitant expression.

The middle-aged man was silent. This matter was too important. It could decide the life and death of his family. He did not dare to rashly decide.

Zuo Mo had never thought that he would be pulled into an internal conflict in the Nether Realm.

Ever since the Nether King had united all of the Nether Realm, he had remained out of view. The last time he had appeared was five years ago. In the last five years, the Nether King never appeared in public again. Even the four Nether Lords had never seen the Nether King.

A recent while ago, the Nether king had appeared in public and suddenly mentioned the matter of selecting a successor.

It had to be stated that the Nether King did not have any children. Up until now, the background of the Nether King was a mystery. No one knew anything. The Nether King had appeared out of nowhere. Everywhere he passed, the factions submitted to him, the experts bowed their heads, and he created his kingdom.

If the Nether King had children, then there was nothing to say about the matter of succession. The Nether King was unparalleled in battle, and healthy. It didn’t seem a problem for him to live a century or more. No one would even dare to have thoughts.

But the Nether King did not have children. Mentioning this matter now seemed to imply that he wanted to decide this matter before his death neared.

After the Nether King made this declaration, the people below naturally became lively.

The most likely to succeed was the four Nether Lords. Each nether lord was a powerful expert. Each of them had been personally defeated by the Nether King in the past. Each of them were skilled in war and accomplished.

The four Nether Lords ruled over an area, and they had great warriors and skilled advisors in their service. Even more importantly, all four Nether Lords were in the prime of their lives. Any one of them would be a good successor to the throne.

The Nether Realm immediately became full of turbulence. The Nether Realm being closed off was a direct consequence of this matter.

Originally, a matter like this wouldn’t have anything to do with the small Wu Ge City yet the ripples of the conflict still touched this jie. Ripples on higher levels meant that those below started to clash between themselves, especially in matters like this where they had to take sides.

Wu Ge City was not large but it had an unique product called black nether metal. Black nether metal was one of the materials used to make nether armor. While it was not used in great amounts, it was important.

For the little Wu Ge City, this caused their situation to become terrible.

The Yin Tomb Guards were the closest to Wu Ge City so they were the first to come and request for Wu Ge City to hand over this mine. Of course Wu Ge City refused, and the two sides did not part amiably. Then a few more factions came to talk with Wu Ge City which displeased the Yin Tomb Guards. The friction between the two sides quickly rose.

Hearing this, Zuo Mo was slightly puzzled. “The Yin Tomb Guards do not have any restraints?”

The city master of Wu Ge City had a grimace. “Elder may not know. The Yin Tomb Guards are not as powerful as the four great Nether Lords, but they are special. The Yin Tomb Guards were one of King’s earliest battalions, deeply trusted by King and were stationed to guard the Ten Thousand Tombs of the Netherworld.”

“Ten Thousand Tombs of the Netherworld?” It was the first time Zuo Mo heard this name.

The master of Wu Ge City explained, “The Ten Thousand Tombs of the Netherworld is a land of bones that is endless. Tombs are packed in there, and innumerable. It is where the nether energy is greatest in all of the Nether Realm. While the Yin Tomb Guards are not large, their status is high.”

Zuo Mo finally understood most of it. It was most likely that the Yin Tomb Guards wanted to obtain the black nether mine of Wu Ge City. It would add some chips for the Yin Tomb Guard to deal with the upcoming storm.

A man’s wealth is his own ruin by causing the greed of others. Wu Ge City had such a tempting mine, but no ability to protect it. It was natural for calamity to come.

“Will this not end if you give up the black nether mine?” Zuo Mo asked.

Wu Ge City Master grimaced again. “But Nether Lord Hai Xin Bing has already ordered for us to deliver thirty thousand catties of black nether ore in three months, otherwise … …”

“Otherwise?” Zuo Mo asked interestedly.

“Otherwise my entire clan will be executed!” City Master of Wu Ge City cried. “Junior wants to give up the mine. However, Hai Xin Bing Daren always abides by his declarations. If we do not deliver thirty thousand catties of black nether metal in time, and the Yin Tomb Guard is only willing to accept the mine … …”

Zuo Mo had an expression of sympathy as he thought inside. It was clear that Hai Xin Bing also wanted this mine. The Yin Tomb Guards were no willing to help the city master of Wu Ge City against Hai Xin Bing. The pitiful city master was stuck in the middle, and would naturally be the worst off.

The Yin Tomb Guards and Hai Xing Bing’s battle was clearly at a stage where both sides were probing each other. The tragedy was that Wu Ge City was the target both sides chose to use as the test. The two sides were using Wu Ge City to test the confidence and bottom line of the other side.

“How do you want me to help you?” Zuo Mo asked the city master of Wu Ge City.

The city master knelt on the ground. “Junior is willing to gift the mine to elder, only hoping that Elder can protect the safety of Junior’s family.”

“What do I need your mine for!” Zuo Mo laughed. His mind suddenly moved and he sank into thought.

At this time, the leader of the Yin Tomb Guard woke up. Hearing this, he was furious and he said angrily, “Old Man Wu, you dare! You collude with those outside the race … …”

Zuo Mo waved his hand. Snap, the leader flew out as though he had been whipped. He smashed to the ground and was unconscious again.

“Alright, I will accept the mine.” Zuo Mo raised his head and said to the city master. “As to the safety to your family, you have two choices. One is to follow me, the other is that I will negotiate with them and have them not make trouble for you.”

“Our entire family is willing to follow Daren!” The city master said unhesitatingly.

He could see clearly that he was like a fleshy bone that had been tossed out to the dogs. In the end, someone would eat him. He did not care about the mine any longer, he only hoped to protect his clansmen. He was angry at the Yin Tomb Guards for wanting the mine but not being willing to protect his clansmen.

Rather than that, it was better to give the mine to Elder to trade for the safety of his family.

It was easy to choose between the two options. With his understanding of the Yin Tomb Guards, once Elder left, they would definitely extract revenge.

Zuo Mo was slightly surprised at this old man’s decisiveness. A hint of admiration flashed through his eyes.

“Good.” Zuo Mo nodded. “Have Qing Xiao go to your clan to pick ten young people. They will learn from Qing Xiao in the future.”

The city master of Wu Ge City was overjoyed. “Many thanks, Daren!”

He rejoiced that he had not judged wrong. Daren was not a cruel person. With Qing Xiao Daren’s guidance, these ten clansmen would have bright futures. He had seen Qing Xiao Daren’s great strength with his own eyes.

Zuo Mo then said coolly, “Send someone to tell the Yin Tomb Guards and Hai Xin Bing that I have the mine. Have them come talk to me.”

Hearing Zuo Mo’s cool and calm words, for some reason, Old Man Wu’s terror was swept away. He bowed and said, “Yes!”

Translator Ramblings: Zuo Mo gathers people so much easier now compared to the past. At the start, he had to capture them and keep them from running way. Now they want to come with him.

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