Chapter Eight Hundred and Fifty One – The Changes In the World

Silly Bird looked dazedly at the white-haired Zuo Mo. Suddenly, she wailed, the birdsong filled with sorrow!

Her intelligence had formed a long time ago, she grew stronger by the day, she was even stronger than those ring masters.

She still remembered that youth in that old desolate courtyard who counted each jingshi; still remembered carrying the unconscious youth from the gates of Ling Ying Sect and struggling back to the sect; still remembered her peeking through the cracks of her feathers as that naked youth used the Little Art of Cloud and Rain to cover his important parts; still remembered the person who had travelled over mountains and rivers to search for her, but after finding her point and swore at her … …

She had become stronger and thought that she would be able to guard him like she did back at Wu Kong Mountain … …

Tears spilled from her eyes.

She spread her wings, thick fire rising, bright and burning fire erupting into the air!

Zuo Mo was joyfully surprised at Silly Bird transformation at this moment!

At this time, his power had reached an extremely low level. With his present strength, it was not possible to return to Mo Cloud Sea. The most likely outcome was being lost in the endless void.

The endless void was not a safe place.

Also, Zuo Mo had to protect other people so it would be even harder. Silly Bird transforming right now meant that he had help. Zuo Mo swept a gaze across everyone else. He found that only Qing Xiao and the little ones were the only ones left alive. Seeing Zuo Mo fine, they hurried over. Qing Xiao still had hints of fear on his face.

The ground shook violently, volcanoes erupting. The sky seemed to be made out of glass with terrifying cracks spreading across it.

Flowing fire fell from the sky, earth fire erupted as geysers into the air.

This jie was about to collapse!

Zuo Mo did not hesitate any longer. The flames around him rose and wrapped around Qing Xiao and the little ones. He shouted, “Silly Bird!”

Covered in flames, Silly Bird heard Zuo Mo’s shout and suddenly lowered her head.

“Go!” Zuo Mo carried everyone to fly into the sky.

Silly Bird gave a high bark and waved her flame-covered wings to chase after Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo finally saw Silly Bird’s complete appearance. Her long tails were like ribbons, the feathers seemed to be made from flame. When she flew, sparks fell down.

A word flashed through Zuo Mo’s mind.


A roar of laughter spread through the sky.

A figure climbed out of a pit. It was Chief Elder.

He raised his head to look at the sky. The sky had shattered into countless fragments and fire rained down. His face was terrible, and a large part of his chest had been caved in.

He laughed bitterly. His life was gone. Zuo Mo’s attack had completely destroyed all of his vitality. The reason he still managed to climb up was just because he was holding on by a single breath.

He could die, but Tian Huan could not!

Gathering the last bit of power, he quickly flew in another direction. The sky fire landed on his body but he did not seem to feel it.

Moments later, he had a joyful expression.

Found it!

There was no one in the yard. Chief Elder quickly flew into the secret room.

In the room, Li Xian Er had a joyful expression when she saw Chief Elder. “Chief Elder!” But when her gaze landed on Chief Elder’s abnormal chest, the joy turned to shock.

“Chief Elder … … you … …”

Who could have injured Chief Elder like this?”

Looking at Li Xian Er, Chief Elder was full of emotion. When he had just entered god-level, he had been full of motivation. He hadn’t expected to end up in such a state. However, he was not the average person. He quickly gathered his thoughts. Time was short.

If he lived, Li Xian Er would just be an accomplished disciple. But if he died, Li Xian Er was crucial to Tian Huan’s survival!

“There is no time,” Chief Elder said gravely, “I cannot return. After you return, meet the sect leader in secret first to stabilize the situation. Especially with Mi Nan, you must be cautious!”

Li Xian Er’s face was pale in fright. If Chief Elder died, Tian Huan …. …

She didn’t dare to think.

Chief Elder rejoiced that he had left a secret escape route when he closed off this jie. This was just his habit. He hadn’t expected this habit to have such an effective use.


Chief Elder couldn’t do anything else. Using the last bit of power, he started the transport.

Li Xian Er disappeared with a shocked expression.

The battle of the Central Plains stunned the world!

It had been more than ten thousand years since the destruction of a jie. Only a god-level expert could create such a terrifying result.

This battle drastically changed the situation of the world.

The destruction of the Central Plains meant that Zhong De and his Abyss Jail Battalion had been completely wiped out. The rumors said that the king of Mo Cloud Sea, Zuo Mo, also died, but Mo Cloud Sea’s movements were not hesitant at all.

Before everyone could react, the battalion led by Gongsun Cha was like a sharp dagger that quickly entered the belly Xi Xuan.

They did not encounter any resistance on their way. Xi Xuan who had lost Zhong De lost their last bit of courage.

When Mo Cloud Sea’s battalion was deep within Xi Xuan, people finally realized.

This was the start of another banquet!

Many people still hungered after the banquet that was Xuan Kong Temple last time. Anyone that had attended that banquet had gained greatly.

The collapse of a titan like Xi Xuan was similarly tempting.

Yet the development of the situation was unexpected to all.

Mo Cloud Sea’s battalions quickly took over and defended many of the important jies. They did not attempt to take all of Xi Xuan. But those with clear eyes could see that if Mo Cloud Sea finished setting up, they would have control of almost two-thirds of Xi Xuan’s territories.

Gu Liang Dao’s battalion also entered Xi Xuan with Mo Cloud Sea.

The other party that moved quickly was Kun Lun. Xue Dong led his battalion to quickly enter Xi Xuan. Mu Xuan who had been at a stalemate with Mu Xi turned quickly and entered Xi Xuan.

People final realized that Kun Lun’s true target wasn’t Mu Xi, their target was Xi Xuan.

Unlike Kun Lun who everyone thought had the better chances of conquering territory, no one thought that Mo Cloud Sea would gain much because of Tian Huan’s many defensive fortresses. Tian Huan would not allow Mo Cloud Sea to finishing setting up.

Yet unexpectedly, Tian Huan did not move at all. They watched as Mo Cloud Sea consolidated their control.

What was going on with Tian Huan?

People immediately realized that something had happened within Tian Huan.

At this time, Tian Huan was having a great inner conflict. Li Xian Er became the target of Mi Nan and the others. Of all of Tian Huan’s forces, only she had escape. These elders wanted to take away her right to succession. The factions led by Gongye Xiao Rong supported Li Xian Er instead.

The two sides had a great conflict.

Mi Nan, one of the ten great battle generals, led many of the families of Tian Huan to divide their rule, and called themselves the orthodox faction of Tian Huan!

Tian Huan split apart!

When the news leaked, the world was astounded.

Only now did the news that Tian Huan’s Chief Elder was dead spread. Only now were many details of the battle of the Central Plains exposed.

Zuo Mo, Wei Sheng, Zong Ru, A Gui, Ceng Lian’er, and Luo Li!

The blow that Mo Cloud Sea received was unparalleled.

Xi Xuan, Tian Huan, Mo Cloud Sea, this was a battle that all three sides lost.

Everyone thought that Mo Cloud Sea who had lost Zuo Mo and these many experts would quickly crumble like Tian Huan. Unexpectedly, Mo Cloud Sea did not crumble but became even stronger.

The battalions led by Gongsun Cha quickly finished their fortification in Xi Xuan.

At this time, Gun Liang Dao’s battalion encountered Xue Dong Battalion. Gu Liang Dao Battalion was heavily damaged. Just as it looked as though they were about to be defeated, Gongsun Cha came with reinforcements just in time and set up their army at the flank of Xue Dong Battalion. Xue Dong had to withdraw his battalion or risk being pincered, and Gu Liang Dao’s battalion was finally saved.

The two great battle generals worked together to restrain Xue Dong Battalion.

Mu Xuan Battalion who entered Xi Xuan encountered obstruction from Yang Yuan Hao Battalion.

Mu Xuan hadn’t expected Yang Yuan Hao to attack Kun Lun and suffered a minor loss. The two sides quickly entered deadlock. Mu Xuan’s battle style could not be called fierce, and Yang Yuan Hao style was more about being “stable.” The two ended up in a long drawn out battle of attrition.

Kun Lun saw their attack was not going well and immediately put pressure towards the Nine Great Dhyana Sect who supported Yang Yuan Hao.

Unexpectedly, Yang Yuan Hao managed to hold against the pressure from the sects and did not move a step back against Mu Xuan.

Mu Xuan saw that if this continued, Kun Lun would lose their last chance so she started a strong attack.

Yang Yuan Hao paid a considerable price to stop Mu Xuan’s fierce attack and successfully caught Mu Xuan’s weakness after their fierce attack to heavily injure Mu Xuan Battalion.

Yang Yuan Hao’s face grew greatly after this battle!

But Yang Yuan Hao holding against the pressure to win against Mu Xuan Battalion caused the Nine Great Dhyana Sects that were internally warring to fracture. Thunder Sound Temple, Lotus Sutra Temple, Splendid Buddha Temple, Surangama Heart Sect formed the Lesser Four Dhyana sects. The others all sided with Kun Lun. At this time, no one had a positive outlook on Tian Huan.

Xi Xuan was covered in battlefields. The cruel and fierce battles caused many of the other factions to stop and just watch.

The fighting between Kun Lun and Tian Huan was also fierce.

Mu Shuang and Gongye Xiao Rong were angered by Mi Nan’s betrayal and started an attack on Mi Nan. In the inner conflicts of Tian Huan, Mu Shuang had always kept silent. However, Mi Nan’s action of starting a civil war in Tian Huan infuriated this great battle general.

The fighting between the two sides was intense.

All of the xiuzhe world became an even greater battlefield. No place was spared.

In the yao world, using Mu Xi’s successful campaign, Ming Yue Ye managed to stabilize her power. An unprecedented cleansing of the yao factions started. This yao cleansing was so great it surpassed everyone’s expectations.

Even the one who started it, Ming Yue Ye, never thought of it.

The mo territories were also in chaos. Inside the Hundred Savage Realm, the Mo Shen Temple started to move. They displayed their great power. The Mo Marshal Alliance that Bie Han had beaten down became their first target.

Time passed and advanced, unstoppable, in battle and chaos.

Editor’s Note: Civil war in Tian Huan, High ranking spy in Ming Yue Ye’s Yao faction, spies in the dhyana sects… Without Pu Yao… how will Mo Cloud Sea contact their spies? Without Zong Ru what will his “disciple” do? So much mystery. Obs that ZM will live and has likely returned… but how is he? How are the others?

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Translator Ramblings: And there’s the end of that arc! Kudos to the comments that guessed Silly Bird was a phoenix.

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