Chapter 183: Ruoshui Sword Showing Its Power Again

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It was not that Lin Bai had no perception of the outside world. It was just that at this moment, he seemed to have arrived at an ancient battlefield. The sounds of blades, swords, and killing intertwined, affecting his consciousness and caused him to fall into chaos.

His consciousness was lost here, and his body seemed to be controlled by someone else. Lin Bai wanted to break free, but he could not find an exit.

There were countless black shadows fighting around him. Lin Bai could not see their faces clearly, nor did he know their ident.i.ties. However, from the aura that was leaked out, he could sense that they were definitely very powerful.

Just these shadows alone gave him a great pressure. Countless shadows brushed past him, and Lin Bai focused his eyes, trying to see their faces clearly.

However, those black facial features seemed to have transformed into the b.l.o.o.d.y mouth of a wild beast, and then turned into a black skeleton. Not only did it make him dizzy, but his eyes were even stinging. Lin Bai’s vision became blurry once again. It was as if those black shadows were just black shadows.

He clearly knew that everything in front of him was illusory and not real. However, there was a voice in his heart telling him that everything he saw was real and full of bewitchment. It was as if it was a devil that was luring him into h.e.l.l.

Lin Bai stood where he was. No matter how the black shadows fought, he silently chanted a chant in his heart. However, the effect was not obvious. The order here was extremely chaotic. It was as if those clear-headed incantations were of no use. Instead, it made his thoughts even more chaotic.

After staying for a long time, he actually felt like he had been a.s.similated. It was as if he was one of those black shadows. In a daze, Lin Bai also began to fight with the group of black shadows. It was as if there was an invisible enemy standing in front of him. His expression was unprecedentedly ruthless.


Following his angry shout, the redness in his eyes grew more and more. It was as if fresh blood could drip out. In reality, Lin Bai had also a.s.sumed the stance of attacking. If there were other people in front of him now, he might have accidentally injured them.

These shadows seemed to be people from two groups. Lin Bai also joined in. There was no wisdom in his eyes. They were filled with coldness and cruelty, as if he had become a machine that only knew how to kill.

Perhaps it was because his mind had been corroded, that even his body had become a.s.similated. Lin Bai’s body gradually became dimmer, and at the same time, black gas began to spread throughout his body. It was as if he was no different from the black shadows around him.

Lin Bai’s current situation was extremely dangerous. If he did not regain his consciousness, he would be completely a.s.similated by this place and become a member of the army of black shadows, repeating the slaughter in his life here day after day.

The number of black shadows in the surroundings increased. They were like waves as they squeezed towards Lin Bai. The dense number of black shadows was extremely terrifying. It looked like the black shadows were about to swallow Lin Bai whole.


At this moment, a huge white light appeared in Lin Bai’s spiritual sea. With a buzz, an illusory figure suddenly appeared in midair. It was the Ruoshui sword. Its entire body was white, as if it was a bright sun. It was a stark contrast to the dim environment around it.

Wherever the sword qi went, the black shadows were all scattered. They wailed in pain and turned into ashes, dissipating in the air. It was like a flame burning ashes, spreading throughout the air.

The spiritual power of the Ruoshui sword, which was full of righteousness, swept through this world, as if it could chase away all evil. Lin Bai’s expression also became clear for a moment. Looking at the surrounding environment, he immediately understood that his situation was not good.

Even the clear heart mantra was useless. If not for the sudden appearance of the Ruoshui sword, he would have already been a.s.similated and completely lost in this battlefield.

His soul and those black shadows would become one, and he would no longer be able to escape. His physical body would fall into a deep sleep and wait for the arrival of death.

Even with the help of the Ruoshui sword, Lin Bai did not completely escape from the danger. He did not escape from this place. Those black shadows were originally fighting on their own, and there was no purpose for them to fight and kill. It was as if this was the meaning of their existence.

After the disturbance caused by the Ruoshui sword, all their attention was drawn over. Their gaze fell straight on Lin Bai. He could not clearly see their facial features, but the feeling of being stared at was very obvious.

Countless pairs of eyes in the air stared at Lin Bai, as if they were looking at a different species from them. An indescribable chill rose from the bottom of his heart. He suddenly had a bad premonition.

An unknown murmur came from the air, lingering around Lin Bai’s ears. It was obviously a meaningless word, but it was also chaotic, as if someone was screaming crazily. The ear-piercing volume almost pierced through his eardrums.

“No, no one is allowed to walk out…”

Unexpectedly, Lin Bai could actually understand it. His face gradually became a little ugly. Looking at the shadows that were once again surrounding him, it was as if they were wrapping him up like dumplings.

Those creatures all stopped the battle in their hands and wrapped themselves around Lin Bai. It could be said that Lin Bai, this anomaly, had attracted all of the firepower. The black waves blotted out the sky and covered the sun, surging with an evil aura that almost completely covered the light of the Ruoshui sword.

The Ruoshui sword began to tremble violently and burst out an even greater light. Any black shadow that came into contact with it would be reduced to ashes. But even so, those black shadow seemed to be endless. There was no sign of them decreasing at all.

No matter how powerful the Ruoshui sword was, it could not withstand this kind of exhaustion. Very soon, the light of Ruoshui sword dimmed, and the souls that had died in vain on the battlefield transformed into countless tentacles to drag Lin Bai down.

Lin Bai frowned. If this continued, Ruoshui Sword would not be able to hold on. He subconsciously clenched his hands. In this strange place, his spiritual power was restricted, and he had to think of a way to wake up..

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